sinjska alka

Sinjska alka! Finally finished that WIP.

This competition, while celebrating the grand victory of Croatia over the Ottoman empire in 1715 in the town of Sinj, also has roots in chivalry, so no wonder they are all dressed up really cool and flashy. Especially the Duke (Vojvoda), his costume is the one decorated the most, especially with golden details, while other alkars are adorned mostly with silver or gold-ish details. 

The Alka is exclusively held in Sinj, and alkars are exclusively the people of Sinj or surrounding villages/small towns, but there were as a matter of fact three occasions when it was held outside of Sinj; and out of that, the only time outside of Croatia was actually in Belgrade, in 1922.

Just a WIP before I start posting. I’ll probably start drawing comics/history sketches from around October, so, just a little bit more. :’) (This will also be colored in the meantime, plus sorry for the bad quality.)

Mr Croatia is so handsome in historical clothing. I can’t help it. Depicting him here as an “alkar”, or a participant in Sinjska alka. He is so proud of the historical battles he’s won, he can’t help but celebrate them by keeping his  tradition alive forever through festivals, competitions or the like. An astonishingly pround nation!

Edit: FInished !



The Sinjska alka is an equestrian competition which has been held every first Sunday in the month of August in town of Sinj,Croatia since 1715, commemorating the victory over Ottoman Turkish administration. It consists of an equestrian competition, in which various horsemen attempt to aim their lances at a hanging metal ring (alka) at full gallop. In 2010 it has been inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. 

Alka is also the name of the object used in the tournament; it is made of twoconcentric rings (diameter of inner being 35.1 mm, and 131.7 mm of outer one) connected with three bars 120° apart. The object is hung on a rope 3.32 metres above the race track. The contestant (called an alkar) rides his horse down the race track and tries to hit the central ring of alka with his spear in full gallop. Depending on which part of the alka he hits, he receives from 1 to 3 points, and no points if he misses.If, however, the alkar sends the alka in the air away from its holder and hits any part of it on its way down, he will be awarded 1-3 points for a target hit and additional three points, thus increasing the maximum to 6 points in one run. The contest consists of three rounds.


Only men born in Sinjska krajina (city of Sinj and surrounding villages) can take part in the Alka and it is considered a great privilege to participate in the tournament.