sinrott said: Yes I am the same. : ) There’s still lots of people I follow that I’m too scared to talk to. Eep. We shall be nervous together! And a Tom Hiddleston gif, I approve! ; D

Hahaha yes, me tooooo. Yep, we’ll be stronger in numbers. You can tell I’m getting my nerve up when I comment spam their cute little critters. That’s my plan of approach. Cute babs = nice people? ^__^ Haha I’m glad because that’s really all I want to post as responses/reactions, lately…because, well…

sinrott  asked:

3, 17 <3

3. Why I love my bestfriend
I met her in first grade. She started school a bit after me and the moment she stood in that classroom door and joined the class I knew I had met someone special.

She was my only friend through grade school. We both wanted to be Veterinarians, and work with horses all day. I remember looking at veterinary horse books on lazy afternoons
, the fun we had playing with our animals, getting into trouble, the way sun poured through her red hair and made it look like fire, the light freckling on her fair skin. Even when she moved away we have remained best friends. She is my longest running friend.

I can trust her with anything and (almost, see below)everything, and she has always been there for me. Normally, when I make friends they last as long as the person can stand me, which is not very long. I’m either too anxious, or quiet, or awkward for most people. She took me as I was and is still such an amazing friend to this day. It’s cheesy but she really “gets me.” She is the kind of person where I don’t have to even tell her and she just knows what to do and say. She can always relate to me and can always make me feel better.

17. A fact about my life:
I went my whole life loving her and didn’t find out until last year …now that it’s too late…that this whole time she loved me back