sinnoh dex holders

Reasons why there should be a dex holder reunion in the ORAS arc:

• Ruby and Sapphire were mentioned in the Dimond and pearl arc
•Daisy was in the Platinum arc
•STEVEN made a cameo in the Platinum arc (or D/P arc)
•The day care couple told Platinum about Gold
•Archie/Maxie are connected with Team Galactic (Which caused the outcome of the Fire red/Leaf green, and Emerald arcs)
•May not be included in the manga but, LOOKER MAY HAVE AMNESIA IN THE MANGA AND THE SINNOH AND UNOVA DEX HOLDERS ARE CONNECTED TO HIM (Kalos too but I feel like their too new to be included and the arc hasn’t finished)
•If Hoopa appears and brings evey legendary pokemon there, Johto and Sinnoh dex holders might want to kick Dialga, Palkia, and Giritina’s butt
•Silver and Dia can watch Proteam Omega together
•Everyone can be impressed by everyone else
•Ruby is fabulous
•I need the johto trio