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I just honestly hope it’s not Aria!! and we know it’s not Mike because he’s leaving the show to be on Teen Wolf! Toby has been kinda freaking me out lately but I doubt it’s him! Marlene did say that A has been A since Mona went to Radley.

I doubt it’s Aria. I know there are a lot of theories regarding to her being A but I just can’t think of Aria as an “A” material. I hope, they don’t drag Toby’s A storyline again. Since A took the game from Mona, when she was in Radley, that’s why I think it’s Wren because he spent quite a lot of time with Mona. Also, Hanna visited Mona a lot. Mona hallucinated Alison’s presence there but what if it was Hanna since she’s also blonde and everyone gets her confused with Alison. However, I really hope it’s Wren because I wouldn’t like to see the girls falling apart.

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Ugh! I’m so tired of people saying it’s one of the girls. But if it is one of the girls, Aria is defiantly the last one I’d pick to be A! I think the odds of A being Hanna or Wren are really good, but I’m not taking my eyes off Andrew just yet!

I really hope, it won’t be one of the girls. But if it’s one of the girls, the whole show would change. I wonder, what the writers are gonna do after revealing A? So are they gonna sacrifice one of the girls as A to blow people’s minds away? Then there’s Black Veil, as well. She’s not the big A, is she? Maybe, the next season will revolve around Black Veil or how A’s reveal would affect the girls’ life. Maybe, we, audiences, will be the ones who will know A’s identity but the next season will revolve around the girls trying to find that out. I wonder if Andrew’s is another guy that Aria ended up kissing or he’s there for a reason. He was kind of intimate with Spencer a while ago, too during the time Mona and Spencer weren’t friendly towards each other.

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I’m kinda starting to get the feeling it might be Andrew, but both of these are totally possible!

When Andrew hinted Aria what the movie was about, I suddenly got suspicious of him, too. However, then, I thought that Andrew wasn’t the only one who hinted the secrets this season. Jonny also hinted that before and even designed a secret machine.