Agustinia, Nemicolopterus and Stygimoloch Catchphrase.

What do you think about Agustinia? As in, the whole “is it’s armor real?” thing. Personally, even though I LOVE how Agustinia currently looks, I think it’s probably true, since we don’t have any other sauropods with armor like that.

Also, on a side note, What do you think about Nemicolopterus? I personally have my doubts, but I think it’s possible it could be a valid genus.

Finally, I have offically adapted this as my catchphrase “Stygimoloch could’ve been a lot of things, but it certainly wasn’t (INSERT SOMETHING HERE)”

Agustinia’s “armour” is almost definitely actually parts of ribs and hip bones - their structure doesn’t match other osteoderms found on titanosaurs. It’d be cool if it did have stegosaur-like armour, but that doesn’t seem to be the case so we must reject that.

I expect that Nemicolopterus is a hatchling Sinopterus; however, there’s not really any hard evidence for this and it hasn’t (to my knowledge) been formally proposed.