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Can you suggest some other good lesbian blogs?

What kind of lesbian blogs are you looking for? We follow a few blogs who post awesome lesbians pictures, just check out our blogroll

Or are you looking for blogs to submit to? Well here’s a few that I know of ( xx, x, x, x, x, x, x ), but if anyone knows of any more feel free to submit a link. :) 

— Demi.

Can't meet anyone

It seems like I can’t make any friends on tumblr. I’ve just come out to my closet friends and I’m trying to meet some lesbians since none of my friends are gay. Live in the conservative state of Arizona. anyway message me if anyone wants to talk. ;)

...Even though it means nothin..

Don’t you just hate it when you notice Your Girl liking some other girls picture and notice that the girl in the picture is actually “Hotter” than you are?!! Yeah… It may sound dumb to some…but i dont really feel uncomfortable watching that, annoyed, dumb.. Maybe i shouldn’t. I don’t know what you guys think..

Let me know if i sound crazy…too messed up to even write this down..if im wrong/right.. anything… just hit me up or inbox me… I feel like talking.