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NAME. Skuld
AGE. Twelve (may be older if Fujishima is to be believed)
SPECIES. Goddess of the Norse variety, humanoid.
GENDER. Female.
PROFESSION. [Ex-?] Debugger of the Yggdrasil computer system, goddess-in-training (this one according to the OVA series).
STATUS.  Single

                                                       PHYSICAL ASPECTS.

BODY TYPE. Somewhat chubby around face and legs, but not enough to fit into some sort of overweight category. This is in line with her still developing pubescent body, though in the future it may look as if her body could fall in line between an hourglass and pear figure.
HAIR. Waist-length black hair, loose strands all over if kept unchecked. Bangs change once in a while but currently styled to the left side.
EYES. Round, brown eyes. Almond curved.
SKIN. Appears sunburned in contrast to middle Norn Belldandy’s pale skin. If we want to be ”narrow a la Crayola”, she’s a peach color. There are also three blue markings on her face only, reverse tear-drop emblems.
HEIGHT. 4′10″ / 147 cm


PARENTS. Great Heavenly Leader/the Almighty, also known as the Fresh King of Heaven Tyr (father) and CEO of the Goddess Collective/Interracial Romance Inquisitor Ansuz (mother).
OTHER RELATIVES. Belldandy (sister, middle); Urd (sister, eldest); Keiichi Morisato (future brother-in-law)
ANY PETS?. yes [   ] || no [ x ]
- If yes which and how many? —- None.


MATHEMATICS. Equations galore could be a type of paradise for Skuld; with a mind as quick as hers, she is able to compute—and fix!— any mathematical variable, no matter the comprehension level. Sure she may require a calculator but her fingers are fast enough to justify said usage, as blueprints become scribbled with proper, outlined equations and solutions end up being too complicated for even a seasoned engineer to understand.

MECHANICS. Skuld’s best known talent. She is able to deftly produce any type of mechanical invention, from robots to bombs that can blast anything into obliteration to gadgets that can track neutrinos near humans. You name it, she can do it. She also has the tendency to be able to understand a machine’s components in a short time and fix them in a manner befitting her tastes + her ideas of usefulness. That’s why everyone gets a rocket punch.

FUTURE DOMAIN. All three Norns rule over a specific domain; in Skuld’s case, it is the future per her mythological namesake. Though what exactly entails her rule over this is confusing at times (when compared to how Urd’s and Belldandy’s related abilities are shown),  it is clear that her usage and love for technology reflects society’s advancement towards a more digitally-inclined path. (Therefore this ‘skill’ is related to her mechanical one.) The notion of moving forward has been echoed many times when speaking about Skuld’s domain, as one must walk towards the future with confidence, no matter what it may bring.

ELEMENT OF WATER. Calm and ever-flowing, yet tempestuous and destructive at times, Skuld’s borne element appears in full bloom late in her life. The first glimpse of her water ‘inclination’ is in the fact that she uses any form of water body—lakes, rivers, even a cup of water—to transport between dimensions. Later, it is shown that her elemental domain turns out to be this same force of nature. While she does not have a good grasp on controlling it yet, it is said that even for someone at her level, the way she has summoned water on different occasions exceeds those who share her second class limited license status, and perhaps even a first class’s. (Not by much, though.) Just as Urd’s fire and Belldandy’s wind reflect their personalities and attitudes, so does Skuld’s water: reserved and shy, creative and emotional, sharp-eyed and private, violent and raging…In many cultures, water represents life and rebirth—seen in the way Skuld gives life to Banpei and allows for Sigel to be reborn. However, by nature of how it can be manipulated, water can also destroy, evident in Skuld’s own explosive temperament with certain situations; in her defense though, she has only used her water element to save. Coincidentally, water is also associated with her birth sign Scorpio. [If you’d like to read more on that, go here…] Additionally, “[b]ecause of its unstable, changeable nature, water in the form of the sea or rain is often used tosymbolize the uncertainty of the future. So Skuld’s transport medium is alsorelated to both her domain and elemental power. “ [Quote source here]

ANGEL SUMMONING. A common goddess trait is the ability to nest an angel within themselves and call out to them whenever they choose to. Granted, to have one in the first place, one must first swallow an angel egg and hope for the best—but this is still a type of rite of passage that all goddesses go through, one that Skuld in part forced upon herself the first time around. This was evident in Noble Scarlet’s “first birth”, as instead of a average-sized angel, she came out pint-sized in reflection of Skuld’s power levels at the time. By her “second birth” however, Noble Scarlet had emerged at the appropriate size and now is subject to all laws governed in the close bond between angels and goddesses. (Though that doesn’t stop her from being a tricky angel!)

DIRECT MANIPULATION MAGIC.  Despite being a (or the) goddess who has barely used any magic, it has been revealed that yes, Skuld uses magic—it is just a hands-on type whose effects are visible to those who are better professed in the art, such as her sisters. This magic directly manipulates (hence the name) the target in question, and it is the same kind she used to fight “as” Banpei in the fight against Mokkurkalfi. It is also inadvertently what she uses to create her machines, its sole purpose so far; one could theorize this is the same reason why she has a high/fast turnout rate for her inventions, though it has been said she is naturally smart with or without magic! In addition, Belldandy has stated that while this power is currently at low capacity—therefore not much else can be done with it— if this were to be developed along with all other goddess abilities, Skuld could become a very powerful goddess. (Perhaps even more powerful than she or Urd.) To add to the irony, Skuld has no knowledge of this magic, despite it ALWAYS being in use throughout her life.


  — Genius-level smarts.
  — Loyal.
  — Devoted to family.
  — Perseverent.
  — Brave.
  — Confident in her own mechanical skills/gadgets.
  — Belief in the sentience of mechas, that they are imbued with life. (This has been stated as a positive trait.)
  — Stubborn.
  — Selfish, not cognizant of other’s feelings (at first).
  — Dependent on machines to the point of letting other talents go to waste.
  — Crybaby.
  — Throws temper tantrums to the point of explosive threats
  — On that note, violent and impatient at times.
  — Has not developed innate goddess abilities properly (This has been stated as partially negative for her age.)


(Canon Oh My Goddess! information + personal headcanons. Part of it supplemented by understanding of the following sources: Keiichi Morisato’s Academic Timeline, Ages of the Goddesses. The main brunt is manga-based, with sprinklings of the OVA and Movie verses.)

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