Stop lying to Iris. Every single series regular character, a few recurring, and even a villain have found out before she has. We all know that now she’s going to investigate Wells on her own. Eddie, I give you a gold star for effort, but that was just not a very convincing lie man. The only reason this is happening is so that she can to be saved by the Flash when she gets too close. Please don’t fall into this trope Flash. Iris is a great character so just give her some agency. Please don’t let this be Thea all over again when she left with Meryln. 

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im curious, did you do your research into what the target demographic of yurikuma is in japan before you wrote that post? because ... it's a seinen anime. the target demographic is adult males.

I know full well that it’s been listed as a seinen anime, but look what else has!

Would you look at that? It’s almost as if every single yuri anime/manga series and all shows that feature lesbian relationships and characters are “made for men”!

Apart from Utena and MariMite, every single major yuri series that I searched said that it was shonen/seinen. Every single one. And the thing is, many of the shows and series above have little to no fanservice at all that would qualify them as ‘male-gaze‘, and others may well have fanservice but it does not automatically make them for men (when they supposedly do it merely seeks to prove Ikuhara’s underlying point more clearly).

Demographics don’t mean shit at the end of the day. Take Maria Holic, for example. A comedy series with yuri themes that was written/drawn by a girl about a girl that loves girls. It’s completely illogical to come to the conclusion that it is aimed solely towards men. What the people claiming these demographics don’t seem to understand is that yuri is not solely a male demographic genre. That’s like saying that only girls are allowed to like things about gay men, which isn’t at all the case. Gay girls can like shows about gay girls. Anyone can.

Take two. Taisho Baseball Girls, an all time favourite of mine. Fanservice-free, about some young teenage schoolgirls

(14-15) playing baseball and fighting sexism in 20′s Japan. Seinen, supposedly. A series that has all the characteristics of a shojo sports anime, dubbed seinen most likely for its inclusion of two cases of girls liking girls (which were both onesided and not actually the main focus of the plot)

At the end of the day it all rolls back to the same issue. Our society takes yuri and automatically sees it as ‘for-males-only‘ because that is the sort of sexist and lesbophobic society that we live in.

Yuri Kuma Arashi may well be said to be seinen, but pretty much every other yuri anime has been stated as such and yet show no clear characteristics of being ‘for men‘ other than our own societal assumption.

You can’t make a firm judgement based on a subjective demographic that the show is one thing or another. Demographics lie, and demographics are ultimately unreliable. One word can’t define what a show is like that.

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


- Unfilmed scene, STXI

Okay so this is my english textbook. Painfully easy and boring. Right?

right?hold on a sec….

is that-



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