Saviour of the World- Amanda Batterham (Hope UC) [ 2013 ]

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***As many of you will know, anointed and incredibly humble worship leader; Darlene Zschech, has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Let’s uplift her in prayer and declare that she is healed in Jesus’ name. This song was written by a worship leader at Hope UC church for Darlene in this time***

To my girls feeling lonely or waiting for love:
Yesterday we failed to make reservations at our favorite restaurant and got there with empty bellies only to find out there was over an hour wait. Irritated, we opted to check out the restaurant across the street. 45 minute wait there. Extra annoyed and super HANGRY we stormed off. Okay not really, but we were frustrated. We were so hungry that we decided to get dessert first. Just to keep our blood sugar up. As we finished our ice cream, we were still hungry. It helped, but didn’t quite do the trick. Thankfully, our table was ready and we sat down to eat a completely satisfying meal. I fell asleep as he drove me home, so obviously it was good.

So what’s my point? I think sometimes we turn people into ice cream cones. Like our hearts are so hungry as we wait and wait, as place after place we seek satisfaction from fails, that we settle. And that’s just it. Sometimes, we chase after a man, or run into an ice cream shop, for that quick little fix. Funny though, how we still feel hungry, or lonely, still. It’s not quiet enough.

I know because I do it. And I know what you’re thinking as you look at pictures of us grinnin’ & stuff: “big whoop. At least I’ve got a guy.” Well, yes, but that doesn’t just turn off lonely. Because I’m a firm believer that the condition of loneliness has very little to do with a relationship status. But everything to do with God calling us to be alone with Him.

I’ve felt lonely time after time both in and out of a relationship. I get antsy when Matt doesn’t text back. I question if I’m a burden to him. I wonder if he misses me when we’re apart. I spend countless hours shuffling through lies in my head telling me I’m not quite missable or noticeable or love-able enough. Just like you do, girlfriend. Whether your single or madly in love.

So if you’re feeling lonely, look at what you’re filling yourself up with. Is it an ice cream cone, or in other words, a romance? OR is it the real meal? I’ll bet if you wait and seek a little longer, your table will be ready. And He will satisfy your hunger.
Because loneliness doesn’t exist in a place where God’s love dwells. I promise you that.

—  Jordan Lee

Woe betide the man that stands between you and what you set your mind upon.

DAY 113 of 365
(Part 2 of 2)

My dear sister,

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.
Pr 3:3-4 (NIV)

Wait for the one who is faithful: constant and intentional his actions, as a result, willing and unafraid to pursue. Know that love and faithfulness don’t just apply to being with someone and not cheating. It goes deeper. It’s reflected in the way we interact with friends and family, at work, at school, at church, in difficult situations, and most importantly–our relationship with Jesus! So in case you’ve been wondering why:

1. He’s been flirting with you but won’t commit
2. He’ll randomly send you “what’s up” texts but doesn’t seem to desire real, meaningful conversation
3. Spending time with you one-and-one but isn’t interested in a relationship
4. He’s talking to several girls at the same time and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, or think no one notices
5. He is expecting you to pursue him
6. Just wants to be “friends” yet consumes all of your time or emotional energy as if you were in a relationship
7. Only interested in you physically and intimately, but not interested in the things of God
8. He’s a little all over the place and has problems committing
9. He changes the subject when the conversation gets serious
10. He doesn’t spend time with people who seem trustworthy

It’s time to ask yourself,
Is he filled with love and faithfulness?
Is he faithful and not afraid to pursue godly things in his life?
Is his relationship with Jesus something he’s committed to?

If the answers’ “no,” or “I’m not sure, it’s time to really pray and seek God about if this is someone who is ready to be faithful and truly intentional about what he pursues in life. And if not, you don’t have to settle for that! Nor do you need to lose hope. The good news is God wants you to focus on being faithful to Him first, and then watch what He does with that! Wait on HIM for the one who’s focusing on being faithful to God in the same way…even when it comes to pursuing a godly relationship!
Biblical context + further reading: Pr 3


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The Cursed Child was a huge pile of queerbait

Sorry if I’m “overreacting,” but there was a gigantic opportunity for LGBT representation and the writers threw it out the window. Throughout the entire plot, everything was held together by Scorpius’ and Albus’ love for each other. It was mentioned and implied in every single scene. Jesus Christ, they were each other’s only and best friend.
I feel like the writers realized that but it was too late to change the story. Therefore, Scorpius’ “crush” on Rose was sloppily added, even though there wasn’t any relationship development between them at all. Seriously, Rose borderline hated Scorpius. Now, one has a crush on the other? Bullshit.
The two adorable Slytherins deserved to be happy together, and the entirety of the Cursed Child proved that. Scorbus should’ve been real.