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I love how the cast has already accepted Jopper

me, after watching season one of stranger things: wow will byers’ life can’t get ANY worse

the season two writers: BET


(…) I don’t know that was kind of the hardest part for me, coming into this I knew that a lot of people liked Stranger Things but I didn’t really realize how many fans there were online and what a big fan base it had, like on Instagram or on social media. I think once it was announced, people weren’t necessarily happy, some people didn’t want a new character, so that was a little bit hard because I felt, I worked so hard and they didn’t want me on the show. But once I got there and started filming I felt a lot better because I saw how supportive the cast was. Things are a lot better now, once people met Max I think they realized that she’s cool, she’s not going to mess with anyone or ruin anything, it’s fine.
Sadie Sink, Photographed by Katie McCurdy for Interview Magazine (2017)

“Close as Strangers” Finn Wolfhard

Plot - Y/N and Finn are slowly growing apart, because Y/N doesn’t want to get hurt

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader



“Oh my god, you guys are such idiots!” Millie laughed. We all were watching High School Musical and the boys apparently have watched it so many times they know all the choreography to ‘Get’cha Head in the Game’. “Hey, you guys know it too! We watch this all the time!” Gaten laughed, taking Sadie’s hand, dancing with her. “Hey, if i’m dancing, all of us are.” Sadie said, pulling Millie and I off the ground. “Get’cha head in the game, Y/N!” Finn laughed, grabbing my hand and dancing with me. Quickly I switched places with Sadie and danced with Gaten instead.

Finn and I are best friends; probably the closest out of them all. We did dumb stuff like this all the time together, but recently I’ve been feeling different about him. It started a few weeks ago when something…. Interesting happened.


Finn and I were on the couch, in the house we all live in while filming, and Finn was goofing off when we were supposed to be working on lines. “Do you think it will even fit?! I mean the gate isn’t that big anymore.” I read off my script. We were doing a scene where we were trying to destroy the upside down with a fire thingie but we couldn’t directly go into it. “HA! That’s what she said.” Finn joked, jumping off the couch. “Finn! Not everything is a sexual innuendo!” I yelled at him, hitting his shoulder. “But it’d be funnier if it was, let’s do something else!” He cheered, pulling me off the couch. “We could work on slow dancing for the homecoming scene.” He suggested. “Alright, fine.” I agreed.

He had his arms around my waist and I had mine around his shoulders. “Ya know, you aren’t half bad at this.” He smirked. “Right back at you, surprisingly.” I joked. “Hey, I’m good at slow dancing.” He defensively told me. “See.” He added, before twirling and dipping me. It caught me off guard, making me laugh a bit. “Damn.” I mumbled, looking into his eyes. Before then I hadn’t noticed how pretty his eyes were. Normally brown eyes are quite boring but not Finn’s. They have a hint of red in them, which is very appalling. I also noticed his freckles, and how they stand out perfectly in the light, and can disappear sometimes. I also noticed his lips, how they were a soft pink, and slightly chapped. The corners of his lips were up slightly, plastering a small smile. “We, uh, we should go back to the lines.” Finn stuttered, letting go of me. “Yeah, totally.” I blushed, realizing I was staring for a bit too long.


Ever since then, I would feel a knot in my stomach whenever he approached me. I would feel butterflies whenever he would smile at me. I started to notice things about him I never looked at before. Like how he would bounce his leg in almost all interviews. Or how his voice would slightly crack when he was laughing too hard. I know I’m starting to like him, and I hate it. The last time I liked someone, shit hit the fan and I ended up heartbroken.

I see the way he looks at Millie. I see the way he smiles and laughs at everything she says. It makes me angry, and jealous. He is always talking to her and they are always laughing together. I can just tell that they like each other. It’s so obvious, even Sadie has seen it. I wish I was as pretty as her, then maybe I wouldn’t be pushing Finn away like I am. I mean, if they are going to be together, I should be out of the picture, right?

“Hey, Y/N I was wondering if you wanted to go to that coffee shop just down the road with me later.” Finn asked me, after High School Musical was over. “Oh, actually I said I would do something with Sadie later, sorry.” I lied, walking away. There was no way in hell I was going to let my feelings get stronger.

Finn’s Point of View

I’ve noticed it. The distance between us. We are best friends, so why does she keep blowing me off? I’ve noticed other things too. Like how when she’s thinking, her eyebrows furrow together and she makes the cutest face ever. Or how when she’s laughing too hard, she hides her face in her shirt or hands. I’ve started noticing all these things about her i hadn’t seen before we slow danced in the living room. I know I’m starting to like her, and I just want to be closer to her. I want to hold her and call her mine, but I can’t do that if she keeps talking to me less and less. Maybe I’ve been reading the situation all wrong and maybe she doesn’t like me back. Maybe I should just give up.

“Hey Gaten! Wait up! I need to talk to you.” I followed Gaten upstairs. “Whats up, Finnigan?” He asked, waiting for me at the top of the stairs. “Have you noticed anything different about Y/N?” I asked, playing with my fingers nervously. “Um, I’ve noticed that she has been a bit bummed out lately, but I just assumed girl problems if ya know what I mean.” He answered. “Okay, gross. But no, I mean, she hasn’t been talking to me lately. I just asked her to go to that coffee shop with me and she said she was busy, but before she would drop anything to hang out with me; we’re best friends.” I explained. “Before when?” Gaten asked. Noticing my confused face he added, “Like this isn’t her normal, when did this start?”

I thought about it. It was maybe a week or so after we danced together. “We, uh, we were rehearsing lines, and I was bored so I suggested to practice slow dancing, and she started ignoring me a week later.” I told Gaten. “Holy shit, she likes you.” My heart did a flip when Gaten said that. “How do you know?” I asked. “Because, she’s probably playing hard to get, or some other girl game. I know you like her too, just talk to her.” Gaten answered, patting my shoulder and walking away.

Having what Gaten said in mind, I knocked on Y/N’s door. “Yeah?” She yelled from inside. “Can I talk to you?” I asked, through the door. I heard the door knob move and the door swung open. “Finn, I’m a bit busy.” She informed me. “Can it wait?” I asked. “Not really, I’ll talk to you later.” She answered, closing the door. What the fuck?

Finn: she’s not interested asshole

Gaten: Hey, i’m not an asshole. Why do you think she isn’t interested?

Finn: She slammed the door in my face

Gaten: ok if she doesn’t like you then maybe it’s something else, i could talk to her for you.

Finn: Please do, this is killing me. I miss her.

Y/N’s Point of View

There was another knock at my door. Rolling my eyes, I got up and opened it. “What?” I said, thinking it was going to be Finn. “Gaten? Oh hi, I thought you were someone else. What’s up?” I asked, opening the door more so he had room to enter. “Why are you distancing yourself from Finn?” He bluntly asked. That question had me shocked. “What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to avoid the truth. “You know what I am talking about. Y/N, he’s getting really upset and worried. You are his best friend and all of a sudden you are ignoring him?! I don’t know what he did, if he did anything at all, but you need to stop running away from it. If you don’t want to talk to him about it, talk to me. And that’s not a suggestion.” Gaten replied, getting a bit heated up.

“I like Finn, and I just don’t want to get hurt, because the last time I liked someone it blew up in my face and I know he likes Millie so I just thought it would be better to ignore it all and hope all my feelings would go away.” I rambled. “Oh my god this is ridiculous. Why do you think he likes Millie? He likes you! You guys need to cut the crap and just Fucking talk, Finn is dying without you by his side.” Gaten shouted. Gaten barely ever says fuck so you know he’s angry when he says it. “Bullshit. I know you are just fucking with me and he doesn’t actually like me.” I stubbornly sat on the couch. “Fucking shit Y/N, get your head out of your ass, and talk to him.” Gaten muttered, leaving the room and slamming the door. The loud bang the door made made me jump. A few tears fell from my eyes, I know he’s right in the fact that I just need to talk to him. I do miss him, and although it will end up hurting me, I guess I’ll have someone to help me through it, weather it be Sadie or Gaten or Caleb or Noah, whoever.

You know what? No. I’m not going to talk to him. My feelings come first and I just know this isn’t going to end good. I texted Gaten telling him it isn’t worth it, which got a very angry reply.

A few days later, I got a text from Noah. He needed help getting something from the walk in storage closet. I quickly replied and went to said closet.

“Hey Noah….” my voice trailed when I saw everyone in the (pretty big) closet. “What the hell is this?!” A certain curly haired boy asked, who I hadn’t even realized was next to me. “You guys need to talk some shit out.” Gaten was the first to talk. “It’s clearly making me mad that you two aren’t talking.” He added, pushing us into the closet. “And, it’s not as fun to hang out with you two. I miss it when you guys would collaborate on story and joke telling.” Noah explained. “Honestly I only noticed that Y/N has been down lately but this makes sense, and since I care about you both…” Caleb started. They all took a step out of the closet. “Sorry but not really.” Caleb finished before closing the door.

“Hey! You can’t lock us in here!” I shouted, banging on the door. Of course the one room that locks from the outside. “Hey, this could be worse.” Finn mumbled. “I mean, it is quite a spacey room.” He added. “I don’t want to talk to you.” I grumbled, sitting on the floor with my back against the door. “Why not? Y/N, I really miss you. Please just explain why you’ve been ignoring me. It’s been like a month!” He exclaimed, sitting next to me. “Wouldn’t Millie be mad that you are locked in a room with me?” I muttered, crossing my arms. “What? Millie? What does she have to do with this?” Finn asked, confusion resting on his face. “Oh don’t play stupid. I know you two like each other, and I don’t think either of you would want me to get in the way of that.” I answered too quickly to realized what I just said. “Y/N, I don’t like Millie. I don’t know why you think that but even if I did I would never want you out of my life, or as distant as you’ve been. The truth is, I want to be closer than we’ve ever been.” He replied, taking my hand in his. I felt my heart race as I processed what he was saying. “Finn, do you…. like.. me?” I asked nervously. “That’s kind of where I’m going with this. Let me take you on a date, we could go somewhere chill, like a movie theater, or we could even watch a movie here.” He answered, getting visibly joyful. He looked over at me, a slight grin on his face. I smiled at him and cupped his face in my hands. Slowly we both leaned in until our lips were touching. Fireworks exploded in my stomach. I have wanted this for longer than I’d like to admit and now that it’s finally here, maybe I don’t have to worry that much. Maybe, Finn will take care of me.

“It’s kind of like we got dared to play 7 minutes in heaven.” Finn said after the long lived kiss, our foreheads still touching. “I think we have a few minutes left.” I giggled before attaching our lips.