@sinowbeats I betcha forgot that I was gonna finish this. I know I almost did. Sorry…

You’re welcome to use and edit these or the unrendered version I already sent you any way you feel like, of course (-: But I really hope you change it to one of these because holy cow they’re so much more professional-looking…

P.s. love the Contradiction LP!

Please fullview since tumblr resizes things, which is obviously wonderful if you draw in MS Paint [ x ]

On a stream @sinowbeats said he liked cats so? I’ve been working on this on and off. Tell me if you need any animals drawn, I sure as heck can’t draw humans, sorry about that. 

My apologies if you’re uncomfortable with this stuff. 

deviantART [ x ] / FurAffinity [ x ] / Furry blog [ x ] / Commissions [ x ]

Reblogs always appreciated! I’d love to get my art out there!
Not A Sex Bot【Read Only Memories】 01
Hopefully my voice for Turing doesn't drive you all mad. Also Read Only Memories is 10% off on Steam now if you wanna buy it! Read Only Memories ▶ http://sto...

Hey folks, just to say that if anyone would like to submit some thumbnail art for Read Only Memories I’d like to use it!  Some things to bear in mind:

- Obviously high quality art is important.  I’m sure your stick figures really convey the torturous depths of feeling within your soul, but I want people to actually watch the video too.

- 1280 x 720 resolution please!  .png I think is best.

- Bear in mind that YouTube thumbnails are often viewed at really small resolutions.  Lots of dark colours that are similar will be hard to see.

- If you can get the logo in and it’s visible you are some kind of Grand Wizard.  I haven’t done a very good job of that.

- Turing is cute.  :3

Naturally this is only if anyone feels like contributing something.  No pressure or anything.  Also if you want me to link to your page as an artist when you submit the art please let me know.  Thanks!

  • Minx:Is that a women?
  • Sinow:I just shot it, immediately.
  • Minx:We're having a dream.
  • Sinow:I missed and it's coming towards me. Ok.
  • Minx:She just falls over and I can see her underwear.
  • Sinow:*laughs*
  • Minx:She's got a nice bra
  • Sinow:Not gay, definitely not gay, yeah
  • Minx:*laughs*
  • Sinow:Straight as fuck!