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Eleanor was collecting Adam in Rapture along with her Big Daddy, Subject Delta. Delta was just standing alongside her, watching out for any Splicers who tried to get to his Little Sister. Eleanor hummed as she was draining the angel till something caught her attention. A tear appeared on the wall in front of her. Her bright, glowing eyes widened out of curiosity as she dropped her syringe and rose to her feet.

“Daddy, let’s go check it out..!” She told Delta without turning around. Her eyes were glued on this magical thing.

Eleanor then stepped over the body of the angel and skipped towards the tear, stopping right at the edge. “Come on, daddy!” She beckoned, glancing behind her shoulder. Delta made a noise, acknowledging he was still going to be behind her no matter what.

And with that, Eleanor turned back towards this tear and stepped through. It closed as soon as she stepped through, leaving her and Delta all alone in different universes.

Eleanor glanced back, expecting her guardian to be there right behind her, but the only thing was a wall, like it never even was there. She gasped, bringing her hands to her mouth with tears forming in her eyes. “D-daddy…?” she muttered out silently. “Daddy??!!!”

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((Dumb fact for today.))

((When Booker asks to ‘see the girl’ through the intercom in Comstock House, he gets this noise as a reply.))
((I only realized this just now, because I’m slow but…)

((That’s a Boy of Silence laughing, or more, chuckling at him and his request.))
((What a guy.))

((The real reason that Boy was standing there…))

((He was only trying to do his job, then you gotta go an scare him!))

((…I.. I don’t know where I’m going with this… I think I should just.. go to sleep now… >u>))

((Night guys!))

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