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Tap Tuesday everyone! Here I have gathered the top 10 hottest faucets I’ve seen (so far).  Starting at the top, LED lights can make any tap shine! Off to the next row down, starting from the left, somewhat average design, however the sleek modern look and blue accent adds quite a lot to a washroom!  Next you have a personal favourite, a hands-free! Very nice look as well, the slim faucet is very new and bright.  Next, oh ho ho, we have a change in the line-up!  A styled faucet, a fish!  As long as it stays shiny, I enjoy the look! Great for an outdoors-y house.  Next we have another hands-free, a Japanese design, very eccentric!  The next one is probably my favourite design, the look is just so futuristic.  Also, hands-free (woot woot).  Next we have a more common look, however the modern shine is very nice.  After that, you have a neat little tap, this one looks like it would have a lower water pressure than most, but it looks very nice.  And the last one, finally has some colour to it!  Very nice design.
Coming up later, Tap Tuesday’s Worst Taps!


so….i finally finished with the updates of AnKyou manga…….and WHY WAS I EXACTLY LAUGHING SO MUCH AND FEELING TOO GIDDY BECAUSE OF THESE SCENES

omg guys, am I the only one who has fallen for KaruNagi even more? lol, because I remember 2(?) weeks ago, there were several people prompting me to read the manga; to the point they even spoiled me that ‘looks like Karma and Nagisa are fighting’. I’d read various reactions too (accidentally, thank god no spoiler statements) describing how they felt so broken after how chapter 143 turned out.

srsly, I expected I’ll cry (literally okay) because I feel like I’ll be broken-hearted too. but I was laughing so hard and overwhelmed with too much feels; I cant fckn wipe the smile off my face. IS MY REACTION VERY ODD, omg. Karma and Nagisa are fighting…………………but I’m getting turned on instead. There’s definitely something wrong with me wwwwww

In the course of the chapter(s), we can see the Karma who’s insecure (kind of) of how talented Nagisa is….and on the other side of the coin, we can know in one just statement that Nagisa also feels the same way. I AM NOT SAD AT ALL. THIS. THIS IS HOW KARMA AND NAGISA FIGHTS (not yet physical, mind you www). Shouting, insulting each other. Until the insults got way too far (courtesy of Karma), but instead of wavering, Akabane fuels it more why the heck are you doing this you little delinquent and starts pushing the bluenette around. He’s bullying Nagisa >.< Nagisa fights back, of course. The fight was just  put on a hold because of an intervention.

AND  DAMMIT THEY LOOK LIKE THEY’RE HAVING A LOVE QUARREL INSTEAD OF A NON-ROMANTIC ONE. I CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW THEY’LL MADE UP  ♥  but BL aside, I think it’s a good addition that Karma and Nagisa finally opposed one another. That means a deeper kind of friendship! or more and HOPEFULLY we get to see more of KaruNagi’s past…like how are they so close but keeping a distance <|3

sht karma’s shy/flattered expression alfapiogjapogagapgaog and the triangle chokehold is so suggestive wwwwwwww 
“We had so much fun with him! Like when we went to the movies together!”
im dying im dying im dying of feels  STAB ME (*T▽T*) 


koltheface asked:

Ugh. I love your writing. I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for the fandom. I absolutely loathe TPTB at OB. They were fucking GIDDY in an interview about the future of Shaysima. Maybe not the time/place when you just admitted you killed off the only love story the show has ever had. I'm going to tune out next season and save myself the heartache. Hope the ratings sink!

TBTP for OB? They have their own agenda…  It seems they honestly believe with a hard sell social media Shay fest, and this strange emotional manipulation of Delphine giving her blessing that they can just switch us all over and continue on with their fandom of happy queers. Not so much…  Some people will ship it. Some won’t. Some don’t give a fuck. And others just want to stare at naked women kissing regardless of plot/character development. It doesn’t bode well. It’s such a disrespect to a large piece of their fandom.

And given their ratings this season (especially without Evelyne Brochu - who seemed to bring them up a bit in her episodes) they won’t get 5 seasons. And … I don’t think I’ll be watching season 4. I’m pretty sure this is the end of Orphan Black for me.

Thank you, and you’re right. Cophine was the only love story.  Orphan Black was the fandom where femslash reigned supreme in fanfiction. But in the end, they’re no different than anything else that way.

Psycho. Dead. Queer women.  It’s all the same.

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Hallelujah by Panic! at the Disco

they sang this at my concert omf pls,, take me bac k

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HideKane; sink until i drown

Rating: M
Warning: For brief mentions of blood, drowning… oh, and weird dream logic…
Words: 600+
Notes:  Designated Angst Day! Hurray! This one’s set after the √A premiere. 
Summary:  Hide dreams.  

Day 6: Hurt&Comfort - Angst - Sadness


Metal sink Monday!  Look at this beauty, amazing modern design, effective as well. I don’t see much splash rate, so that’s a plus.  The sleek, metal look could make anyone do a double take.  Just look at that tap!  What a change. It’s incredibly easy to match with, as well.  My only issue is that you couldn’t fill up the sink, and the small pole stinking up looks either out-of-place, or as if a piece is missing.  I rate it a 9/10.

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Doubt by twenty one pilots

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sink-slow yo ~~

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My Chemical Romance

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Sinks that look good, but don't do good.  Prime example.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘But oh great sinker, there is a drain for the water, and the shape is curved enough to not let out water!’ but, my little sinkhopper, you must realise that the practicality of this sink is low.  Imagine, you have muddy arms, and the water is getting everywhere.  Where are the proper sink lines to stop it?  What about your kitten that sits in your sink that you blog about?  How could the kitty get a beauty sleep in a slide? Kit-napped away by porcelain-features.  I will rate this in two categories. Practicality 5/10, and looks, 9/10.  If you have a designer-esqe home, then it’ll fit in, but if you have 3 kids and 2 pets and a family home, this sink is probably not for you.

Tungsten Beadhead Pheasant Tail 20

Tungsten Beadhead Pheasant Tail 20

Tungsten Beadhead Pheasant Tail 20 Overview: Take a beadhead Pheasant Tail and give it a heavier bead, and you have a faster sink rate, and slightly different action to foll even the wariest of fish.One of the top five trout nymphs ever tied on a tippet.A near perfect imitation of the blue wing olive nymph, also works great for a general mayfly nymph attractor.Great sink rate, classic silhouette,…

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Lost Cities Of The Near Future

Pixabay / Bonnybbx

The tale of the ancient submerged city of Atlantis is a well-known one. This is one legend though that may be foreshadowing events in the not too distant future, because many of the world’s major cities are sinking as we speak. So, planning on a trip to New Orleans? Thinking of stopping off in Bangkok? Well, get your skates on as you may not have long to see them…


Flickr / Artur Staszewski

Sinking Rate: between 0.08 and 0.16 inches a year
The city of canals has been known to be sinking for years. Rising Mediterranean water levels and the long term impact of groundwater depletion are making it increasingly difficult for Venice to stay afloat. Dodgy foundations are partly to blame too, in a city that has outgrown the benefits of its original location. That gondola ride you’ve been planning? It’s now or never!

New Orleans

Flickr / Lars Plougmann

Sinking Rate: 1 inch a year
The Big Easy is sinking rapidly, due a combination of rising sea levels in the Gulf of Mexico and the failing foundations of the city. Located on the Mississippi river delta, New Orleans has had a precarious base for hundreds of years, a situation that was exacerbated when the city expanded in to the newly pumped swamp areas - getting rid of all that water made ground levels fall considerably. Nowadays, most of New Orleans sits at or below sea level – some areas are as low as 12 feet below! Protected only by failing levees, it won’t be long before the Gulf of Mexico encroaches upon this French settlement, so go and enjoy Mardi Gras while you can!


Flickr / Mark Fischer

Sinking Rate: 1.2 inches a year
Thailand’s capital city is on many a traveller’s bucket list, and for good reason, offering up a veritable cornucopia of ancient and modern culture. This tourist hotspot, however, is drowning fast. Rising sea levels and increased risk of storms and severe flooding due to increased global temperatures mean that Bangkok could well be going under in as little as a decade! 


Flickr / The Diary Of A Hotel Addict

Sinking Rate: around 3.5 inches a year
Indonesia’s largest city is a booming, developing metropolis but it is tumbling at an alarming rate. The main reason for the drop is the fact that the city has been pumping groundwater out for years. These now empty chasms are collapsing under the weight of the city. Pair that with increased storm surges in recent years and you have a recipe for impending disaster. Indonesian government has drawn up a $40bn plan to save their most valuable asset, so there is hope yet!

Mexico City

Flickr / Leandro Neumann Cioffo

Sinking Rate: up to 8 inches a year!
It’s no surprise that Mexico City is falling, seeing as it is built upon a clay lake bed. A complex underground drainage system has caused the ground to weaken, and the groundwater is being forced up the drains under the weight of the capital. Architectural tourist draws in the Historic District, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, are under threat, so be sure to see them before they are surrounded in red tape!

Inspired to travel? Do some environmental conservation work or volunteer to educate communities in some of these countries to make a difference. And hey, if volunteering in Thailand means you can take a weekend excursion to Bangkok, that’s one more place to check off the list!

By Eman Bhatti

Frontier runs conservation, development, teaching and adventure travel projects in over 50 countries worldwide - so join us and explore the world!

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loling at myself I'm just sitting here trying to figure out how spn can end quickly and thinking "if s12 is the last one they'd announce it next year during CW upfronts but do we really see spn announcing it's end in less then12 months? no they need ratings crash" and then I'm quilty cause I dont WANT their ratings to sink and and all those peoples hardwork on set to not be valued and get such a negative recption uGH

Is there a good way for a show to end? As long as the ratings are okay, it’ll keep going… and when the ratings start to crash, it’ll get canceled so quickly that they won’t have a chance to wrap up the stories in a good way. Has any show really ended well? I usually don’t even watch shows all the way to the end… I was a GIANT fan of Stargate SG-1, but I didn’t even buy the last season DVDs.

I don’t want to think about it too much, basically.

Quad Webb Sinks Married To Medicines Ratings

Quad Webb Sinks Married To Medicines Ratings!!!

Married to Medicine’s days may be number since Quad Webb Sinks Married To Medicines Ratings and with Mariah Huq heading to Real Housewives of Atlanta Married is flat-lining.

Last season the ladies of Married to Medicine wanted Mariah Huq fired, but they didn’t realize she is the NeNe Leakes of the series and without her the show is a YAWN. just got some inside tea that AbsolutelyQuad aka Quad Webb-Lunceford’s arrest was supposed to heat up the season, but instead it had viewers tuning out.

Here is the hot tea we have to spill via LALate:

After Quad’s arrest record tried to heat up last week’s Married to Medicine, she turn the tables and began to run a Lisa Nicole Cloud background check. Apparently it was a bad decision because fans were NOT impressed and Bravo learned that not that many people cared about either causing the reality rating to slide.

Thing got worse for Married to Medicine when the show was the standalone lead-in Sunday show for BravoTV. The ratings sunk worse than any Dr. Jackie lemon squeeze. Quad Webb did not carry last Sunday’s ratings which sank to an outrageously low 1.07 share. Bravo TV’s biggest night of programming for nearly six years for Sunday evenings. It draws an average of a 3.5 ratings share with RHOA from October to March, and 3.5 share with RHONJ from March to October.

Quadriyyah Webb aka Quad Webb tonight returns with new evidence about Lisa Nicole Cloud’s background check. But the problem is that viewers don’t really care. Bravo TV fans are not ignorant. Married to Medicine’s massive season one debut was when the show aired on Sunday nights behind a 3.5+ ratings lead-in from RHOA. In season two, Bravo TV kept on moving Married to Medicine between weekday nights. And the show’s rankings sank. However, last Sunday, on the best night for Bravo TV, and the best time-slot for Bravo TV, the show posted arguably the worst network ratings for a Sunday in Bravo history.

The show is produced by Purveyors of Pop which previously sank ratings with Real Housewives of Miami. And while the third season has been enjoyable, and the cast has been engaging, the direction of the show has changed.

Without Mariah Huq on season 3 Married to Medicine has NOT been the same.

What do you think?

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New Jersey Poll Shows Drop in Chris Christie’s Approval Ratings by KATE ZERNIKE


A poll reinforces how far Gov. Chris Christie’s fortunes have fallen since Hurricane Sandy earned him affection at home and nationwide. Among his own constituents, his approval rating keeps sinking.

Published: June 22, 2015 at 08:00PM

from NYT U.S.

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Adena buys USDCLP 607.85: EMERGING MARKETS-U.S. interest rate outlook sinks Latam markets

“Yields on Brazilian interest rate futures , meanwhile, climbed across the shorter end of the yield curve. Chile’s peso weakened, dragged down by lower prices for copper, the country’s main export. Mexico’s peso also fell. In equities markets …” said Thelma to Oralee on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

“My dear Miss Oralee,” said Thelma, “have you heard that SPXT went up to 3921.43?”

“S&P 500 [TR].”

Oralee replied that she had not.

“But it did,” said Thelma. “Wall Street ends flat; S&P 500 snaps three-day losing streak (Reuters) - U.S. stocks ended flat on Tuesday though the S&P 500 snapped three days of losses as financial and consumer staples shares bounced. Shares of biotech companies were among the biggest drags, including Biogen , down 1.1 percent at $382.”

Oralee, with perfect unconcern, made no answer.