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Metal sink Monday!  Look at this beauty, amazing modern design, effective as well. I don’t see much splash rate, so that’s a plus.  The sleek, metal look could make anyone do a double take.  Just look at that tap!  What a change. It’s incredibly easy to match with, as well.  My only issue is that you couldn’t fill up the sink, and the small pole stinking up looks either out-of-place, or as if a piece is missing.  I rate it a 9/10.

I haven’t been reviewing too much lately, my apologies.
So, this beauty right here ranks high on the design scale, with a gorgeous moat-esque space to catch the water, and no faucet which is a nice change. However, washing your hands here would be a little messy. Water would splash everywhere, with no bowl to catch it. So, as long as you’re a careful hand washer, this sink would be a great touch in any modern home.
9.5/10 on the design scale
5/10 on efficiency