sinking in reverse

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The quotes that i relate to, make me feel like someone else feels this way too. Would you mind making a playlist for the lost and broken? Amazing blog xx

Okay, here you go (sorry it took so long)

Never say never//The fray
The scientist//Coldplay
Johnny boy// Twenty one pilots
Taxi cab// twenty one pilots
Before you start your day// Twenty one pilots
Truce// twenty one pilots
Mrs. Potato Head// Melanie Martinez
Behind the sea// Panic! at The Disco
Northern Downpour// Panic! at The Disco
Song for Isabelle// Pierce the veil
We are broken// Paramore
Tell me why// Three Days Grace
Hold on Till May// Pierce The Veil
I’m low on gas and you need a jacket// Pierce the veil
Bulletproof love// Pierce the veil
I will follow you into the dark// Death Cab for Cutie
Therapy//All Time Low
Drown//Bring Me The Horizon
Drowning lessons// MCR
I Don’t love you//MCR
Monster//Mumford & sons
Cold arms//Mumford & sons
Hot gates//Mumford & sons
Fallen Angel// Three Days Grace
Just one yesterday//Fall out boy
Miss Missing You// Fall Out Boy
Move along// The All-American Rejects
Stay together for the kids// Blink-182
All these things that I’ve done// The Killers
Smile like you mean it// The killers
Coming down// Five Finger Death Punch
Deathbeds//Bring Me The Horizon
Misguided Ghosts// Paramore
Fake happy// Paramore
It’s not your fault//New Found Glory
Oxygen//New Found glory
Bad at love//Halsey
Guns for hands// Twenty one pilots
Rose-Colored Boy// Paramore
Numb// Linkin Park
On top//The Killers
Sink or swim// Falling in Reverse
Pieces//Sum 41
Adam’s song// Blink-182
Alone together// Fall Out Boy
Lithium// Nirvana
All apologies// Nirvana
After Midnight//Blink-182
Car crash// Three Days Grace
Sorry// Halsey
I’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth (summer song)// Fall Out Boy

okay but how can TM use infrasound to communicate with Root? someone please explain this. all I know about infrasound is it’s good for long distance stuff but too low frequency for most humans to perceive, and can make people uncomfortable and upset. also whales use it maybe? is her implant supposed to be able to receive infrasound waves and turn the information in them into something she can hear? I’m making shit up.

This is how I hope to remember you. The sun rising in your eyes. Blood draining down the sink. Our mess moving in reverse, until there’s no need for the dustpan. Everything is in full saturation. My lungs are not filled with smoke, and your hands aren’t shaking. The cherries have been pitted correctly and the taste of cinnamon is not one that burns. I spit out the mouthfuls of rain. Back to before the fires, before the drowning. We are whole and larger than life again. There’s no need for apologies or tripping over our words when we rush out the door. I am not drowning spiders as an act of remorse. The blue girl is never born which means your hands are clean. The pills fall back into the bottle, the alcohol sweats through the glass. We are not only searching for each other in the dark. I never have to send out a search party for my heart, because I hear the marching band of it safely in my chest. We can both rest easy tonight knowing where the other sleeps.
—  Before the Worst, Angelea Lowes

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I'm usually able to speak normally but I seem to go nonverbal when I'm really stressed or upset, and it gets kind of difficult because my mom will be yelling at me for something, which makes me upset, which makes me nonverbal, and then she will ask a question and I can't get myself to speak in order to answer, and she starts yelling ANSWER ME!! ANSWER ME!! And it just gets worse from there. Any advice? :(

Only go with this if it’s safe to do so in your household and won’t put you in danger.

Scream. No, seriously, scream at her. Just go “AAAAAHHH!” like you’re on a roller coaster. She will probably get mad and yell more. Keep screaming. Do it in short bursts to protect your voice.

This sounds like bad advice, but it’s not. It has a purpose.

Do the scream until she realizes she won’t get a proper answer from you until she lets you calm down. She’s escalating you by engaging when you can’t speak the way you want to. Screaming is your self-defense. 

If she sees that yelling means she gets screamed at, it might teach her to yell less. Then, when you’re both calm, sit down and explain to her what happened and why you screamed. If she has any compassion at all she’ll make an effort to not yell so much.

If screaming doesn’t work, just turn and walk away from her. Scream if she tries to follow you or keeps yelling at you. And keep walking until you’re in your room. Scream again if she comes in there and keeps yelling. Then sit down when you’re both calm and have that talk again. Keep up the pattern until it sinks in to her.

It’s basically reverse-conditioning. And yes, it will be scary if you’re not into confrontation. It’s hella terrifying, but you’re brave. I think you’re brave.

I use a similar tactic on my dad by walking away from him if he starts to make mean comments to me. If he wants to interact with me, he can’t make those comments or the interaction is instantly over. He’s very slowly learning!

I used the screaming trick on him a few times and it only took four repeats for him to not yells in my face because I screamed right in his. He’ll yell while out of arm’s reach and while it’s still awful, it doesn’t overwhelm me. Also he doesn’t have the energy level to yell like he used to, so there’s that too.

Good luck, anon. Stay safe.

Imagine Robert Plant … being your first lover.

**Hi guys - a few words - I’d meant to do these in order of when I received them, but it just didn’t work out that way lol. Some ideas I’m needing a bit more time to formulate. Sorry about that! You gotta go with it when it comes, you know. Anyway, here’s o/s number two - it’s kind of a blend of two requests.  And I have to admit, it was suuuper fun to write ha.  Hope it’s as fun to read.  I played around with tense and pov again, so I hope that works!  It’s older Robert, but I kept it purposefully vague.  Also, prepare for my usual fluff, blah blah, and definitely nsfw. xxoo**

You feel his presence immediately.  And not just from the clamor that suddenly takes over the room.  It’s his eyes.  They’re on you.  They’re never on you, at least not in that way.  He tilts his head, a tiny nudge, like he’s making sure he’s got the right person.  Your face heats up, and you turn away, immediately cursing yourself for doing so.  You’ve waited years for him to look at you like that.  Years!  You take a deep breath as you try to find him again, but he’s gone.  Your heart falls.  Like it always does.  You’ve grown up around him, a child in the days of Zeppelin but not anymore.  You wonder how long you’ve had the crush.  Probably forever.

“Well, hello there.”  There’s a pang in your tummy at the sound of his voice, and your sinking heart reverses course, heading straight for your throat. “How are you?”  You inhale his scent as he embraces you, laying a chaste kiss on your cheek.  You feel a throb a bit below where the pang had been.  “It’s been … a little while.”  You nod, swallowing nervously as Robert’s dimples deepen.  “Cat got your tongue, love?”  He raises his brow with a suggestive smirk, and you force yourself to talk, lest you just grab hold of him again.  

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FALLING IN REVERSE - SINK OR SWIM live in Atlanta, GA on their The End Is Here tour along with Danger Kids, Dead Girls Academy, Issues and Motionless In White. (The Tabernacle)