Sinner Saint Burlesque’s “Long Kiss Goodnight” runs from January 24 – March 14, 2013. In the golden age of classic, bump-n-grind burlesque, headlining performers typically performed acts that were 20 minutes in length. Today, however, the standard Burletta is from three to six minutes long. In LONG KISS GOODNIGHT the stars of Sinner Saint Burlesque will present long-form burlesque pieces, a modern take on classic tease. RESERVE SEATS:

photo by Danny Boulet of WittyPixel Photography

In Sinner Saint Burlesque's LONG KISS GOODNIGHT “Jesse Belle-Jones performs a multidimensional act based on Greek mythology … she slips in and out of the roles of huntress, prey, and the goddess Artemis”. 9pm Thursdays until March 14, 2013.  Reserve seats:

-quote from Burlesque Seattle Press
-photo of Jesse Belle-Jones by Deirdre Timmons

-mask by Misfit Leather

Burlesque Seattle Press says that in LONG KISS GOODNIGHT guest host “Cherry Manhattan’s effervescent hosting buoys the narrative along as she plays the role of a tipsy aristocrat with pleasantly loose morals hosting a party.”

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photo of Cherry Manhattan by Greg Holloway

9pm Thursdays through January 3 at Noc Noc
REVOLUTION, Sinner Saint Burlesque’s narrative cabaret experience is a forcible overthrow of repressive sexual ideologies. Viva la Vulva! Libertease and justice for all!

Take a peek at our preemptive strike:

photo of Sinner Saint Burlesque by Rachel Robinson

Lover, you know the peacock is the most beautiful creature of the animal kingdom. The colorful feathers that adorn her tail make her a beloved bird in many cultures. Be patient Lover, if you can convince this proud bird to stop preening in the mirror she just might give you a LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. 9pm Thurs, NOC NOC, $15. Reservations:

photo of Evilyn Sin Claire and Sinner Saint Burlesque by Wittypixel Photography

TONIGHT at OPENING NIGHT of “SINCERELY,” you’ll have the opportunity to meet Lotti Glitterati! She is the saucy girl next door whose naughty side often gets the best of her. Her combination of refinement, camp, and good old fashioned bump ’n’ grind make for an unforgettable spectacle. Lotti got her start at the Academy of Burlesque in 2011, and has since been spotted shimmying at venues around Washington. As one-sixth of Sinner Saint Burlesque’s new sister troupe, the Beatitudes, Lotti looks forward to twirling her tassels (and assels) for a whole new crowd. 9pm, NOC NOC, $15

TOMORROW we present LONG KISS GOODNIGHT with guest host CHERRY MANHATTAN, the gal that puts the ass back in classy. You know her directing work from the Seattle Premiere of Ann Bannon’s “Beebo Brinker Chronicles” and the acclaimed “The Beyond Real Human Female” at Theater Off-Jackson. Now see her as a drunken debutante who reveals MORE than just gossip ;) 9pm, NOC NOC, $15

photo of Cherry Manhattan by WittyPixel