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Beautiful painting on the theme of the French fleet in the Dardanelles. As I understand it the painting in the foreground vdet fire Bouvet, and in the background with a hole in the Central casemate Suffren. That is, the drawn battle of March 18 and will soon Bouvet hit a mine and sink.

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silverflint "nevermind, the moment's gone"

also calling out @ohflint‘s post here as the major source of inspiration, and by that I mean megh and elle told me to write this, and here we are.

in which i steal from POTC again

“nevermind, the moment’s gone.”/ “that was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

It hasn’t started raining yet, but Flint looks over at Silver just as a particularly bright bolt of lightning crackles through the sky. It illuminates the shine of his long hair, the sweat pooling low on his throat, the blood splattered across his cheek, the livid snarl of his teeth, and the flash of his sword as he swings it through the air and into the gut of a Redcoat.

He’s never looked more beautiful.

Flint pulls his own sword out of the soldier in front of him and says to Silver, “You should marry me.”

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do,” Silver responds automatically, whirling on the next soldier.

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Summary: Written for @torn-and-frayed ‘s “Songs of Supernatural Season 1″ challenge and inspired by The Death Riders-Mary . I use the song loosely, touching on the dark and twisted nature I feel exists in it. 

The man you once loved is no longer the same. Something dark was within him. Something predatory and evil. You knew you should resist, but can you when that face is still the face of your Dean?

Characters: Demon Dean x Reader

Content: Angst

Warnings: Rated T for some adult situations, Mild Language. Nothing Explicit

Word Count: 1k+

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HMS Centaur (R06) and her Sea Venom air wing - Aden 1959. The same year she was hired for the parts of HMS Victorious and Ark Royal during the making of the film Sink the Bismarck!. Three restored swordfish biplanes were flown from her deck and scenes shot on the bridge of the carrier, and in the aircrew briefing room.