anonymous asked:

Can you suggest some other good lesbian blogs?

What kind of lesbian blogs are you looking for? We follow a few blogs who post awesome lesbians pictures, just check out our blogroll

Or are you looking for blogs to submit to? Well here’s a few that I know of ( xx, x, x, x, x, x, x ), but if anyone knows of any more feel free to submit a link. :) 

— Demi.

What i want in a girlfriend right now:

-someone who lives near Massachusetts or at least in Northeastern United States

-someone 16-18

-somone who wont cheat, lie, steal, etc.

-someone who is cute, funny and sweet

-someone who will treat me like a princess

- someone who isnt too dykey but not an over-the-top femme (tomboys and adrogynous girls, ugh <3)

so…. yeah c: