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Venus in the 8th house

Warrior by Beth Crowley [link]

You fascinated me
cloaked in shadows and secrecy
the beauty of a broken angel

I ventured carefully
afraid of what you thought I’d be
but pretty soon I was entangled

You take me by the hand
I question who I am

Teach me how to fight
I’ll show you how to win
you’re my mortal flaw
and I’m your fatal sin
let me feel the sting
the pain
the burn
under my skin

Put me to the test
I’ll prove that I am strong
won’t let myself believe
that what we feel is wrong
I finally see what
you knew was inside me
all along

That behind this soft exterior
Lies a warrior

Okay honestly this one needs no explanation


A Jolyne Kujo filk written and produced by Snortrax


Sweet girl’s got you 
down on your knees 
begging her
She’s gonna give you what you want 
but first
what you deserve
Look straight in her eyes
What was missing
What went wrong
What went right

Harsh harsh harsh
she’s harsh

Knowing the possibilities
Repent if you can stand to please
There’s sin
Let her in Let her win
Turn back the bruise the curse the kin
she’s lost
and now she’s lost

Fight all you can, hand of fate
take your stand
she’s desire, hard fast fire
power higher

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