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Happy Singles Awareness Day! ML Valentines (part 2/2): Onesies and stuffies! Day 14 of adrinette month

Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!

Tamaki: Welcome, ladies! As your host, I would like to honor each of our guests for helping us celebrate our first annual Singles Awareness Day Ball!

Haruhi: *aside* Why are we doing this again? Won’t this just upset the guests rather than made them feel good? 

Kyoya: I wish you had mentioned that beforehand. Our princely idiot could not be persuaded out of spending all this money on a rather awkward party. 

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Kaoru: Yeah… How the heck are we supposed to dance with ALL of these ladies? 

Hikaru: Not to mention you and I are in charge of the kissing booth… I don’t think there’s enough Chapstick for that. 

Tamaki: The Host Club couldn’t possibly shower you with the attention you all deserve, so this year we decided to do things differently. Rather than have a few meager minutes with each of you, we decided to spend the whole evening with all of you! We have a plethora of refreshments, activities, and dancing! There’s no room for any lonely girls on my watch! 

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Honey: ACHOO!!! 

Mori: Bless you *hands him a kleenex* 

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Haruhi: Honey Senpai, are you alright? 

Honey: Oh, yes, Haru-chan. I’m just a little sniffly from collecting all the flowers. Takashi and I are supposed to make flower crowns with all the girls. ACHOO!!!! 

 Haruhi: Oh… Well I hope that goes well! 

Tamaki: … And I’d love to dance with all of you, but remember I only have two hands. So to fix that problem… *cue music* 

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Tamaki: we dance with the queen!!!! *strips down to leotard*

The 2ps as Hamilton Pick Up Lines

2p America: Are you America? Because you make me want to rise up.

2p China: Let’s move under the covers and move as one.

2p England: Are you Samuel Seabury? Because you make me want to scream.

2p France: Turn around, bend over.

2p Russia: Want me to take you to the room where it happens? 

2p Canada: With one stroke I’ll consume your waking days.

2p Italy: God you’re a fox.

2p Germany: There’s a million things I haven’t done, wanna make it 999,999?

2p Japan: The law isn’t the only thing I’ve practiced and perfected.

2p Romano: I think your pants look hot.

2p Austria: Daddy wants you home by sundown.

2p Prussia: I like you a lot.