sinister spiderman

Just imagine this

Your Spiderman’s girlfriend and you’re kind of the web warriors unofficial mascot. One day Peter gives you a Spiderman’s button to put on your backpack. A way to claim you as his girlfriend without actually doing it. And you love it a proudly wear it everyday on every bag you own. A few weeks later Miles gives you a Kid Arachnid button after seeing how much you love the button Peter gave you. You thanked him and put it right by his Spiderman button. Peter was not the happiest person when seeing this and when the other web warriors saw how much it bothered Peter they all got you buttons of their hero personas. You were completely oblivious to how Peter felt about it because you were so proud to show the world your support for your favorite boys.

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It’s being reported that Bokeem Woodbine’s character in ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ will be classic Spidey villain, Shocker! We’re not sure how reliable the original source is. Awaiting official confirmation!

The future of Spider-man is looking bright! He had a raved about appearance in ‘Civil War’ that most people say is the best on-screen version of the character ever, there was a brand new Spider-man PS4 game just announced at E3, the upcoming Spider-man animated movie is apparently a visual breakthrough, and the cast of the upcoming ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ movie is insanely good with the possibility of Spider-man spin-offs within the MCU teased today by the head of Sony. It’s a great time to be a Spider-man fan!