Second floor x-ray suite, former geriatric building, Rochester State Hospital.  Due to the fact that many elderly patients are hard to transport, many geriatric ward buildings come equipped with their own medical facilities; the Walters Building housed operating rooms, exam rooms, and two x-ray suites.  While the machines themselves were removed when the building was deserted, some elements still remain to tell the tale.  The tiny opening at right led into the control booth, with a viewing window for the operator and lead-lined walls.  There was a table and sink for equipment, and an airlocked passthrough (detailed in the bottom photograph) for the x-ray films to be sent from the darkroom into the suite, exposed, and sent back for development in the darkroom beyond the lead-lined passthrough.  Shot during civil twilight, the room takes on a cold, bluish hue.

Print of wide shot available here.
Print of passthrough detail available here.