An anti-conjunction fallacy, and why I'm a Singularitarian

An anti-conjunction fallacy, and why I’m a Singularitarian

When anyone talks about the possibility or probability of the creation/existence of an UFAI, there are many failure modes into which lots of people fall. One of them is the logical fallacy of generalisation from fictional evidence, where people think up instances of AI in fiction and use that as an argument. Another is how the harder a problem is, the faster someone solves it, without spending even…

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geckopirateship  asked:

About LWers/rationalists and how they basically fetishize an abstract ideal of "science" instead of actually engaging with and talking about scientific discoveries and emerging technologies (outside of their own "and then the singularity inevitably happens in ten years" predictions), and are very hostile to any science that disagrees with their predictions- ie, pointing out how ridiculously optimistic they are about emulation and AI.

Here’s a fun game to play with singularitarians: bring up the swamp man problem to a mind uploading advocate and see how long it takes for their arguments to basically become “but what if souls really exist”? As someone who would really like immortality, it’s frustrating/hilarious that the people most vocal about it have a plan that basically boils down to “hope that souls exist”. That, or they go into “but our inevitable AI godking would be so advanced that it could do anything”.

yeah, this whole thing is more about faith than rationality- which isn’t inherently bad, buuuuuuut when they go around calling theyselves “rationalists”……. well………. the degree to which they stand on faith, and not reason, somewhat clashes with the aesthetic they’re trying to present.