ToG’s Rewatch - Ben 10: Alien Force S3E7 - Singlehanded

Series: Ben 10: Alien Force

Season: 3

Episode: 7

Air Date: October 23th, 2009

Synopsis: A bounty hunter tries to remove the Omnitrix from Ben.

It starts out with Spidermonkey, swinging from a web, look out, here comes Spidermonkey! Hes being chased by another villain who just wants the Omnitrix. named Sunder. He gets caught in a net, and busts out as Humungousaur. The watch acts up for no reason, and Sunder swings his giant axe, smacking into the Watch, Ben was…sent to the Null Void? and his hand (plus the Omnitrix) is gone! There’s some kind of pink energy barrier in it’s place! This looks strangely familiar…

There we go. Anyway, Ben’s being attacked by something while trying to figure out where his hand is. Sunder has it. We find out that Ben can still control the missing hand, not much good it’s gonna do him though. He manages to defeat the monster by rolling a big rock over it.  Anyway, because Sunder’s an idiot, the hand escapes. The hand can control him as well, it’s throwing him around while it’s trying to…run away? I’ve always wondered how it does that. Maybe the Omnitrix is doing something.

The hand is trying to get to Julie, but a dog grabs it. Ben’s running from some more monsters, this time something I recognize! Vulpimancers! Back on earth, some kids are trying to get Ben’s hand out of the dog’s mouth, since this throws Ben around, he alerts the Vulpimancers to his location. The kids get the watch and start messing with it and accidentally turn Ben into Big Chill. Hey, atleast it’s something! Ben then uses Swampfire, and the hand shoots fire too, scaring the kids away. He’s losing, so he busts out Jetray and takes off in hopes of finding Max’s old base.

The hand finds Julie but it freaks her out, she starts whacking it with her racquet, and it times out, sending Ben falling over some spiky rocks, but he’s saved by a Null Guardian. Julie realizes who’s hand that is, scoops it up and decides to take it to Gwen and Kevin. Kevin lets out just, absolutely laughing about the situation.  Anwyay, Kevin tells a story about how he’s experienced a similar event and knows how to fix it…but Sunder shows up. They fight, and Julie tries to use the Omnitrix to her advantage. Gwen says Humungousaur, Kevin says Swampfire, Julie picks Diamondhead. Hey, it’s rock solid, and it shoots! It works! In the meantime, Ben almost dies again, but turns into Goop to keep from falling. He makes it to Max’s old hideout only to find some monsters have ransacked the place.

Sunder is tired of the games, and grabs Julie, they almost give up but Kevin finishes the machine just in time and brings Ben back! but now the watch is in the Null Void. The only way to get them both back in the same place is to reverse the polarity of the thing that sent Ben away…Sunder’s axe. They try to convince Sunder it’s not here and it almost works! Until some monsters start messing with it and turn Ben into Brainstorm, fakes him out, and busts out Humungousaur! Gwen and Kevin do an almost combo attack, while Ben decides to go with the strength in numbers approach. Echo Echo!

They Wall-of-Sound the guy, throwing his axe to Gwen. They knocked him out, in the meantime, Kevin tries to (but hesitates too much), so Gwen does the thing, and it sends Sunder into the Null Void…right into the group of monsters, and it puts Ben back in one piece!

8/10, this episode was much better than the last few, honestly with all the gags and stuff they threw in, it didn’t feel like a typical Alien Force episode. It feels….different, but in a good way.


Loud and proud, baby 🍕

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