you know, generally royalty rates for singles are ¾ of the album rate. Which is pretty uncool. So the “fan release” of No Control was especially cool cos regular royalty rates applies to the song and that mean it probably made more money that other singles they released. Which is what it deserved, being no control a good song. 

GYANT NEW SINGLE MONTH. ♫ New Music: Gyant - Live in Philadelphia at Sigma Sound Studios, Gyant, Little Shorty, featuring: Bobby Eli and Joe Tarsia, is widely interpreted as a sound compared to Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Classic “Wake Up Every Body”, which generates a great deal of exposure for the song and controversy for Gyant. As often enough hypocrites will shy away from such a message. But true community driven radio stations will support this record and want to play it.
Bobby Eli producer and arranger and songwriter of hit records like “Let The Side Show Begin” and guitar player of the famed group MFSB was a co-contributor on this record They worked closely with the production team of Gamble and Huff and producer/arranger Thom Bell, and backed up such groups as Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes & the O’Jays.
Sigma Sound Studios founded by recording engineer (and co-contributor and creative genius behind the concept sound and feel of this record) Joseph Tarsia and son assistant co engineer Michael Tarsia.
Located at 212 N. 12th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Singer-songwriter and pianist Billy Joel played an hour-long concert at Sigma Studios. The recording of “Captain Jack” received extensive radio play, Joel became widely known, In 1977 Tarsia opened Sigma Sound Studios New York City Madonna used the studios to record her 1983 debut album. “Live In Philadelphia” Should be a throw back to the retro “Gamble And Huff Era” and “Gyant! is that throw back”, to a golden era in Philadelphia history. So sit back!, Turn up the volume and Listen to the Live sound’s of classic Philadelphia from Sigma Sound Studios. ♫ I’M EXCITED NEW SINGLE “” is Available 2/14
Got a new record for the year 2016. #trending ON
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Jean Deaux Embraces "Electronic" on Debut Retail Single "Father Time" [@ThatsJeanDeaux]

Stream Jean Deaux’s EDM-inspired Debut Retail Single, “Father Time” [@ThatsJeanDeaux]

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Here’s what we’ve come to expect from Jean Deaux. The Chicago-based songbird with the puffy hair is going to let her voice ride over an often murky, down-tempo beat, in a way that it haunts and sticks long after the song has ended. It’s become Jean’s calling card of sorts, and you don’t fix what isn’t broken. Of course, there’s also the fact that Jean Deaux seems to finally be getting due…

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