sinnoh grand festival

Day 2: Rivals

Everyone has their vices.

At least, that was what Serena told herself every Wednesday—well, every Wednesday while her group was in town of course—when she woke up bright and early, long before Ash or anyone else would even blink in the new day, to hurry down to the nearest newsstand.

It was chillier than usual that morning. Serena had only half-dressed herself—she was still wearing her nightshirt—when she flew out the door of the Pokémon Center, but she had at least had the sense to bring her coat, and she pulled it closely around her as she briskly moved alongside the road.

She had to be getting close. She knew it. She had seen last week’s issue on the stand while she and Clemont were on their way back from the grocery store yesterday, picking up food items for dinner and dessert.

There were no Pokémon Contests in Kalos. No official ones sanctioned by the Association of Pokémon Coordinators, anyway. They were growing in popularity though; you could occasionally find one on a cable network, and there were plenty of sites for streaming. For a while, Serena hadn’t paid much attention to them; they were kind of a niche interest anyway.

Then Shauna suggested she start watching them.

“They’re great for when you need ideas for the Free Performance in a showcase!” Shauna had told her. “Plus, they’re just really cool in general! You’ll get a whole new appreciation for Pokémon just by watching one.”

So Serena did. And then she was hooked.

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When May starts her journey at 10, I imagine Dawn is about 8 at this point. Before May began traveling, Drew had already been competing in contests. Dawn, who knew her goal from a young age, excitedly would watch contests whenever she could. She began seeing Drew in contests and became eager over him as he was a brand new coordinator that was doing unusually well for a beginner.

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