York Turn To Wash ||CLOSED||

Washington was a strange bundle of energy for the dynamics of the team. He was always running around, almost always in his gear and always up beat.

So when he doesn’t sleep night after night and finds himself walking the halls or training, he finds himself in basketball shorts and a tight singlet, scars on his body half hidden by clothes or wraps on his feet and hands.

After training hard for hours through the night, early morning has him half-asleep due to exhaustion on the ground. A towel was haphazardly thrown over his head like it would hide him,

He faintly hears the door and makes a sound, twitching, trying to flee, but he didn’t get more than a jerk of a sore leg.


anonymous asked:

I need help, I have a boyfriend who is verbally and mentally abusive to me and my alters because they're "non existant" and I'm too scared to face him and try to set things right with him, how do I explain that my alters are people to him?

#abuse #love troubles

a lot of singlets don’t understand multiplicity no matter how well it’s explained because they don’t want to understand. in our experience, someone who is verbally and mentally abusive to you or anyone else is not going to suddenly understand and treat system members like people because they don’t see the person they’re abusing as a person at all. 

however, our simplest explanation of multiplicity is that there are more than one person inside a body. for some, if they have a working knowledge and acceptance of otherkin (and we’re Not saying that they’re the same, just that this has been helpful in the past explaining to people), we say that it has some connections to otherkin with the idea of the soul of a person not matching the body in that the body doesn’t necessarily belong to the person inhabiting it, and that there are also more than one person in there. 

we also use the word soul sometimes to describe ourselfs and other system members, but we know that others don’t believe in souls or don’t use that terminology for themselfs. trying to explain multiplicity to those who don’t experience it at all is pretty hard, and we’ve never quite been able to do so successfully. 

if any of our followers have additional advice, please feel free to send it in! 

- mod baopis

A rant about Multiple Systems

Here’s the deal. If you are one of the people who claims to be a multiple system, you are scum. You are pretending to have multiple personalities in order to gain attention by blogging about it on Tumblr. For people with conditions that could be described as such, it is just plain insulting for someone to take a life crippling disease and turn it into your latest fun fact about yourself.

If you had even met someone that had one of those conditions, you would realize that it’s not an ‘alternative life choice’, or anything but something that is a curse on it’s sufferers and who’s victims would like nothing better than to rid themselves of it.

But ofcourse, as it is with all things, I can’t make you stop attention seeking. I just hope people realize what they are doing is incredibly dickish.