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Metal sink Monday!  Look at this beauty, amazing modern design, effective as well. I don’t see much splash rate, so that’s a plus.  The sleek, metal look could make anyone do a double take.  Just look at that tap!  What a change. It’s incredibly easy to match with, as well.  My only issue is that you couldn’t fill up the sink, and the small pole stinking up looks either out-of-place, or as if a piece is missing.  I rate it a 9/10.

Why The Americans is the best show on TV
  • Despite the title, it’s the very opposite of a patriotic show. The two main leads are KGB spies posing as an American couple living in the States. The other recurring characters include another Russian female spy, an FBI agent and various people from around the world (also living in America) that Philip and Elizabeth manage to recruit.The show is outstanding because it subverts everything you would expect from an American-made spy show and shows both the Russian and the Americann POVs in a completely balanced way. In this sense, it is the anti-Homeland. The two main leads are so well drawn and multi faceted that despite the terrible things they do, you can’t help but empathize with these two people who more or less have been brainwashed into believing in a ‘Cause’ that turns them more or less into small pawns of two enemies much bigger and more dangerous than they are. One of the showrunners is also ex-CIA, so it makes it even more amazing to me that he didn’t go the expected way of making Philip and Elizabeth outright villains but decided to take a more complex approach to their characterization.
  • It has excellent female characters. The women on this show are varied, different, well written and complex. All have different strengths and all have agency and motives of their own. During the first season, The Americans had more female names in the credits than male. The show is basically the very opposite of a sausage fest.
  • It’s apolitical. The show never takes sides with the KGB or the CIA. It presents all the characters as having their own views and motives and more or less shows the Cold War as a battle of two ideologies, with two countries causing harm towards innocent people that happen to be in the way. It never sugarcoats what the Soviet Union was, but the characters within the CIA are just as flawed and get their hands dirty about as much as the KGB spies do.
  • It has a killer soundtrack. If you are as obsessed with 80′s music than I am it’s likely you’ll fall in love with the show from the Pilot. Fleetwood Mac, A Flock of Seagulls, Phil Collins, Yazoo, Peter Gabriel and loads more are utilised during some of the show’s very best scenes.

Sinks that look good, but don't do good.  Prime example.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘But oh great sinker, there is a drain for the water, and the shape is curved enough to not let out water!’ but, my little sinkhopper, you must realise that the practicality of this sink is low.  Imagine, you have muddy arms, and the water is getting everywhere.  Where are the proper sink lines to stop it?  What about your kitten that sits in your sink that you blog about?  How could the kitty get a beauty sleep in a slide? Kit-napped away by porcelain-features.  I will rate this in two categories. Practicality 5/10, and looks, 9/10.  If you have a designer-esqe home, then it’ll fit in, but if you have 3 kids and 2 pets and a family home, this sink is probably not for you.


The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago in United Arab Emirates. It is one of three planned islands called the Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira) which would have extended into the Persian Gulf, increasing Dubai’s shoreline by a total of 520 kilometres (320 mi).

Ongoing controversy surrounding the Palm Jumeirah includes the claim that it is sinking at a rate of roughly 5 mm per year, and that it disrupts the natural surrounding ocean ecosystem. 

LYNNE'S HUGE ASS FIC REC UPDATE! 19 new Klaine fics for your reading pleasure!




Lovesong by andIheardeverything (Rated M – Complete)

A hate crime leaves Blaine damaged and Kurt refuses to let it bring them down.  Brain damaged!Blaine

Sinking Verse by nightbirdrises (Rated M – Completed in 20 parts)

Blaine is very much lost at his new school, but he meets someone that could possibly help. However, he turns out to be much more than Blaine had bargained for. Maybe too much.   Skank!Kurt, who is also deaf, and transfer student!Blaine, who is also a football player.

Heartstrings Verse by holdingdaylight (Rated M – WIP)  Skank!Kurt  Nerd!Blaine

 Kurt is just trying to disappear. But when he meets Blaine, he learns that isn’t ever going to be an option.

Volunteer Angel by CleverBoots (Rated M – WIP)

This is a story of recurring destiny. Kurt is trying to cobble together a new reason to live after losing his mother and grandmother. He finds himself in a nursing home, applying to become a Volunteer Angel to cheer up the elderly residents of the home. Kurt hears a voice singing a song he never heard before, but for some reason he knows all the words. Perplexed, he finds the man and steps into a different world when the man turns into more than Kurt had known was possible.

Imperfections by Pene (Rated M – Complete)

D/s  - sub!Kurt  famousDom!Blaine

Perfect Silence by writtenfables (Rated T – WIP)

Skank!Kurt and Deaf!Blaine. Five part story of how Skank!Kurt meets and befriends new transfer and deaf student, Blaine Anderson. Slight Faberry, eventual Klaine. T for Language.

Make A Lover Of Me by twobirdsonesong (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt Hummel has just moved from Ohio to Los Angeles and he has no idea what he’s doing there. He begins an internship at a talent agency where he meets Blaine Anderson, an assistant who has more to his name than Kurt knows.

Spring Showcase by avidlywriting (Rated M – 11K Complete)

“How about you and me go talk in private? Hmm? I could give you some…pointers maybe? I think tonight we can definitely work on you hitting a high note.” This one-shot is an alternate Klaine meeting that consists of pure PWP smut with maybe a sprinkle of fluff and feels. Klaine Prompt: Dom!Kurt and Sub!Blaine NC-17

Three Wishes by imagineentertain (Rated T – Complete)

If Blaine Anderson found a magic lamp he’d only ask for two things. He’d wish for a place at NYADA when he graduates high school, and he’d wish that Kurt Hummel was his boyfriend. There were three problems with this. Firstly, competition for NYADA was insane. Secondly, Kurt Hummel didn’t even know he existed. Movie stars tended to be like that about their fans. Thirdly, Blaine didn’t have a magic lamp.

Walking Down The Aisle by dinagoldberg (Rated T – WIP)  Arranged Marriage AU

Somewhat AU in a society where arranged marriages are not the norm but not uncommon either. Kurt, 19, just moved to New York ends up in an arranged marriage with Blaine, 24, CEO of a Multi-billion Dollar Company. This is their story.


Just A Touch by flyblckbirdfly (Rated NC-17 – 10K Complete)

Written for this prompt at the Glee Kink Meme: Klaine, badboy!Kurt, top!Kurt, Rachel is having a party at her house. Can take place during BIOTA, except Kurt and Blaine are both at McKinley and have barely ever had contact before. Kurt isn’t in the glee club. Kurt and Blaine notice each other during one of the games they play(spin the bottle, strip!games, never have i ever, etc.), and later have sex somewhere else in the house.

All Tied Up by Dandalion (Rated NC-17 6K Complete)

Kurt and Blaine present at a kink workshop, then continue the fun back at their place.

In The Town Of Lima, Ohio by crowned queen of bitchland (Rated M – Complete)

After the loss of his parents Kurt is left to raise his baby brother all by himself. Closed off, guarded and inexperienced, he shies away from the advances of a certain curly-haired lawyer who falls desperately in love with him. Will he let Blaine in, or will his walls keep him away?

Two Coins by justanartist (Rated M – Complete)  Soulmate!Klaine

Kurt knows those people who are soul mates. His friends are soul mates and happy about that. Soul mates have a very deep connection. Some connections are so deep that people are able to feel every emotion and physical pain from their soul mate. He never understood why it was good to feel what your soul mate felt or to not even have a choice with who you want to spent the rest of your life with. Until he meets his soul mate and is not happy about it.

I Won’t Let You Down by mrscriss2012 (Rated M – WIP)   Age!Gap

AU. 16 year old Blaine moves to Lima with his mom and new step family. Desperately unhappy and alone, he is befriended by one Burt Hummel who lives across the road. The pair start to restore a classic car together, but what will Blaine make of Burt’s surly 27 year old son?

Once In A Lullaby by arainymonday (Rated T – Complete)

On his way to Dalton to spy on the Warblers Kurt is transported to another world where all lost things end up. There he meets Blaine and gets a chance to find himself again. An AU Season 2 modern fantasy.

One Night At The End Of The World by lovely_sparkle (Rated NC-17 – Complete)

Two strangers meet and marry on the night of the apocalypse. Then, when it turns out it’s not the end of the world, reality strikes.

The Label by thepause (Rated M – WIP)

Kurt Hummel is a marketing executive at a record label in Nashville. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger at a karaoke bar unravels when Kurt learns the stranger is also the label’s newest signing, Blaine Anderson.

Kiss by foraworldundeserving (Rated K – Complete)

While the kiss in Original Song was oh-so-beautiful, there’s millions of ways those two boys could have shared their first kiss. PROMPT FIC. COMPLETE.   *this is 234 chapters – each one is a different way in which Klaine kiss.  It’s adorable and interesting and you can just read a few at a time when you need a bit of fluff.  I love it so far!


Muddler Minnow step by step

Don Gapen invented this legendary pattern for the Nipigon river in Canada. It was supposed to imitate Cockatush minnow which is a sculpin and called a “muddler” in parts of Wisconsin. The muddler wasn’t supposed to be that type of firm and clinically cut that we like today but rather sparse and long. Customers seemed to prefer the look of the shorter cut tighter heads and the fly evolved accordingly. You might want to try it with a more original head too for fishing as it will have a very different type of movement and sinking rate. The version tied above is just according to my personal preferences, cut to a symmetrical cone and packed pretty dense but not too dense to still keep it soft.

Hook: #2-10 3X Streamer hook.
Tail: Mottled Brown Turkey wing.
Rib: Oval Gold tinsel.
Body: Flat Gold tinsel.
Wing: Natural white tip Squirrel tail and Mottled brown Turkey wing slips on top.
Head: Natural Deer hair muddler style. Stack the tips of the first bunch to form a neat collar.

Everything You Need to Know About Mass Incarceration

There are about 320 million people in the United States of America. Over 2 million of them are incarcerated, meaning for every 100,000 people, we incarcerate 719. More than half the world’s countries have incarceration rates of lower than 150 (per 100,000), but not the United States. Instead, we boast the highest incarceration rate in the world. Just let that sink in: Highest incarceration rate. In. The. World.

Sorry Glee no one is buying it

No matter who you are or who you are with, You don’t give up your 1st string. Maybe your 3rd string. Maybe. This plot is so dumb. NO ONE DOES THAT.

Hell even Abraham Q’ed the Lordt when he said sacrifice Issac. 

It makes NO SENSE why Mercedes would “give” Sam to Rachel. I don’t give a fuck who you are. Mercedes wouldn’t “give” the man she lived with, cooked for did laundry for, taught how to pay bills and gave a little something something too. Because your “friend” needs her heart fixed. 

This shit is why your ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic.

Shonda Rhimes took back her show from the fans. So how is it working for Shonda now that  7.96 million viewers tuned in last night. According to SR the characters write for themselves, maybe SR should ask her characters how they feel about the ratings sinking like the Titanic.
  • Listen

Japan Airlines Flight 123 cockpit voice recording, the aircraft crashed due to in-flight structural failure due to maintenance errors, which caused loss of flight controls after the rear bulkhead exploded, taking with it all hydraulic lines and the vertical stabilizer, leaving the aircraft almost completely uncontrollable.

It’s notable the labor of the pilots, which managed to keep the plane airborne for more than 30 minutes, an amazing feat given the damage, but sadly ultimately futile.

Out of the 524 passenger and crew, only 4 survived.

The transcript of the recording:

CA = Captain
FO = First officer
URV = Unreadable voices
GPWS = Ground Proximity Warning System

CA: Do not extend flap so deeply.
?: Flap up, flap up, flap up, flap up…
?: Flap up.
?: Yes, sir.
CA: Power, power.
?: URV
CA: Flap.
FO: I am retracting it.
CA: Raise nose.
CA: Raise nose.
CA: Power.
GPWS: Sink rate, pull up, pull up, pull up, pull up
GPWS: Pull up pull up
(sound of collision with first peak)
GPWS: Pullup,pullup
(sound of impact on the second peak)
(tape ends)
Flood-prone New Orleans sinks at a rate up to 2 inches per year, study finds

A new study has found that flood-susceptible New Orleans and the surrounding metropolitan area continue to sink due to a combination of natural geologic and human-induced processes.

The highest rates of sinking, up to 2 inches per year, were observed upriver along the Mississippi River around major industrial areas in Norco, Louisiana, and in Michoud, an area in eastern New Orleans.

Notable amounts of subsidence, the gradual sinking of an area of land, were also detected in New Orleans’ Upper and Lower 9th Ward as well as Metairie, Louisiana.

Research showed up to 1.6 inches a year of sinking at Bonnet Carré Spillway east of Norco, which is New Orleans’ last line of protection against springtime river floods overtopping the levees, a NASA press release said.


“People see me how they see me and that’s all they see,” says Hector Tontz (Richard Cabral) in the eighth episode of “American Crime,” the ABC series that is quietly and brilliantly taking apart the prime-time crime drama. Too quietly, it seems; with the show’s ratings sinking every week, some voices in the entertainment press are already describing the cancellation of “American Crime” as inevitable. That would be a dismaying end for one of the few truly ambitious, innovative and grown-up dramas on network or cable TV.

The personal approach to the justice system trumps the procedural or supernatural, for once – and it works

And the hint of positivity that existed in last week’s performance does not even exist this week. “What the World Needs Now,” this Friday’s “Glee,” drew series low marks in adults 18-49 and total viewership.

Per fast national data, the episode commanded a paltry 0.5 adults 18-49 rating with 1.57 million viewers..

Tax disadvantages for singles

Regularly, singles pay a higher amount of taxes (at least in many European countries) than married people. Single persons pay the highest rate in taxes, when you marry, your rate sinks, and it sinks again when you have children. To be clear, if a person has minor or old-aged or disabled or non-working persons relying on them financially, they should have a tax cut, that goes without saying. But my married colleagues have no children, and they earn each of them 200€ per month more than I do, and share a lot of costs at that. To be honest, I feel disadvantaged a lot by that, especially since I am an aromantic without even the slightest inclination to marry. I am a single out of orientation and conviction, but why do I have to pay for that? Why do people with double income and without additional costs get rewarded for their amatonormativity? Is it just me, am I missing out a point, or is this really a thing? What do you think?