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❝ “Anyway.” Even smiles, a small, rueful curve of his lips. “She also asked if there was someone new. Naturally.”
Isak’s heart isn’t sure whether it should be rising or falling right now. He isn’t sure, either. “Is there?” Isak says. “Someone new?”
Even’s smile melts into something softer. Something unbearably sweet. “No,” he says. “Not someone new.” ❞

Hanging out with Taylor in my city, the place I was born and raised, in la la land, the home of scandal, glamour, and debauchery, meant the universe to me. I know LA isn’t her favorite place but my God-what a perfect night/morning. I have never felt a happiness of this extent and it’s all thanks to Taylor. I am eternally thankful.  

Guys… I think D&D is, in a way, punk culture.

For real.

I’m legit beginning to think that the 2010′s resurgence of the popularity of tabletop gaming might not just be a phenomenon stemming from their increased exposure (and a proverbial Renaissance of classic high fantasy), but also -at least partly- a counter-cultural reaction to the rapid degree with which the mainstream entertainment industry, particularly the video game industry, has gone from being a new and innovative art form, to being the exploitative pile of corporate bullshit only peppered with small pockets of developers who managed to retain some shred of their artistic integrity that it is today.

And I realize that this sounds fatalistic, but in the face of incessantly increasing degrees of elitism within an industry that once promised itself to be the ally to the outcasts (what with the rapidly increasing system requirements with which the average consumer can no longer keep the pace, the big publishers, and the culture of microtransactions that also mark up the general price of ~$60 to I N F I N I T E D O L L A R S) coupled with our current, practically neo-dadaist “millenial” genre of thought (which exists in conjunction with the younger generations’ pervasive financial crises and the suppression of creative, innovative minds in favor of upholding an arbitrarily determined hierarchy in the value of skills) already creates an environment in which a potentially free form of communal entertainment has every chance to take hold and thrive, but the fact that it is also infinitely customizable and forever recyclable at the additional cost of zero (0) dollars, is also spitting into the face of the gaming industry.

So…. I think D&D is kinda punk.

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me: has trouble starting to write, feels like i’m not gonna accomplish even two good lines, wants to give up immediately after sitting down

also me: has to cut the finish thing in half because I’m 20 lines over the assignment limit, I’m so in love with what I wrote that i don’t want to change a thing, considers failing just so I’m not forced to edit it down

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in no particular order:

  • asui tsuyu (boku no hero academia)
  • lacie baskerville (pandora hearts)
  • usagi tsukino (sailor moon)
  • lenalee lee (d.gray man)
  • momozono nanami (kamisama hajimemashita)
  • chise hatori (mahoutsukai no yome)
  • nishimiya shouko (koe no katachi)
  • suzume yosano (hirunaka no ryuusei)
  • kashima yuu (gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun)
  • shirayuki (akagami no shirayuki-hime)

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What saved me from the sadness of seeing georgies death, is seeing pictures of Bill and Jackson interacting together bts



I never had a greater friend than you. And we traveled a lot and I’ve never had a greater friend than you.


the war : the power of music tracklist  °☆ :*

Reasons to date me

  • You’d be the cute one in the relationship 
  • I’m to ugly to wanna cheat 
  • I’m protective 
  • Surprise kisses 
  • Surprise cuddles 
  • Surprise hand holds
  • I’ll put you first 
  • I won’t lie 
  • it gives me  reasons to be happy
  • I legit have nothing else but love to give
  • I would only move as fast as you’d want me to
  • I can cook .
  • I would binge watch anything you want .
  • I think I would be a pretty good girlfriend ; ain’t no body trying to find out though