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I'm disappointed at this comback, tbh... Is not just the GD&TOP song, but the fact that the other song has the least lines for the maknaes... On the ither hand, I like to hear TOP's singing voice... I'm to conflicted right now and I hate it

I’m not gonna lie I actually found myself bumping the GD&TOP song, it’s catchy af
(plz don’t hate me) but yea I agree about the maknae line not getting enough lines, gdtopyb pretty much took over in every single series, the only song that was justice in terms of vocals, lines basically everything was IF YOU and it sucks that it has come to an end, this is definitely not how I expected the last series to be v_v

Sandra Bland, Sam Dubose, and ‘Every Single Word’

It would be inappropriate to curate a series of videos that explores the systemic racism in the film industry without publicly speaking the names of Sandra Bland and Sam Dubose, symbolic victims of the systemic racism of another industry.
These two issues are not unrelated.

When I watch the films that I include in the ‘Every Single Word’ series, I see a silencing. I see universal stories relegating fictional people of color to roles so small that they often don’t even have a name. 

When I watch the footage of Sandra Bland’s arrest or Sam Dubose’s murder, I also see a silencing. I see white police officers asserting their power over people of color and using excessive force to dominate them into submission.

This series is just as much for Sandra Bland as it is for Letter Writer #2. It is for Sam Dubose and Hot Dog Vendor. It is for Freddie Gray and Cashier. It is for Tamir Rice and Nurse. It is for…

In the end, none of these people - fictional or real - get to tell their story. 

Thank you for reading.

- Dylan Marron, creator of Every Single Word

Basic comic book info and jargon for beginners

This isn’t a comprehensive list or anything, but here’s some helpful stuff to know if you’ve just started reading/collecting comics. Feel free to add words, phrases, and info that you feel is important for beginners to know, but please keep it organized and concise.

Words and Phrases

  • Single issues aka issues or singles
    In their initial printing, comics are almost always in single issue format, like a thin magazine. That, along with their distinctive use of panels and speech bubbles, is what sets comic books apart from other types of literature. These are single issues: 

Trade paperbacks aka TPB, TP or trades
A collection of stories originally published as single comic book issues, reprinted in book format, usually capturing one story arc from a single title or a series of stories with a connected story arc or common theme from one or more titles. Trades often have a title of their own, representing that story arc or theme. These are trades:

  • Omnibus
    A volume containing the entirety of a comic series, previously published separately as singles/trades. These bad boys are well worth the wait because you get your whole story in one place. This is an omnibus:

.cbr and cbz files
.cbr and .cbz are comic book reader/archive file names (similar to a PDF). Typically if a file is in .cbr/.cbz format you will need a digital comic reader on your computer to open it. My favorite applications are ComicRack for PC and Simple Comic for Mac.


  • New comics are released every Wednesday
    The length between publication dates of issues varies depending on the series, but when that release date does roll around, it’ll always be on a Wednesday.

  • Trades vs graphic novels
    A trade is a grouping of single issue comics reprinted in book format. A graphic novel is typically a full, illustrated story (hence the word ‘novel’), either original in content or based on a movie, book, etc. Most readers will agree trades and graphic novels are not interchangeable phrases, and exist as two separate mediums. (I’m not even gonna get into manga/anime/anything like that because it all gets fuzzy at that point. Bottom line: if it’s Marvel, DC, or something similar, call it a trade.)

  • Why are there so many story arcs and universes?
    Think of the comic world as a sandbox with each character represented as a toy. A writer will get contracted to write about a certain character, so they pick up that character and write out a story for them, then put them back in the sandbox when they’re done. The next writer comes along, contracted to write that same character. They can either can pick up where the last writer left off, or come up with their own universe or story arc, and then once they’ve finished they return the character to the sandbox once more.

    While these stories share the same main character, their plots don’t ever have to intersect. It’s all in good fun, and giving us a chance to read about our favorite characters in many different kinds of worlds and settings.
Works by Hirohiko Araki

So I don’t see many posts about his other works, one-shots or where to read them so I decided to make a list for those interested

Works pre-JJBA

Cool Shock BT (1982-83) - (X)
Gorgeous Irene (1984-85) - (X)
Baoh (1984-85) - Single episode OVA (1989)

Series of one-shots he did while working on JJBA

The Lives of Eccentrics (1989-2003) - (X)


Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe collection (1997-2013) - (X) - Links to buy (Japenese): (X) (X) (X)

Other JJBA one-shots

Jolyne, Fly High with Gucci (2013) - (X)
Rohan Kishibe meets Gucci (2011) - (X)
Under Execution Under Jailbreak (2005) - (X)
Rohan at the Louvre (2010) - (X)Buy here (English) - Buy here (Japanese)

EDIT: added Batoto links for those who are more comfortable with reading there and added some links to stores I found (tell me if you have a better alternative to stores)

Also his debut one-shot manga Buso Poker (1980) and other pre-jjba one-shot Virginia ni Yoroshiku (1982) is featured in Gorgeous Irene

Tell me if I missed anything, the links aren’t working, or if you have any links to stores where you can buy the one-shots

The Tascam 4-Track Recorder pictured above sure has seen a lot (including the view from the PV West office loft).

Read more about its adventures traveling around the world from Cloud Nothings to Mikal Cronin to Efterklang and others + learn how each band’s recordings turned into the Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series.

Subscriptions are limited to 500 and joining before Dec. 31 gets you some bonus goodies – so don’t delay, sign up today!

I’m INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce that I will be apart of the Polyvinyl Record Company 4-Track Singles Series! Other bands participating include Cloud Nothings,Foxygen’s Diane Coffee, EfterklangJohn VandersliceMatt PryorMikal CroninThao & The Get Down Stay Down and more! We all recorded our songs on the same 4-track recorder and mailed on to the next artist. 

Only 500 subscriptions available!! Sign up here -

I hate “fake” gamers because they care more about the gender/sexuality of the protagonist than how good the game actually is. If you’re buying fallout 4 just because you can be a lady and romance ladies… go play the last two. It’s not a new feature. You wouldn’t know because you don’t fucking play videogames. “WOOHOO FINALLY SOME LGBT REPRESENTATION!” -The idiot who’s never played a single game in the series.

Asterisk (Ballad piano cover)
  • Asterisk (Ballad piano cover)
  • stormychu

Arashi - Asterisk (Ballad piano cover)
here’s to celebrating the release of the digitalian con!! ♡  

“Even the radiance is captured by the black hole
The gently smiling sun
Only a little of the natural light shined through
Give the stars your power, shining on.”

God Bless My Friends (Live In Studio)
  • God Bless My Friends (Live In Studio)
  • I Low
  • The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 10

Song of the Day: I Low - God Bless My Friends (LIVE in Studio)

We’re excited to share with you the B-side song to the latest release in the Family Records Singles Club, I Low’s “ John Stuart Mills.”

“God Bless My Friends” is a special, LIVE studio recording by I Low (aka Colin Reynolds). Read Colin’s take on the songs and download them here, and take a closer look at the artwork right here. ENJOY!

One Track Mind Singles Series - Launching 09/27

- Me (announcing something) Soho, 2011

For the longest time discovering new, great music was my favorite thing to do. Then I discovered that could be a part of my daily working life, and I started trying to get into A&R.

Then A&R died a mysterious sort of death.

I continued to pursue ways into the music industry, as music was still the only thing I got really excited about, and tried some djing and booking live shows. Elements of both of those things felt like A&R,  finding great new talent and being able to share it with people but it still wasn’t quite enough. Starting my job with Family Records, I watched Wesley launch the Family Records Singles Club, focusing on beautiful acoustic/folk songs with really great original artwork attached.  I secretly plotted to one day wear glasses and grow a beard and have my very own singles series.

Luckily, no glasses or beards were needed and it came up a few months after working there. My taste varies a huge amount but I have a special corner of my heart for danceable indie pop. It just makes people feel good and excited about their lives. I’ve always wanted to curate, discover, share and be proud of great music I find, and with the launch of “One Track Mind” I am able to finally do that.

I like to think that the songs in this series would be songs I would play if I was djing an indie night somewhere in NYC - except I won’t try to cross-fade anything. I hope you love each song as much as the next and that you always come back to check out each new release.

The first release will be out on iTunes 9/27, and before then on the Family Records Store. We’ll preview the audio and the artwork before then. - Lauren