Every time is a good time for homemade soup. Design them to your preferred taste. In this one, I opted for pork bone and baby Buk Choy. Boil and drop the ingredients from the Sup Tulang (Bone Soup) spices from the packet. Only add the Buk Choy when about to serve as to not overcook the vegetables into oblivion. Boil until the broth looks hearty and any flesh around the bone is cooked and falling off the bones. Add salt and pepper to taste. I find white pepper is best for soups, be it whole or crushed. You can keep leftover soup and use it as the base for soupy noodles of your choice. Serve hot. I like adding chili for some kick!


Stirring in the prawn heads for more flavour in the broth. Leave on medium heat to allow broth to reduce. #sinnocencekitchen #homemade #tomyum (at Sinnocence Kitchen)


When the aromatic ingredients start filling the air in your kitchen, add water. #sinnocencekitchen #homemade #tomyum (at Sinnocence Kitchen)


Frying up garlic, chilli padi & bunga kantan in my homemade chilli oil. #sinnocencekitchen #tomyum #homemade #spicy (at Sinnocence Kitchen)

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