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im curious... do you actually think that john is written to be gay, or is it just a hc

i definitely dont think he was written to be gay from the beginning, and i definitely dont think he was written to be gay for most of the story through late act 6…. but post-retcon (despite its shortcomings, of which there are many) actually did good on hussies word to deliver the Gay Singularity. one pattern u notice is that in acts 1-5 hussie had been using gay dudes and homoeroticism as a punchline at best or, at worse, a way to make a character seem “off” or creepy. daves “im feeling pretty friggin matrimonial all of a sudden” spiel, karkat black-crushing on john and getting bluntly rejected, bros phallic puppets, gamzee kissing tavross severed head.

but then in act 6 what he does is start following through with that homoeroticism that he had introduced as a joke. dave really DOES like dudes, and karkat finally gets a human boyfriend; dirk is actually gay and his fixation on masculine erotic imagery is not ironic (at least not entirely).

so back in 2010 when hussie actually wrote john saying “i am not a homosexual”, i think he meant it bc he was writing like a straight man would write. but on the other hand, in 2015, andrew hussie wrote daves big spiel on coming out and compulsory heterosexuality, and theres no way he didnt recognize, at that point, how not straight johns behavior was in retrospect. and johns acting very not straight in that conversation, too - especially when he anxiously redirects, “did you date any boys”, pinning the focus on dave so hes not in the limelight and he doesnt have to think too deeply about what hes hearing, this is all about dave and daves feelings and experiences, obviously sexuality and gayness arent nuanced or difficult for me, ha ha!

i definitely think johns not straight, because of the above scene. and i also definitely think john isnt interested in women, because of the way he reacts to the idea of women as potential romantic partners throughout the narrative (he says he and rose are “supposed to get married”, which indicates hes got this weird, warped perception of the way relationships work according to tv and movies - The Hero Gets Married At The End, thats just how things work, like its an obligation. and post-retcon, he reacts with shock and distress at karkats suggestion that he might be waxing black for terezi - he knows its wrong, and he says “it feels so fucked up”, but he cant put his finger on why). and i think hussie, by 2015, would have understood the implications of all these things

i cant see inside hussies head though! all i can do is make inferences based on his writing


Angel Anatomy 101

Angel anatomy isn’t really detailed upon in the original series, so corinthians!verse has worked on some headcanon surrounding how angels work. It’s based on a heck of a lot of flakey science, and is always open to correction and suggestion.

Whilst angels exist on multiple planes and have several forms ranging from four-faced monsters to classic winged fey creatures, you can look at them as a whole as a wavelength/singularity of divine and celestial intent.

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