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@Augusta, Where am I?

Augusta rubbed his head at this thought, or was it an actual voice? He couldn’t really tell anymore.

He didn’t really know where he was, he lost track quite a while ago. But he decided to take a long glance around, from what he knew he was in some abandoned house’s bathroom, a small room with a white tiled floor, it was barren except for the lifeless corpse in the tub, an arm dangling out the side.

Augusta didn’t really look any longer at that however, taking his gaze to the sink and mirror cabinet, the sink itself had a drawer. He didn’t bother to answer the question, since he had no real answer to give, disregarding it. It didn’t really matter anymore anyway, or at least not to him.

He looked in the sinks drawer first, empty. He then opened the cabinet and, took the box of bandaids. Nothing else seemed to be left that seemed useful in the house. He’s been having a streak of bad luck lately, but maybe he’ll find someone, with all these ransacked houses he’s been finding.

“Maybe I’m on a trail.”

He hasn’t found much cleaning supplies, but he has been able to wash his hands in some sinks.

Candy Cane Stockings

I need to go take a shower. In holy water. It’s Christmas Eve; how could I write something like this?

I am so going to hell, lmao.

Summary: I’m too tired to even come up with a proper summary, so you know what? Sin. That’s all this is. Pure (snort) Christmas sin. Enjoy your filth. Merry Christmas.

Warning(s): Smut. Duh. Curse words. Duh. A one-way ticket to hell. Duh.

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Now that's what I call domestic Victuri 4

Victor and Yuri are no strangers to sharing space. Especially since they had to grow used to the bathroom adjoining their bedroom. They could just make getting ready easier on both of them if one decided to use the second bathroom but neither were willing to move. Even though they argue about hogging the sink or the mirror, sometimes that closeness has Yuri pressed against Victor’s back when he’s fixing his hair. And if he kisses the back of his neck, Victor doesn’t mention it but isn’t afraid to roll his hips back into Yuri’s as retaliation. At least they have the decency to blush when Yakov is yelling at them for being late to practice.

Nights are hard sometimes. Especially the summers when the air is hot and sticky and the fans do little to abate the heat. Though, determined, Victor always sticks himself against Yuri like glue. Almost literally with the way their skin feels. It never fails, Yuri will complain and swat Victor off him meaning they playfully argue about whether or not Victor can hold him. And even though Yuri usually wins the argument, he’ll feel the warmth against his side in his dreams.

Just like their first meeting, Victor is no stranger to initiating contact with Yuri. Yuri expects it in some form or another when they’re within a ten foot radius. He has the curtesy to never comment on Victor’s clinginess and often vibrates with excitement when he knows it’s coming. Victor knows this, Yuri isn’t as good at hiding his appreciation as he thinks he is, and never expects or demands Yuri to do the same. Considering the Japanese rarely show displays of affection as outwardly as he does. But once in a blue moon, Victor will find Yuri’s arms around his waist when he least expects it, even daring to lift his shirt. And Victor is absolutely floored when Yuri’s the one who’s backed him into a wall with a kiss, with a knee that’s pressed between his own.

I Really Can’t Stay - Philip/Lukas NC-17

Summary: A snowstorm traps Philip at Lukas’ house for the night, and makes every want of his come true. | AO3

A/N: This isn’t really based on any certain episode, isn’t placed anywhere in the timeline, and is spoiler-free, so even if you aren’t caught up you should be able to read this no problem. Just two boys together in a snowstorm!! Thanks to Michele for reading this over beforehand!

“There’s no way they’ll let me.”

It’s said to the mirror, to the person in the reflection of the mirror, to Lukas, who is standing with his back against the bathroom door, blocking it from anyone who might try to come in.

“Don’t ask. Just sneak out.”

Philip continues to lean over the sink, still staring into the mirror, at himself and at the boy behind him, wanting so badly to say yes. “You want me to break Gabe and Helen’s trust, just so I can eat mac and cheese… with you?”

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Awkward Mornings (Kendall Jenner Imagine)

Request: Yes

Pairing: Kendall Jenner x Reader (Y/N)

Trigger warnings: Explicit language

Word count: 896


It was around ten o'clock in the morning when I woke up to an aching body.

Kendall was still fast asleep next to me, her brown hair sprawled over the pillow and her lips parted slightly.

I smiled at the view and placed a kiss on her naked shoulder.

I tried to get out of the bed as slow as possible due to the pain I felt on my thighs.

“Fucking hell,” I murmured quietly, trying not to wake Kendall up.

I made my way to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. The bathroom smelled like the vanilla candles we lit last night while in the bath tub.

I smiled at the images from last night; remembering how much I enjoyed Kendall’s company and most importantly, her body against mine.

Leaning on the sink, I looked in the mirror and my eyes widened at the horrible sight in front of me.

The mascara I had yesterday was now under my eyes, my lips slightly swollen and I had puffy eyes.

“Gosh, don’t I look beautiful?”

I took off my turquoise colored panties slowly, careful not to hurt my thighs more, the following was the t-shirt -Kendall’s t-shirt- leaving my body.

I placed my hand on the sink and  bent my head between my legs to see the source of my aching.

Right inside of my left thigh, there were two, huge bruises. When I checked the other one, I saw bruises -probably Kendall’s hand prints- looking at me, making me cringe at the pain when I touched them.

“Kendall…” I thought, sitting at the edge of the bathtub.

I probably looked like a fool.

My thighs were completely marked with Kendall’s hand prints and as much as this made me all giddy, the pain was annoying me.

“Y/N?” I heard Kendall’s rough voice coming from inside and I quickly got up from the place I was sitting.

I turned the door knob, my eyes immediately searching for Kendall.

“Hey,” She said, getting out of bed and revealing her naked skin.

I gulped, trying to hide my excitement. It was always a beautiful sight seeing Kendall naked, in my room; in my bed.

“Good morning, baby.” I smiled at her, taking her hand in mine and placing a soft kiss on it.

She closed her eyes and smiled at my words.

“I’ll make breakfast for us,” I said, carrying myself out of the room.

I tried hard not to show the pain between my thighs but my chubby legs touching each other were not helping at all.

“Why are you walking like that?” Kendall laughed, sitting on the bed again and covering herself with a baby blue blanket.

“Like what? I’m just hungry, I’ll go make breakfast.” I stormed out of the bedroom, hearing Kendall saying something but not understanding it.

When I went down to the kitchen, I opened the cabinets and choose two bowls for us.

I couldn’t help but think about texting Gigi about this. I was feeling awkward and I didn’t want Kendall to understand.

I took the phone out of my purse where it was placed on the table and opened the messages app.

I quickly typed Gigi’s name.

“SOS!!!!!!” I sent the message and continued preparing breakfast.

After pouring some orange juice into our glasses, I heard the familiar sound of my phone buzzing.

While I was waiting for Gigi to text me back, she was calling me.

I pressed the answer button immediately.


Sup? Are you kidding me? I thought you were getting killed because of your text!” Gigi shouted through the line and I couldn’t help but put her on a speaker.

“Sorry! I needed to talk to you.” I said, placing the phone on top of one of the bar stools and taking two eggs from the fridge.

“What’s up?”

“I don’t know how to say this but…we had sex last night with Kenny,” I was going to continue but Gigi cut off my words.

“Tell me something the whole world doesn’t know.”

“Funny. Anyway, it was great. Hell, it was the best but I woke up to some huge bruises between my thighs. You know, I love when she gets wild but- I guess she was a bit rougher than before.” I explained and waited for her response.

“Oh… Did you tell her?”

“No! Are you kidding? I don’t want to hurt her feelings…” I turned my back and saw Kendall standing in front of me, probably listening to our conversation with Gigi.

I opened my mouth but closed it after seeing her eyes looking at me directly.

“Y/N, you there?” Gigi spoke through the phone.

“I’ll call you later.” I hung up, placing the phone somewhere I didn’t care to look.

“Babe,” I moved closer to Kendall.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She spoke, hurt in her voice.

I sighed and looked at my feet.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“No, Y/N. I’m sorry.” She took a big step towards me, taking my hand in hers and caressing it softly.

She then placed her thumb under my chin and forced me to look into her eyes.

“You know, hurting you kills me. I’m sorry. I will never be rough again.”

I smiled weekly.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it. I love you.” I leaned in and kissed her jaw.

“I love you.” She said, grabbing my waist and hugged me tighter.

I could hear her heart beat from the position we were in.

“And about being rough… I like when you’re rough. Just try not to bruise me.” I winked, taking her bottom lip and sucking it softly.

“You’re a horny bitch. Go make us breakfast, I’m starving.”

S3 to S4 - Store Set Mid Century Bathroom

+++ Update 31.01.2017 +++

Spiegel gefixtneue Recolors hinzugefügtneue Bump/Spec-Mapneues Thumbnail

+++ Update 31.01.2017 +++

Mirror is fixedadded new Recolorsnew Bump/Spec-Mapnew Thumbnail

New Colors for Deco || neue Farben für Deco

New Colors (Bathtub/Toilet/Mirror) || neue Farben (Badewanne/Toilette/Spiegel)

Farben von/Colors by @granite-falls (Ich habe nur einen Teil davon genutzt || I’ve only used a part of them)

Konvertierung des 50er Jahre Badezimmers aus dem Sims3 Store. Ich habe die Objekte im Spiel getestet und bei mir hat alles funktioniert. Jedes Objekt hat eine Farboption und ein Custom Thumbnail.

Im Set enthalten:
Badewanne, Toilette, Waschbecken, Wandspiegel, Handtuchhalter (Wand), Handtuchständer, Deko-Zahnputzbecher

Alle Objekte benötigen nur das Basegame!
Bitte lasst es mich wissen wenn es zu Problemen kommt!

Conversion of the Mid Century bathroom from the Sims3 store. I have tested the objects in my game and with me everything has worked. Each object has one color option and a custom thumbnail.

The set contains:
Bathtub, toilet, sink, wall mirror, towel rack (wall), towel rack, decorative toothpaste cup

All objects need only the basegame!
Please let me know if there are problems!

Download: seperated SFS || merged SFS

@alexpilgrimblog you can get the Livingroom from Mid Century! I just saw it and thought it would fit me so I finished today // auf dem Tumblr von alexpilgrim gibt es das Wohnzimmerset dazu! Ich hab es gerade gesehen und dachte mir, das ja passt :)