singleton house
Cabinet picks clash with White House over hiring
The Trump administration’s Cabinet picks are finding themselves in a staffing tug-of-war with White House aides.

In case you’ve wondered why Trump has yet to fill over 470 key government positions, this is why. He and his administration refuse to allow his own people to hire, for their own departments, anyone he considers “too liberal or not supportive enough of Trump.”

“Prospective hires have faced serious White House vetting over their loyalty to Trump.”

People had been rejected “because they had not supported Trump, or in some cases were anti-Trump.” Or “because they didn’t agree with Trump during the campaign.” Or “because the person had previously worked for an organization that was seen as being at odds with Trump’s policy positions.” One top official was fired, after he’d already been hired, because the White House learned that he had criticized Trump once in the past.

To make up for it, Trump has also created a number of new “senior White House advisor” positions–ranked above the department heads–and filled them with people from his campaign who have “very little relevant issue area expertise” but who proved their loyalty to him.

Because obviously blind loyalty is the most important criteria for running a country. Rather than, say, knowing what the fuck you’re doing.

The Singleton house, Richard Neutra, 1960  


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