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The Tascam 4-Track Recorder pictured above sure has seen a lot (including the view from the PV West office loft).

Read more about its adventures traveling around the world from Cloud Nothings to Mikal Cronin to Efterklang and others + learn how each band’s recordings turned into the Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series.

Subscriptions are limited to 500 and joining before Dec. 31 gets you some bonus goodies – so don’t delay, sign up today!

I’m INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce that I will be apart of the Polyvinyl Record Company 4-Track Singles Series! Other bands participating include Cloud Nothings,Foxygen’s Diane Coffee, EfterklangJohn VandersliceMatt PryorMikal CroninThao & The Get Down Stay Down and more! We all recorded our songs on the same 4-track recorder and mailed on to the next artist. 

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God Bless My Friends (Live In Studio)
  • God Bless My Friends (Live In Studio)
  • I Low
  • The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 10

Song of the Day: I Low - God Bless My Friends (LIVE in Studio)

We’re excited to share with you the B-side song to the latest release in the Family Records Singles Club, I Low’s “ John Stuart Mills.”

“God Bless My Friends” is a special, LIVE studio recording by I Low (aka Colin Reynolds). Read Colin’s take on the songs and download them here, and take a closer look at the artwork right here. ENJOY!

The Penguins did amazing this post-season. They played their heart out to the very last second, but they just didn’t have what it takes. Sometimes the other team is just better. There’s really not a lot you can do in that case. No one expected every single game in that series to be kept to winning by one goal. The Penguins never once gave up, quit on each other, got too frustrated, or acted like a bunch of stupid jagoffs. They’re a team to be proud of, a team that’s easy to love, and easy to forgive.

Next year is going to be amazing for the Penguins. Just picture it–Olli and Letang leading the offense, Duper returning, and Kappy joining the wingers. Geno will be able to heal his back. There will be time to develop chemistry that this year’s injuries prevented. Maybe we can even bless Consol.

Players are going to be traded or go un-signed, there will be new faces but everyone will grow to love them just as much as we have everyone else. One season is gone, but the other one comes a lot faster than you think and the Pens have a pretty bright future to look forward to.

It was an honor to spend this season with you guys. I loved the debates, rants, jokes, cheers & pure idiocy that we got to share. Thanks for making this an awesome one!

One Track Mind Singles Series - Launching 09/27

- Me (announcing something) Soho, 2011

For the longest time discovering new, great music was my favorite thing to do. Then I discovered that could be a part of my daily working life, and I started trying to get into A&R.

Then A&R died a mysterious sort of death.

I continued to pursue ways into the music industry, as music was still the only thing I got really excited about, and tried some djing and booking live shows. Elements of both of those things felt like A&R,  finding great new talent and being able to share it with people but it still wasn’t quite enough. Starting my job with Family Records, I watched Wesley launch the Family Records Singles Club, focusing on beautiful acoustic/folk songs with really great original artwork attached.  I secretly plotted to one day wear glasses and grow a beard and have my very own singles series.

Luckily, no glasses or beards were needed and it came up a few months after working there. My taste varies a huge amount but I have a special corner of my heart for danceable indie pop. It just makes people feel good and excited about their lives. I’ve always wanted to curate, discover, share and be proud of great music I find, and with the launch of “One Track Mind” I am able to finally do that.

I like to think that the songs in this series would be songs I would play if I was djing an indie night somewhere in NYC - except I won’t try to cross-fade anything. I hope you love each song as much as the next and that you always come back to check out each new release.

The first release will be out on iTunes 9/27, and before then on the Family Records Store. We’ll preview the audio and the artwork before then. - Lauren

GIIR #14 / ss #2

Manuals - In a Clean, Well Lighted Place

Manuals is Alex and Andy. They play noisy, energetic punk music with huge builds and huge vibes. Obvious comparisons could be made to bands like Tiny Hawks, but they veer between various different areas in their overall sound. I am very happy to have them joining us, and very happy they are contributing to the Singles Series (And there are already talks of some future releases too…).

In a Clean, Well Lighted Place will be available on a limited run of cassettes, tentatively scheduled for some time toward the middle-end of February. Go check out a rough demo of the title track at the bands bandcamp, link below



Check out Chi-Town juke stars BBU with their homage to the greatest city in the world in “Home.” This is yet another release in the ever-growing W1N Vol. I Singles Series, with BBU joining the ranks of ShowYouSuck, G.o.D. Jewels, and YP. 

W1N Vol I. drops in just a few short weeks, but we’re definitely not done giving you free singles yet. We have more heaters coming out soon, so keep checking our MUSIC page every W1NSDAY to get the newest single before anyone else. Now peep the track:

Dudes, Rok Lok records has put some more cassingles out adding to their Singles Club Cassette Series which is compromised of solo works. It’s a pretty cool project, highly collectible and an interesting look into how solo musicians operate within different genres of music! This time around they have provided us with tracks from Hanna Elson and Kevin Greenspon, two artists who are very different from one another. Lets check it out.

Hanna Elson’s tape contains three pop songs, all of which feature vocals and guitar. I find I like her performance better when it’s more raw and single tracked rather than multi tracked. There is a lot of blank space on the tape after the single song on the a-side is finished so it is hard to concentrate before the b-side comes in. These songs are pretty narrative based and each one tells its own story which I dig. Ultimately though I find these three pieces a bit harder to get into than other singer songwriter jams.

Next we have a tape from Kevin Greenspon called “Empty Minutes”, it’s great! Greenspon is fluent in creating ethereal soundscape works that really draw the listener in and transport them to another place. I find myself swimming around in the density that these songs offer up. My favorite work on this tape is the song “Walled Off” which is really dynamic and aggressive initially but eases back as it crawls forward. To be honest I like the b-side a lot compared to the a-side, it’s a lot grittier and less whimsical and beautiful. Overall, this tape is solid and quality. If I had to buy one of the two it would absolutely be this one. I dig it!

So there you have it, two cool new singles tapes out from the cool Long Island residents over at Rok Lok Records. Get on it so you don’t regret not collecting them all!




Alas, a beautiful music video for I Low’s (aka Colin Reynolds) single John Stuart Mill, which is part of our Singles Club. The amazing Kyle Kutcha, a talented former intern of ours, made the impressive video for the song.  

You can download the song and see the pretty artwork here: John Stuart Mill