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um i'm sorry if this is a Bad Question but are there ways to make it... sort of easier? to get headmates? i think that i'm a singlet at the moment and uh, it's really kind of lonely... is it bad to want to have headmates if you don't have any currently?

this isn’t a bad question at all! hopefully we can help :-) 

you know those posts that are something along the lines of “some days i want to wear soft pastels and pick flowers, and some days i want to wear black lipstick and combat boots and go to concerts”? that kind of feeling can easily be used to identify (and even create!) facets. 

we don’t know if you can relate to posts like that, but if you ever feel like you go through certain moods or phases when your aesthetic/music taste/fashion sense/interests shift, or can’t decide whether you’d ideally want to dress like a 70s punk, or dress only in patterned suits, something you could try is putting a name to them, and thinking of them as separate people instead of one. for instance you could say “hunter likes dressing like _____ and listening to ______ bands, unlike casey, who likes dressing like _____ instead and likes ____ other thing” essentially splitting yourself into facets. 

fictives might also be a somewhat easier option to bring in! at least for us, we know our whole lives we’ve always spent lots and lots of time pretending to talk to/interact with fictional characters, and because they already have personalities that you know and love, it might be easier to draw them in and think of them as a system member then if you try to make someone up entirely from scratch. this isn’t to say that we don’t think it would be possible for you to make someone up entirely new, but just that it could be easier not to (but again, this is up to you).

good luck! 

- mod 2

A rant about Multiple Systems

Here’s the deal. If you are one of the people who claims to be a multiple system, you are scum. You are pretending to have multiple personalities in order to gain attention by blogging about it on Tumblr. For people with conditions that could be described as such, it is just plain insulting for someone to take a life crippling disease and turn it into your latest fun fact about yourself.

If you had even met someone that had one of those conditions, you would realize that it’s not an ‘alternative life choice’, or anything but something that is a curse on it’s sufferers and who’s victims would like nothing better than to rid themselves of it.

But ofcourse, as it is with all things, I can’t make you stop attention seeking. I just hope people realize what they are doing is incredibly dickish.