Well this is definitely more eerie than what I usually draw!

I just wanted to quickly get this idea out before drawing something else, but I ended up ditching my other project completely in favor of this one… Oh well!

I might do more to it later, but right now I actually quite like the sketchy feel there is to it. The style sort of reminds me of Junji Ito? IDK, maybe that’s just me.

@sinowbeats you’re free to use this if you want (-:


@sinowbeats I betcha forgot that I was gonna finish this. I know I almost did. Sorry…

You’re welcome to use and edit these or the unrendered version I already sent you any way you feel like, of course (-: But I really hope you change it to one of these because holy cow they’re so much more professional-looking…

P.s. love the Contradiction LP!

Please fullview since tumblr resizes things, which is obviously wonderful if you draw in MS Paint [ x ]

On a stream @sinowbeats said he liked cats so? I’ve been working on this on and off. Tell me if you need any animals drawn, I sure as heck can’t draw humans, sorry about that. 

My apologies if you’re uncomfortable with this stuff. 

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