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Lux almost trips, in walking forward, and it is entirely unlike her. Her cheeks flush, bright pink, and she realizes in a rush of embarrassment that the Emperor doesn’t know.

As pleasant as can be expected,” Her voice shakes. Of course it shakes! The counter has stopped and it’s directed her to this- … to this…

“…Your Highness, I don’t mean to overstep, but, ah,”

But, uh? That’s all she can manage?

She lifts her marked wrist, very nervously, and her hand seems to be shaking at the end of it. “It’s very nice to finally meet you.”

Azir notices her shaking, but doesn’t know what could be the cause until he sees the numbers and even then it takes him a long moment to realize the implications.

It halts all of his thoughts for a long moment with an overbearing sense of wrongness.

The human guards left after they escorted her to him and now one of the sand soldiers shut the door with a decisive bang because he does not want anyone else here.

He sits back down and raises a hand to his head, the golden claws scraping along the shining metal of his helmet with an unpleasant screech, digging tiny notches into the surface and shaving off thin ribbons of gold.

“This is most unexpected,“ he says after a pause that feels like an eternity.