sintaro cold brew

So this is what I have been working on for the past few months and it is a weird mix of emotions seeing it finally come together.

So here’s the story; my church a while Back decided that we wanted to get involved in Ethiopia, but not just in sending money over there to help out a few missionaries, but actually directly impact one specific area that we felt called to. We found a village called Sintaro and we fell in love with the people there. So our church has decided for next seven years to partner with this village and help them build a school, several wells for clean water, and several new facilities so that they can become a more well sustained area in Ethiopia. I really wanted to get involved but I wasn’t sure how. I knew I wanted to use my passion for coffee to help them. So I got in contact with some coffee farms that are over in Ethiopia near the Sintaro village and from there got green coffee beans, roasted them and then turned them into this cold brew coffee. I’m planning to sell it at my church after and before services over the summer. All the proceeds will then go to help the missionaries going over there, help to buy supplies and materials to build the wells and schools over in Ethiopia. Love does stuff.

And lastly I MUST give credit to the lady who helped kick my butt into gear with her drive and passion for this project. Miss Sara W. at is the reason that this project came together in the way it did. She, by hand, drew out this amazing label, then scanned it and finalized the label. I had absolutely nothing to do with the art that you see here. It was all her. She is an amazing and beautiful Godly woman whose art and craft is going to take her further than she could ever dream.