Today was going to be a special day. That’s the thought you had when you first woke up. Call it women’s intuition or your own little view into the future, but you could just feel it in your bones. Today was going to be an absolute delight. And when the phone rang and it was your boyfriend Jinki asking you to meet him at the beach, you were thrilled. You got ready quickly and made your way to the little cove only the two of you knew about.

After parking your car in a grassy area you got out and began walking the few feet towards the sand dunes. You were used to walking through this sand and feeling the small plants tickle your legs as you passed by them. The sun was high in the sky and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. It was perfectly warm out with just enough of a breeze to make it feel nice and comfortable. You spotted Jinki pacing back and fourth next to a blanket and picnic basket.

You walked towards him slowly and when you were close enough you reached out and wrapped one arm around his neck and the other around his waist. He stopped moving and leaned back into your chest. His scent was spicy and sweet. Like a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla. You breathed him in. He turned in your arms and gave you a big grin. His hands slipped into yours and he leaned in to give you a kiss on the forehead. 

“I’m so glad you could come.” He whispered against your forehead.

“You know I would never miss a chance to spend time with you.” 

“Good. I was counting on that. I’m always counting on that.”

He looked at you and you couldn’t quite decipher his thoughts at the moment, but you felt happy and you were positive he was too. 

“Shall we swim?” He asked pulling his shirt off over his head.

“I’ll race you to the water!” 

You both left a trail of your clothes on the beach and ran in your swimsuits to the water. It wasn’t cold at all which made it so much more enjoyable. You adored swimming. And being in the water made you feel free. You laid on your back and let the water move your body. Floating on water was one of the closest things to flying. You had to completely let all of the tension in your body go and just simply be. You closed your eyes and felt like you could drift away.

Jinki had other plans. He was under you in the water. You felt his hands reach out and grab you. He was pulling you around by your feet. He was the little boy and you were his kite. You broke free of his hold and swam around him. You were both fast swimmers. So it became a game of cat and mouse. Or in this case, shark and fish. You did laps around each other until you were both exhausted.

You swam back to shore and felt the weight of your body again as you left the water. Jinki followed close behind as you fell down onto the blanket he had laid out. He grabbed your clothes and his own and brought them to where you were. He set them down and joined you on the blanket. He reached for the basket and opened it up. 

“Are you hungry?” He asked reaching into the basket.

“I’m absolutely famished!” You said pretending to faint. 

Jinki laughed and began to set out a spread of fruits, cheeses, and herb encrusted bread. He had cold water bottles and a bottle of sparkling peach juice. For dessert he had brought homemade sugar cookies. You both ate your fill and then played a game of charades. It was inevitable that you would end up laughing at each other until you couldn’t breathe. You both knew exactly what would throw the other into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. And Jinki laughing with all his might only made you lose it even more. You laughed so much and so hard that your mouth hurt. 

As the sun lazily made its way towards the horizon you were calm and quiet. You were wearing your clothes again and were staring out into the water. You had your arms wrapped around your knees. The water seemed like it continued on forever. You always felt a great peace when you were on the beach near the water. 

Jinki seemed to be pensive. Absorbed in his thoughts. Something holding him tightly. You chose not to disturb him. The silence between you was a welcome one. There was no need to fill the air with unnecessary babble. His presence alone was enough to keep you happy. 

Besides, you were lost in reverie as well. You thought about your feelings for Jinki. They were the realest thing you had ever felt. You didn’t even realize it at first but barely, little by little, you felt yourself falling. Falling so madly, deeply in love. And not just with the idea of love. You fell in love with his actions and his mind. It was the words he spoke and the way he would look when he was concentrating. The way his brow would furrow when he got mad, which wasn’t often, but still, it made him more pure somehow. 

Sometimes, he would get real quiet and just hold you. Preferring the sound of your breathing to any words you might think to comfort him with. Even then the closeness you felt to him was unquestionable. Every piece of him was something you held dear to you and cherished entirely. You had to admit that he was the most important person in your life and your whole world. It wasn’t that you thought any less of yourself or anyone else close to you. It was that he truly was your center. At the end of the day it all came down to you and him. There was nothing that could tear you apart from one another.

You heard a wave crash against the sand and realized you had been transfixed in thought. Your eyes wandered to Jinki. He was standing now, staring out into the water. He took a deep breath and exhaled. He turned towards you and looked sheepish to see that you were watching him. He smiled and came towards you. You stood up too, wanting to stretch your legs after sitting for so long. Jinki stopped in front of you and held your gaze.

“_______, when you’re not around I feel like I’m missing a part of myself. A vital part. Maybe it’s my heart or my soul. I’m not sure. I don’t think I ever felt whole until you came into my life. You complete me. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted. I don’t know anything about the future. All I know is that I need you to be a part of my life, always.” 

Jinki got down on one knee and took your left hand in his. You gasped, covering your mouth with your right hand. He opened his other hand that had been hiding a diamond ring. He slid it onto your third finger. As he did his hands were not shaking. He was sure of himself. You looked into his teary eyes and saw only endless love.

“Will you marry me?” 

“Yes. Yes! Of course I’ll marry you!”

Suddenly Jinki was lifting you into his arms. He held you like you might fly away from him. He set you on your feet and you caught his lips in a kiss. He pulled you close to him and let his lips do the speaking. You were reminded of your thoughts from earlier that day. How you somehow just knew this would be a day that would remain with you until the very end.

Jinki held you in his arms on the beach blanket. Long after the sun had set. Pink and purple and light blue bleeding into the orange and red. The sky finally settling on a deep, dark blue.

“Lets go home.” Jinki said against your cheek. Home. Such a small word that could hold so much meaning. You were already looking at your home. The man who had asked you to be his. Your heart felt full of hope and love. It was going to be a beautiful life.

To Be Continued…?

I’m INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce that I will be apart of the Polyvinyl Record Company 4-Track Singles Series! Other bands participating include Cloud Nothings,Foxygen’s Diane Coffee, EfterklangJohn VandersliceMatt PryorMikal CroninThao & The Get Down Stay Down and more! We all recorded our songs on the same 4-track recorder and mailed on to the next artist. 

Only 500 subscriptions available!! Sign up here -

God Bless My Friends (Live In Studio)
  • God Bless My Friends (Live In Studio)
  • I Low
  • The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 10

Song of the Day: I Low - God Bless My Friends (LIVE in Studio)

We’re excited to share with you the B-side song to the latest release in the Family Records Singles Club, I Low’s “ John Stuart Mills.”

“God Bless My Friends” is a special, LIVE studio recording by I Low (aka Colin Reynolds). Read Colin’s take on the songs and download them here, and take a closer look at the artwork right here. ENJOY!

One Track Mind Singles Series - Launching 09/27

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- Me (announcing something) Soho, 2011

For the longest time discovering new, great music was my favorite thing to do. Then I discovered that could be a part of my daily working life, and I started trying to get into A&R.

Then A&R died a mysterious sort of death.

I continued to pursue ways into the music industry, as music was still the only thing I got really excited about, and tried some djing and booking live shows. Elements of both of those things felt like A&R,  finding great new talent and being able to share it with people but it still wasn’t quite enough. Starting my job with Family Records, I watched Wesley launch the Family Records Singles Club, focusing on beautiful acoustic/folk songs with really great original artwork attached.  I secretly plotted to one day wear glasses and grow a beard and have my very own singles series.

Luckily, no glasses or beards were needed and it came up a few months after working there. My taste varies a huge amount but I have a special corner of my heart for danceable indie pop. It just makes people feel good and excited about their lives. I’ve always wanted to curate, discover, share and be proud of great music I find, and with the launch of “One Track Mind” I am able to finally do that.

I like to think that the songs in this series would be songs I would play if I was djing an indie night somewhere in NYC - except I won’t try to cross-fade anything. I hope you love each song as much as the next and that you always come back to check out each new release.

The first release will be out on iTunes 9/27, and before then on the Family Records Store. We’ll preview the audio and the artwork before then. - Lauren

Little Talks Part 1

A/N: Thank you to all of you that gave me feedback, it means a lot to me! ou can read the imagine this was based off of here. This is named after the song by Of Monsters and Men, whih I am not claiming to own.

Warnings- none, I think. I don’t think there’s any language.

Tags (if you want to be tagged in future parts, feel free to ask me and I’ll try my best! I tagged those who gave me feedback off of anon)- @chelseypaigeake , @forgotten-inthiscruelworld@ellen-reincarnated1967 ,
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Disclaimer: Addie and Mack are my own characters, and no hate for Danneel. Jensen is single in this fic.

You had an average life. It was about as average as average can possibly be, actually. You had two roommates, you lived in a simple two story house with them both. The neighbor to your left was a little 67 year old lady by the name of Clarence, her adult children visiting her once a week, and from whenever you talked to her, it sounded like the only talking to her they did was trying to convince her to move into a nursing home. Clarence would always tell you it was never going to happen, and you always smiled at her determination.

The neighbor to your right used to be a small family of 4, with another member on its way. You hadn’t talked to them often, but you had assumed they moved out because they would need more room for when the baby had arrived.

Average. That’s all you had ever imagined your life to be. You thought you would meet a man your age at college, maybe a park, and start a family with him after dating for a few years. You thought you would have a daughter and a son with said man, and you would grow old with him. You didn’t, however, imagine being in love with someone.

You always found it strange, that you could imagine having children with a man, but not being so in love you could hardly think straight. Maybe it was the stereotype society had engraved into you head at a young age. Maybe it was just because you grew up seeing a mother and father with a few kids and told yourself that you would have that at a young age without realizing how she felt towards the man. Or maybe, you just couldn’t imagine someone loving you that much; loving you enough to have children with you, or even just enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you.

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Check out Chi-Town juke stars BBU with their homage to the greatest city in the world in “Home.” This is yet another release in the ever-growing W1N Vol. I Singles Series, with BBU joining the ranks of ShowYouSuck, G.o.D. Jewels, and YP. 

W1N Vol I. drops in just a few short weeks, but we’re definitely not done giving you free singles yet. We have more heaters coming out soon, so keep checking our MUSIC page every W1NSDAY to get the newest single before anyone else. Now peep the track:

What Manga Is Not

I’ll be direct. There is no such thing as Japanese manga. American manga. Korean manga. Canadian manga. Manga eyes. Manga hair. Manga storyboarding. Manga hands. Manga style. Mangaish. They simply do not exist.

Manga is a Japanese word comparable to English cartoon, composed of two Chinese characters 漫(overflow, vast, unrestrained)and 画(image, drawing). The same word is pronounced differently in different Chinese-based Asian languages, for instance in Korean it would be close to mànhuà. It essentially means abundance of images. Manga can be created for innumerable reasons: to narrate a story, to describe metaphysical concepts, to circulate political opinions, to make people laugh, or to turn them on. It can be composed of a single image or series of images. The images can be consecutive or completely discontinuous. Manga could contain frames or no frames, conversational balloons or no conversational balloons.

Again, manga (with no capital M) simply means “cartoon” in Japanese. So when you’re chatting in Japanese to another Japanese speaker in Japanese cultural context, by saying manga you could be suggesting any of the following things:

The Adventures of Tintin by Herge (Franco-Belgian)

Dirty Plotte by Julie Doucet (Canadian)

Pretty Boy by Gye Young Chun (Korean)


Outside of Japanese cultural context, for instance if you are an 22-year-old Williamsburg resident conversing in English with a random person at an alternative bar(whatever that may mean), by manga you mean exclusively the cartoons created and published originally within geographical and social confines of Japan:

The Story of Carubania by TONO

Pyoto Fuku Jaguar by Usta Kyoske

My Home by Saibara Rieko

What’s all these complicated distinctions? Why do we have to get so specific when we can all just read, draw, or say whatever we want and enjoy the good life? The reason is simple: perfectly enjoyable life doesn’t exist; and if you think your life is one, you’ve been bubbled inside a delusion constructed upon someone else’s sorrow and sacrifice. It matters so much for you to know exactly what manga is because the deception perpetuates white supremacy and cultural colonialism.

I’m not saying you’re a racist. Of course you’re not. You’re not a sexist. You’re not a colonialist, obviously, we don’t live in 19th century anymore. You couldn’t have gone to Paris World’s Fair to stare at Japanese people. 

You didn’t sign the Treaty of Nanjing. You didn’t bomb Hiroshima. You never looted any nation’s treasures. You never forced to open any nation’s port. You’ve never even bullied an innocent Asian girl in high school. You love sushi. You love manga. You have a bunch of Korean friends. You’ve even dated a Japanese. In fact, in this simulation, you might as well be an Asian person yourself.

But what if you read manga on illegal scanlation websites? Doesn’t that count as looting? What if you’ve expected your Asian friends to behave like your ideal manga characters? Did you not confine them within your imaginary zoo fences? What if you read manga because you think it works as a proof of superior taste, did you not steal that dirty toilet from some Chinese peasant’s house and place it on your fancy commode? Again, what happens if you’ve done all these and you’re Asian? Does it make you guilt free? Or does it make you that sneaky spy character in gangster movies who sells his own family?

So we need to know. Both of us. We need to distinguish and specify, so that you don’t end up in that delusional bubble and I don’t have to break my bones holding it up. That is what cultural colonialism means at its core. You can break someone’s bones simply by perpetuating the ignorance. Privilege is the liberty to not know.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say break bones. If I don’t know Marcel Duchamp and what he did I would be ridiculed, criticized, corrected, and could even possibly be kicked out of school or be fired. But what do you have to lose for not knowing Tezuka Osamu? Nothing. Cultural colonialism sets hierarchy between knowledge, languages, visual expressions, and more. It distinguishes what’s the fundamental factors to know in life (French semiotics, American history, and Greek classics) and what’s supplementary (20th century Chinese feminist authors, Baratanatyam, and Yaoi classics).

By specifying what manga is not and recognizing its own values, instead of otherizing and simplifying it, we can at least try to understand each other. For sure you’d be a better person than the curious spectator at a human zoo.

GIIR #14 / ss #2

Manuals - In a Clean, Well Lighted Place

Manuals is Alex and Andy. They play noisy, energetic punk music with huge builds and huge vibes. Obvious comparisons could be made to bands like Tiny Hawks, but they veer between various different areas in their overall sound. I am very happy to have them joining us, and very happy they are contributing to the Singles Series (And there are already talks of some future releases too…).

In a Clean, Well Lighted Place will be available on a limited run of cassettes, tentatively scheduled for some time toward the middle-end of February. Go check out a rough demo of the title track at the bands bandcamp, link below


Dudes, Rok Lok records has put some more cassingles out adding to their Singles Club Cassette Series which is compromised of solo works. It’s a pretty cool project, highly collectible and an interesting look into how solo musicians operate within different genres of music! This time around they have provided us with tracks from Hanna Elson and Kevin Greenspon, two artists who are very different from one another. Lets check it out.

Hanna Elson’s tape contains three pop songs, all of which feature vocals and guitar. I find I like her performance better when it’s more raw and single tracked rather than multi tracked. There is a lot of blank space on the tape after the single song on the a-side is finished so it is hard to concentrate before the b-side comes in. These songs are pretty narrative based and each one tells its own story which I dig. Ultimately though I find these three pieces a bit harder to get into than other singer songwriter jams.

Next we have a tape from Kevin Greenspon called “Empty Minutes”, it’s great! Greenspon is fluent in creating ethereal soundscape works that really draw the listener in and transport them to another place. I find myself swimming around in the density that these songs offer up. My favorite work on this tape is the song “Walled Off” which is really dynamic and aggressive initially but eases back as it crawls forward. To be honest I like the b-side a lot compared to the a-side, it’s a lot grittier and less whimsical and beautiful. Overall, this tape is solid and quality. If I had to buy one of the two it would absolutely be this one. I dig it!

So there you have it, two cool new singles tapes out from the cool Long Island residents over at Rok Lok Records. Get on it so you don’t regret not collecting them all!