sinking into society


The grudge I hold
Weighs like the world
Crushing me
And sink me down
So easily
Washing me away to the
Unknown state I forgot
I once create
Layers deep it was burried
Thousands of crusts and palates
With hot blazing fire
In its center
Numbing my heart
In its depth of
Freezing body of
Before burning me
With the licks of
Vulcanic eruption

24 April 2017


Do You Pass the Israel Test?

Would you believe us if we said that the best litmus test of any society’s success is its attitude towards Israel? Well, it’s true.

As George Gilder explains, whether a society envies and resents Israel’s success or celebrates and tries to replicate it is indicative of that society’s progress.

Countries that “pass” the “Israel Test” tend to rise. Those who don’t tend to sink. So, does your society pass the “Israel Test”? In five minutes, find out.
David Cameron vows to ‘blitz’ poverty by demolishing UK's worst sink estates
Government to spend £140m on rehousing and tearing up planning rules as PM says neglect has led to gangs and antisocial behaviour
By Caroline Davies

Bulldozing working class communities under the guise of eliminating poverty - fuck off.

We go through this process every generation or so, of bulldozing estates and rehousing people in modern estates, which become old estates etc. It does fuck all to tackle poverty. We’re not daft.

Under an amendment to the housing bill, “for every one of these high-cost social houses that we sell, we are going to build at least two new rental houses”, he said.

Will they fuck. That is just not going to happen.

We rode rough rapids
to the mouth of the rush,
the currents crying out
with glee as we teetered 
and nearly lost our heads
to the gasping creeks.
We thought we’d made it,
thought the wide water
was our victory prize;
we capsized - 
now was the time
to sink
or swim. 

- The Test of Forever, JLB

A Study in Brothers

He made friends, he had inside jokes and talked excitedly about Summer plans, and dreamed of how they would all look back on their school years someday. He made ‘associates’, he recalled his father pushing family names into his head and tactfully ignored any friendly individuals Orion had deemed unworthy of his time or courtesy.

He lounged comfortably, roaring with laughter at his own lame jokes and flirting casually with anyone who happened to walk by. He sat alone by the fire, replying curtly to anyone who may attempt to bore him with light conversation.

He spoke enthusiastically of his future, his ambitions, a different career path would take his interest every week. He nodded, disheartened as he listened to his father rejecting his passionate interest to play Quidditch professionally, feigning interest in a more traditional job.

He grinned excitedly as he turned the pages of his dirty magazines and nudged his best mate’s arm to show him pages that particularly caught his eye. He crept silently through the most obscure corners of the vast library, thumbing curiously through yellowing pages on the achievements of his ancestors.

He glared fixedly into his mothers eyes, fists clenched tightly and held defensively, as he argued fiercely over the justice he was so utterly passionate about. He stared fixedly at the plate in front of him, hands shaking uncontrollably under the table, hoping his silence would prevent his involvement.

He cheerfully guzzled priceless wine, getting outrageously merry and causing a scene just to laugh about it later. He sips delicately and comments on the sharp taste and fruity palette, always careful to remain well below his limit of tolerance.

He jumped at the chance to fight for his beliefs, to defend his friends and become the hero. He gulped and nodded grimly, mumbling some nonsense about duty to his blood and trying to force a confident smile.

He gloated, he displayed his badge with honour and played up his role to anyone who was interested. He never wore short sleeves again, shaking hands politely and moving on from anyone who wished to congratulate him.

He made sure that his movement’s legacy lived on, that they would go down in history, receiving all of the glory they deserved and that he would be famous for breaking free of his Black family bonds. He took every precaution to assure that his tale would sink with him, forbidding society from ever knowing the truth, taking his last breath with the bitter knowledge that his name would never be cleared and no one would ever discover what happened to the second son of Black.