100 things the Lodgers are no longer allowed to do

1.       ‘For the good of science!’ is not an appropriate response to ‘Why is everything on fire?’

2.       Unrelated to the above, Mr Sinnett and Mr Luckett are not allowed to combine their work in any way without written permission from Dr Jekyll.

3.       Related to the above two, Mr Luckett is not allowed in the Chemistry Lab. Ever.

4.       Mr Hyde is no longer allowed to make comment on or imply anything about any of the Lodgers’ sex lives.

5.       Including his own.

6.       Especially his own.

7.       Do not taunt the repair kraken, we don’t want another incident.

8.       Do not make comment on any Lodgers’ height. Especially the blonde ones. We aren’t pointing fingers. Honest.

9.       On that note; don’t make comment on any lodgers’ weight, social background, ethnicity, gender or weight. They are passionate, slightly mad and have easy access to dangerous lab equipment. You have been warned.

10.   Do not mess with Dr Jekyll’s morning cup of tea. Just don’t.

11.   Dr Griffin is not allowed to turn any more mice, rats or similar rodents invisible.

12.   Nor is he allowed to breed the already invisible mice, rats or similar rodents to create more. Seriously we have enough problems with them as is.

13.   Progress Reports SHOULD NOT NEED to start with ‘I can explain…’

14.   Dr Jekyll is to stop leaving his coat, hat and other clothing garments littered all over the society. Or said items will be sold for the good of the society!

15.   If it makes Mr Hyde giggle for longer than 15 seconds, it’s not allowed.

16.   Rachel is not to wander around the society covered in blood, wielding a kitchen knife and/or making ominous sounds when guests are present.

17.   Nobody is to do the above, on that note.

18.   Alcohol is not to be consumed in any of the labs or whilst working. Drunk science may seem fun but it is a bad idea!

19.   I don’t care if Mr Hyde said it was allowed, it isn’t.

20.   Lodgers are not allowed to have a contest to see who can make the biggest “boom”.

21.   Because Mr Luckett will win and the repairs will come out of your monthly research grant.

22.   The Secret Rogue Scientist Fight Club is hereby disbanded and banned.

23.   Mr Doodles’ confectionaries are not to be taken without his permission. Ever. Please, you’ll make him cry!

24.   Please do not laugh manically around members of the public or the police.

25.   Please do not mention potentially illegal activities around members of the public or the police.

26.   Nobody is to suggest, imply or outright state anything pertaining to Scotland being less than great within ear shot of Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll.

27.   Lodgers are reminded not to fall asleep in the middle of conducting experiments.

28.   Wine is not a substitute for breakfast.

29.   Nor is tequila, vodka, whiskey or anything other than actual breakfast.

30.   The following words and phrases are never to be uttered within the same topic of conversation in any combination: “Necrophilia,” “I hate everyone on this society and I wish they’d die,” “Dr Maijabi’s mystic powers,” “Experimental lubricant,” “airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow,” “the many uses of cheese,” “it’ll be fine so long as we don’t tell them,” and any mentions of Mr Mosley being part mole.

31.   Adding more ingredients does not always fix the problem.

32.   Tea parties on Dr Maijabi’s floating furniture are banned until further notice.

33.   Please respect that no one in the society shares the same sleeping pattern and keep the noise down at all times.

34.   That means you, Edward.

35.   Unless Rachel has given you permission, the Lodgers are not allowed to cook their own meals. We don’t need another exploded oven, thank you.

36.   Do not make potions in the kitchen. You have your labs.

37.   Do not use Mr Sinnett’s pyrotechnics to cook.

38.   Not even if it’s to make s’mores, we still haven’t cleaned up the mess from last time!

39.   I don’t care what your excuse is, nobody is to steal or ‘borrow’ anyone else’s equipment or experiments without their owner’s permission.

40.   “Hyde made me do it” is not a valid excuse for anything, especially when he didn’t.

41.   Likewise, lying that ‘Mr Hyde did it’ when questioned by Dr Jekyll will not end well for you. He will somehow know that you are lying and Mr Hyde won’t be happy when he finds out.

42.   If Dr Jekyll asks to see you, please don’t start the conversation with ‘You can’t prove anything!’

43.   ‘It wasn’t me!’ is not a valid alternative to the above.

44.   Nor is ‘I’ll clean it up! I promise!’

45.   Please avoid intentionally or unintentionally scaring Dr Lanyon. Please, he’s fragile and easily startled.

46.   Dr Jekyll is not to be provoked when he’s doing paperwork.

47.   All the many betting pools found in the society are unofficial. Enter them at your own risk.

48.   This should go without saying but please do not lick any of the lab equipment.

49.   Dr Griffin is banned from the kitchen following an incident where a large portion of food was turned invisible.

50.   Please do not repeat the above for pranking reasons.

51.   Should anyone or anything claim to be from the future, avoid it at all costs and quickly inform Dr Jekyll. He can take it from there.

52.   Glitter is banned within the society. End of argument.

53.   No, neither Dr Jekyll nor Mr Hyde are in violation of the above. They just seem to sparkle naturally. We don’t know how either.

54.   Do not insult Dr Jekyll. He may not react, or more worryingly start agreeing with you, but the rest of Lodgers will find out and will not be happy.

55.   Do not dance on the furniture.

56.   Yes, Hyde does it but he’s screwing the boss.

57.   Do not mention Hyde possibly screwing the boss.

58.   Do not refer to Dr Jekyll as ‘the boss’.

59.   Please remove the above three statements immediately! – Dr Jekyll

60.   It is impossible to keep anything a secret for more than a week in the society. You have been warned.

61.   Gossip in the Society travels at a rate that is just slightly slower than the speed of sound. Again, you have been warned.

62.   If you don’t know what it is or what it does, DO NOT touch it!

63.   If it’s leaking fluid and it shouldn’t, either fix it or back away slowly and hope it doesn’t explode.

64.   Zosi did not eat anyone’s lab equipment, monthly reports or left sock. Stop blaming it on them!

65.   Do not attempt to pick Mr Bird’s plants to make flower crowns. Half of them are poisonous, the other half will eat you.

66.   Do not take Bryson’s hot air balloon on a joy ride.

67.   Likewise with Dr Helsby’s Bathyscaph.

68.   Do not steal Dr Jekyll’s sparkly carriage for the same purpose either.

69.   Also do not steal Mr Mosley’s Hollow Earth Submarine. That man owns a drill and will use it on you.

70.   Please do not mess about with Mr Doodle’s candyfloss machine. Flooding the upstairs with candyfloss might seem fun at the time but it’s a pain to clean up. And it took us three hours to get Mr Hyde down off the ceiling last time.

71.   Clothing must be worn at all time in communal areas of the society. Invisible clothing does not count.

72.   Dr Griffin is not allowed to flip any more table unless all the work on them is his own and he pays for the table if he breaks it.

73.   Dr Jekyll is not to be referred as anyone’s ‘mother’.

74.   The Lodgers must not present any of ‘the wonders of science’ to children without a RESPONSIBLE adult’s oversight.

75.   Mr Hyde does not count as a responsible adult.

76.   Nor do most of the lodgers either on that note.

77.   Don’t ask why Mr Hyde is sometimes seen wearing Dr Jekyll’s clothes.

78.   Or vice versa. It just happens.

79.   Dr Griffin is not to go to West Sussex ever. Especially the area near the village of Iping and the town of Bramblehurst.

80.   The lodgers are to note that ‘It is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission’ no longer applies to them. Dr Jekyll is more than willing to give permission, but do get permission first!

81.   Please do not release the repair kraken on the streets. The general public and the Police do not appreciate its presence there.

82.   Any bake sales hosted within the society grounds are to give at least two thirds of the profits to the society funds.

83.   No lodger is to take the laws of physics as a personal insult to their work.

84.   Nor are they to take the laws of reality as a personal insult either.

85.   No unnecessary science in the lobby!

86.   If you see one of Miss. Flower’s butterflies, carefully catch it and return it to her as soon as possible.

87.   DO NOT EAT IT!!

88.   Do not eat any of the science!

89.   Expect Mr Doodle’s, with his permission. As mentioned above.

90.   No fire flies near the chemistry labs please.

91.   No, Mr Penniebrygg is not building an automaton army. Or at least he shouldn’t be!

92.   No lodger is to go within twenty feet of Mr Tweedy or his equipment when he is working. If you ignore this and are electrocuted, it’s your own damn fault.

93.   Do not send threatening or angry letters to the Theatre across the road.

94.   If you must, do not sign them with your’s or the Society’s name!

95.   Making ‘time of the month’ jokes around the female Lodgers or Mr Kaylock is not appropriate.

96.   Do not try to feed Mr Kaylock dog biscuits.

97.   Do not try to feed Mr Hyde cat food!

98.   Do not feed the leviathan. We still aren’t sure what it is or if it eats or what it eats. So please don’t.

99.   Midnight dance parties are banned unless Mr Hyde is invited. All chaos cause by said midnight dance parties must be cleaned up by the morning.

100.                       Do not let any member of the public see this list.

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27 + Jacob Frye

A/N: Thank you for the prompt love! Jacob is a favorite of mine so this definitely is a special treat! It is my first time taking a go at writing him however so, please be kind.
Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader
Warnings: None
Words: 467
Prompt: 27. “You’re nervous aren’t you?” | More

   “Mister Frye I’m not entirely sure this is a good idea…” You fidgeted with your skirts nervously, glancing out of the open window of the parlour room and into the cool, London night. The man in question scoffed lightly, grin pulling at the corners of his mouth. Not that the phenomenon was entirely new –– it seemed to be a constant with his character. 

   “Oh, come now (Name). Where’s your sense of adventure?”

   “Upstairs,” you deadpanned. “Sensibly in bed, where I should be.”

   “It’s barely ten o’clock,” Jacob exclaimed. You crossed your arms in defiance, turning up your nose.

   “Not all of us are accustomed to galavanting around London after dark, Mister Frye. I have things to do in the morning, you know.”

   “Really?” Jacob drawled, crossing his arms as he mimicked your stance with a challenging raise of his brow. “Like what?”

   “Like… like breakfast,” you spluttered. “Miss Sinnett will have my head if her food isn’t on the table with prayers said by 8:30 sharp. Not to mention Mrs. Brewer loves to make unannounced visits in the mornings since she has nothing better to do and can you imagine the talk that would arise ––”

   “You’re nervous aren’t you?” You deflated almost instantly, flush rising in your cheeks as you avoided meeting Jacob’s gaze. You scanned the room for anything to fix your gaze upon, so long as it was away from Jacob’s intense stare.

   “I’ve just… I’ve never done anything like this before. Before I met you I was as straight laced as an upper class girl got.” Frye smirked, taking a step closer to you.

   “And now?”

   “Well, you’re in my parlour room where anyone could walk in on us, about to drag me out into the night at an entirely indecent hour onto streets that aren’t known for being safe even during the day.” You breathed a chuckle, glancing up at him as you gestured helplessly about you. “Nothing about this is exactly proper.”

   Jacob grinned, and you couldn’t help the slow smile that spread along your own lips, his smile completely infectious. “Darling, nothing can be classified as indecent until after at least two pints. As for the streets, well, you’re with Jacob Frye, love; leader of the Rooks and more than capable of fending off whatever is stupid enough to pick a fight with us.”

   You let out a proper laugh at that, fueled by your nerves and giddy excitement at the prospect of doing something daring. He offered his arm to you which you accepted readily as he led you to the window and Jacob’s grin took a wolfish edge as he glanced over you.

   “Besides, I think the thing you should truly be worried about is how you’re going to get that skirt of yours through the window.”

Cold as Ice

A “The Glass Scientists” fanfiction

Words - 3,043

Characters - Virginia Ito, Mr. Sinnett, Mr. Doddle, Mr. Luckett

Summary: If you want advice, or someone to talk to, you go to talk with Virginia Ito. They know this, the Society knows this, and it weighs heavy on their heart. Is that all they’re good for?

Note: I actually cried really hard writing this so let that be a warning. But! It does end well!

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Ensign Sinnett

There was a new crew-member due to board at approximately 0800 hours, and so the senior staff stood to greet them at the transporters at 0755. It was said that she was a bit of a miracle worker in herself to get here, given her background…

It was even more of a miracle that she managed to get posted to the U.S.S. Enterprise on her first assignment, recommended actually…

Surely they must have been so accomplished, especially in so little time. The commander could only wonder at what quality of person they were.

But as their particles aligned on the transporter plate, he knew far too well…

“Welcome, Ensign Sinnett, to the Enterprise,” the Captain greeted her with a warm handshake as she stepped off, flashing that lovely smile of hers, until it suddenly dropped from her face when her vivid emerald gaze caught his.

…glad to be here, sir…

It seems she had taken his advice…