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What's your butt-routine?

This is my normal leg routine:
Squats (4 x 8-12 reps) (2 supersets x 12-15 reps)
Calf raises (5 x 30+ reps)
Lunges (4 x 8-12 reps each leg)
Weighted kickbacks (3 x 12-15 reps each leg)
Leg press (3 x 12-15 reps)
Single leg deadlift (3 x 12-15 reps each leg)
Glute bridges (3 x 12-15 reps)

When I have more time, I also do:

Regular deadlifts (4 x 8-12 reps)
Goblet squats (3 x 12-15 reps)
Kettlebell swings (3 x 15-20 reps)
Jump squats/lunges (max reps for 1 min, rest 30 seconds, repeat as many times as I feel like lol)

I don’t ever really know what I’m doing, but hopefully this helps somehow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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idk if you do this anymore but i really love your writing and after the last run ep i'm in need of a jikook hc where jk is jm's coach (an athlete and a coach being in love isn't really a new concept for someone who's watched yoi lmao).. if you write it thank you so much and if not it's totally okay 😊

here’s a short thing of jimin learning judo from jungkook!au !!

Jimin plops down on the mat, worn out and panting. “You’re a monster, you know that?” 

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere,” Jungkook snorts, crouching until they’re eye-level. “What was that move you tried to do just now? I didn’t teach you that.”

Jimin pouts. “It was nothing. It didn’t work anyway, so - ”

“No. If it were anyone else, you’d have gotten them on their back at the very least.” Jungkook’s brow ticks in realization. “Hey. You’ve been going to Hoseok for pointers again, haven’t you?”

“No. Of course I - Jungkook, no.” But quickly, as usual, Jimin’s defenses crumble in the face of Jungkook’s intense, withering stare. “Okay - maybe I did, so what?”

“Why?” Am I not good enough for you? Jungkook doeesn’t say. Jimin hears it anyway and whines.

“It’s not like that, Kook, it’s just…”

“If you wanted him to be your coach, why’d you come to me?” Jungkook mutters, sitting back on his haunches and running a frustrated hand through his hair. Jimin can’t place the exact nature of the look on his face - whether it’s irritation or jealousy, or something in between.

After too long a silence, Jungkook gets to his feet, turning to stalk off and brood like he often does, when he gets too worked up and has to take a breather before he ends up taking it out on Jimin. Or when he has too much energy to spare and needs to burn some off, alone, where no one will break and bleed under his fists. Sometimes, Jungkook doesn’t like to talk about things, preferring to punch it out.

Jimin scrambles up and latches onto his hand before he can go, palms clammy and shaky from exertion.

“I wanted to impress you,” Jimin whispers.

Jungkook stops in his tracks. He faces Jimin, large eyes widened with shock. “You - what?”

“I wanted to impress you, so I asked Hoseok-hyung to show me a flashy move. He - ” Turning bright red, Jimin sputters, “Don’t laugh, you asshole!”

Choking back the cackles, Jungkook reels Jimin in closer, blocking Jimin’s feeble attempts at smacking some sense into him through his chest. “You wanted to impress me, huh.”

“Shut up. I - I’m never telling you anything ever again,” Jimin threatens, voice wobbly as Jungkook leans down into his space. His attempt at maintaining a fair distance between them has him arching backwards, cheeks aflame.

Jungkook’s smug grin kind of makes him wish he hadn’t fucked up the throw last minute. But it’d been nice to wipe that look off Jungkook’s face even for a second. “So, what was the move he taught you?” 

“Hoseok-hyung called it a - a “dead tree drop”?”

“Hm.” Jungkook releases him abruptly. Jimin almost falls backwards and rights himself with a glare. “That’s one name for it. It’s also called the Kuchiki taoshi, or single leg takedown,” he tells him. “Show me again.”

“I - Huh?”

“Try the throw on me,” Jungkook reiterates impatiently.

“You’re just going to pin me down again if I try.”

Jungkook laughs, and the sound warms Jimin all the way to his belly. “Damn. Caught,” he snickers.

And for a moment, Jimin forgets how tired he is - how his whole body aches from head to toe. Jungkook can get so rough when they spar, Jimin often goes home with bruises on his shins and pink finger marks on his arms and back from where Jungkook had grabbed onto him. Even days later he can feel the ghost-like hold Jungkook has on him, both mentally and physically. His roommate has raised one too many eyebrows at them, wondering why Jimin keeps going back to judo when he’s not particularly invested in it in the first place. Jimin always shrugs, doesn’t have it in him to explain.

It’s not really judo that Jimin’s in love with after all, just Jeon Jungkook.

“No, but seriously, try it again. You just need to fix your posture a bit, but it was good. It was a good start, Jimin.”

As much as Jimin can’t stand Jungkook’s teasing, he can’t stand his praises even more. “It was - Thank you, but it wasn’t - I didn’t even get you,” Jimin says embarrassedly. 

“Show me again,” Jungkook prompts, the look on his face softening.

Jimin edges closer, unsure. Jungkook doesn’t budge when Jimin hesitantly bends down to take hold of his thigh. He peers up at Jungkook’s expression and swallows tightly. “Do… Do you want me to try the throw?”

Jungkook stares down at him wordlessly for several long moments. 

“What - ” Jimin barely has time to feel a sense of foreboding at the grin that stretches Jungkook’s lips before he brings his hand to Jimin’s hair, petting and ruffling his hair aggressively. Jimin straightens with an indignant squawk because - his hair - and makes a valiant effort to move the strands back to their rightful place. Then with heightened resolve, he throws himself at Jungkook in response, reaching up to enact his revenge.

Jungkook’s laughing, barely managing to keep his head out of Jimin’s reach.

“Hold still, you giant brat,” Jimin bites out. 

“Is that any way to talk to your teacher,” Jungkook chortles, but his laughter breaks off when Jimin clambers onto his back, locking his legs around his middle and proceeds to make a mess out of his hair. “You’re gonna get it, Jimin,” he growls.

Jimin hates the way his stomach flips at the warning; the way it clenches when Jungkook manages to grab hold on him, sling him over his shoulder in one smooth motion before sending them both falling down onto the mat. At the last second, he switches their position, keeping Jimin’s body cushioned above him.

“I should make you run laps for this,” he murmurs, and his voice reverberates where their chests are pressed together. Jimin can’t tell if he’s serious, but he isn’t going to risk it.

“You started it,” Jimin says breathlessly. Jungkook looks like a dream come true, hair disheveled and a thin sheen of sweat on his skin, and all of it Jimin’s doing.

“No, you did. When you went to Jung Hoseok for help instead of me.”

“Can you let it go?” Jimin whines, though the happiness that colours his tone when Jungkook wraps his arms around him to keep him still is blatant for all ears. “I already told you why I did it.”

Jungkook, with his tongue pressed against his cheek in petulance and obviously not letting it go, mutters, “Yeah, whatever. Don’t do it again. I’m your coach. You can’t go fraternizing with the enemy.”

“Competition,” Jimin corrects. “Not enemy.”

“Same thing.” 

It’s not, but Jimin knows when he’s fighting a losing battle. “Alright,” he acquiesces. “I won’t go to Hobi-hyung for help with judo.”

“’Hobi-hyung’?” Jungkook echoes. “When’d he become ‘Hobi-hyung’? His first name is Competition - ”

“Jungkook, oh my god.”

“You’re not gonna lose to him at the next tournament, you got that Jimin? He’s gonna eat your tiny little fists and - ”

Jungkookie,” Jimin says with increasing exasperation.

“You’re gonna stand up there on the podium with that gold fucking medal around your neck, and he’s gonna bask in awe as you dead tree kick everyone’s ass after I help you make it perfect - ”

Jimin can’t help the giggles that bubble up, both at the serious set of Jungkook’s brows and the competitive fire burning in his eyes. “Alright. Whatever you say.” He sits up, and Jungkook follows suit. Jimin’s on his lap now, and he tries not to notice that fact. Tries.

“Your stance was a little too high just now. You need to lower yourself more, your center of gravity, and your grip wasn’t in the right place. You need to - ”

“Slow down, you’re rambling,” Jimin says with great fondness.

Jungkook pauses for a breath. “… And - ” 

His eyes widen for the briefest moment, before they shut. Jimin doesn’t know where the sudden courage had come from, but this close to Jungkook’s face, Jimin felt brave. It doesn’t feel so out of reach when their bodies are flush together, and Jungkook’s hands are coming up to frame his cheeks, still warm from exertion. Their mouths coming together, again and again, Jungkook’s tongue sliding against his, feels just like another one of their sparring matches.

When they break apart, panting heavily, Jungkook’s got that boyish grin on his face - the one that gets Jimin’s insides all twisted into knots, every damn time without fail. “You need to work on your technique.”

“Fuck off,” Jimin complains. Then, softer, and so fucking in love with Jeon Jungkook: “You gonna show me how it’s done, golden boy?”

“It’ll be my pleasure.”

I’m making the most of the hotel gym this week! There are so many things you can do with limited equipment! But I did bring my resistance loops so that helps a lot! Today I did 25 mins of cardio/HIIT on the treadmill and some abs!🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏼

3/5 Workout:

Treadmill: 25 mins HIIT at 6.0 speed and incline 1-4.5
Leg lifts: 3x10
Scissor kicks: 3x10
RL single leg lifts: 3x10
Ball crunches and presses: 3x15
Ball knee tucks: 3x15

Dear Damian Part 3 (Older Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Here we are again! Round three of pain and feels- Err, I mean Dear Damian *Maniacal laughter* I also wanted to thank all you guys for all of your support and love, it’s given me so much confidence and happiness over this week, so you all get virtual hugs! The ending of this one’s a little is not as good as I thought… but oh well, hope you guys like it!

@books-netflix-and-pizza   @isabellegunawan

Part 1 (By the wonderfully fabulous @maruthor), Part 2 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7

Warnings: Angst (?)

Word Count: 997

 Master List

“Hello Damian.”

There was something about your voice that Damian didn’t like. It was cold and shut off and not at all… you.

“[F/N], where have you been? I’ve been so worr- “

“You got my letter, didn’t you?”  You asked, cutting him off.

Damian looked at you, shocked at the icy tone you used toward him, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Yes…” He said cautiously, “But-!”                                                                                    

“But nothing Damian!” You said with a snarl, causing Damian to flinch. “If you read the note, then you would know exactly why I left.”

“Please, I just want to hear you say it.” He said, his voice cracking with emotion, but he managed not to cry. “[F/N], Beloved, please! I need you to say it.”

You turned, back facing toward him, your voice was filled with so much hate and disdain, “I don’t have to tell you anything. Now let me work, you have already wasted enough of my time.”

Your words tore at his heart, and he watched as you returned to your gun and took aim toward someone who was far below. This brought him back to reality.

“What are you doing?” He asked you, suddenly realizing what you had planned.

You sighed irritably, “And your supposed to be a detective, what does it look like I’m doing?”

Damian stiffened, his mind racing, “Your back with the assassins, aren’t you?”

No answer.

“[F/N], you know that I can’t let you do that.”

You sigh and rub your temples, “You know what Damian, I really thought we could do this civilly, you know, let bygones be bygones, but if you’re going to act like that, it seems I have no other choice.”

As soon as you finished talking, you spun around and threw a throwing knife directly at Damian.

His eyes went wide in surprise, but he easily dodged it, he barely had time to recover before you threw a punch directly at his face. He managed to hold his hand out and catch your flying fist before it made any contact with his head.

“[F/N]! Please! Stop! I don’t want to hurt you!” He pleaded as you threw more attacks his way.

“Aww! That’s cute, too bad the feeling isn’t mutual.” You spat out.

On and on this went, with you on offence and Damian of defense, he refused to hit you, refused to knock you down, he refused to hurt you. Because even after everything you said to him, every nasty thing, he still loved you.

He must have gotten distracted, because you had somehow managed to hit him, hard, in the face. He stumbled back in shock, blood dripping down from his nose. You left him no time to react, you swiftly knocked him down in a single swipe with your leg. There was a sickening smack as Damian’s head hit the hard floor. You were on top of him a moment later, your knife held to his throat.

“Idiot!” You hissed, the blade only centimeters away from his throat. “Why don’t you fight back?”

He looked into your [E/C] eyes, those same beautiful eyes that were once filled with love for him, he looked into them without fear, without hatred. He looked into them and smiled, then spoke, “Because no matter what you do, no matter what you say, I will always love you. You will always be my beloved.”

Your scowl faltered for a second, and in that brief second, Damian could’ve sworn he saw something else, was it pain? But the expression on your face was once again replaced with repulse.

“I should just kill you right now. My father would be very pleased with me if I do… but then again, it would be much more fun just to toy with you.” You gave him a wicked smile that didn’t quite meet your eyes, and with one swift motion, you raised the knife high above your head, and drove it deep into Damian’s arm.

He screamed out in anguish, grabbing his newly bleeding arm. You stood up, and causally walked away from his writhing body.

“Well, it’s been fun lover boy, but I have a target to acquire.” Then you were gone.

Damian managed to make it back to the bat cave without passing out from blood loss. He had stitched himself up, then sat down and thought about what had happened.

Everything about his interactions with you seemed to scream wrong, he just couldn’t figure out what. You had said something, something about who she worked for…

He closed his eyes and thought.

“Francis… No. Fanatic. No. fa-Father!”

He bolted upright which caused his arm to flare in pain, but he barely noticed.

Father, you were working with your father again. But why? You had always hated the madman, why would you have gone back to him now? Could you have left him because you truly wished to be with your father? Or was there something more?

His head swam with unanswered questions. Then, realization hit him, you wouldn’t have accidentally given away who you were working with, no, you were too smart for that. That means you wanted him to know where you were and who you were working with. But why on earth had you given it away?

“It could be a trap.”

Was the first thought that popped into his head, but that didn’t seem right.

“Think Damian, think!”

His mind kept going back to the same two moments,

“Please, I just want to hear you say it…”

“Because no matter what you do, no matter what you say, I will always love you. You will always be my beloved.”

What did you respond back with?

He racked his brain, but came up with the same answer.

“She… she never answered me, she never told me how she really felt, which could only mean…”

Damian bolted out of his chair, his heart beating rapidly with a new found hope.

“She loves me.”

How They Sleep:

Beethoven: Tornado, sheets thrown off, loud snoring, looks like he might sing.

Mozart: Fetal position, baby snore, wears night cap.

List/Lizt: Legs uncovered, single sigh, wears hair cap.

Chopin: Child’s position, blanket covers everything, no noise, how does he breathe.

Schubert: Lays on back, has a ruff time falling and staying asleep, thinks about things at 1am.

Am I Distracting You?

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

Word Count: 1,019

Warnings: None

A/N: It’s my first post here and I had no idea I would be so nervous about it. I know it’s trash but you know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Originally posted by leakees

*Not my GIF*

You try catching your breath as you stumble into a corner of the ring. Tired and hurt, but still not willing to give up, you use the ropes to help yourself up. You and Nikki have had matches on numerous occasions before, but this match was much more different. This was a number one contenders’ match for the Smackdown Live Womens Championship. Since this was your first opportunity to get a chance to fight for the championship in a while, the stakes were incredibly high. Losing again would definitely not help you in the ranks.

“Come on, you can do this! Pull yourself together, Y/N” you mutter.

Nikki stood dazed and confused in the middle of the ring, still dizzy after the attacks from your substantial move set. This is your chance to finish her. You push yourself off of the ropes to gain momentum for your next move, a single leg dropkick. Nikki spun around just in time for the move to connect perfectly.

“Mammia mia!” Mauro Ranallo yelled from the commentators table.

You roll back into the corner of the ring, using the ropes to help yourself up again. A grin appears on your face when you spot Nikki lying motionless on the ring mat. You glanced at the crowd and embraced the cheers that dominated the whole arena. You proceed to stomp your foot, signalling to the crowd that you were about to preform your finishing move, a super kick. Nikki was slowly getting back to her feet. Just as you were about to deliver the brutal kick, the sound of an engine revving mixed with some cheers filled the arena.

“What the hell?!” you yell.

The commentators are almost as baffled as you are.

“You don’t think it’s-” Mauro gasped.

“Who else could it possibly be other than the lunatic fringe himself, Dean Ambrose?” JBL groaned.

“But what is he doing coming out here?!”

Once Dean came out, the crowd cheered even louder. He’s wearing his regular attire; the usual blue jeans, white sleeveless shirt, black combat boots and a black leather jacket to complete the whole ensemble. You stared at him for a few seconds. It wasn’t exactly hard to get lost in his baby blue eyes. Before you knew it, he was already halfway down the ramp.

“You shouldn’t stare, Y/N, it’s not polite. Then again, who can blame you?” he said in an almost mocking tone.

You clenched your fist and narrowed your eyes as you watched him make his way past the ring.

“Don’t you have to go be irritating somewhere else?” you asked.

Dean glanced down at his wrist and pretended to look at a watch.

“Hmm… No, not for another half an hour” he responded.

You scowled at him. It wasn’t until a few seconds passed by that he motioned for you to turn around. You furrowed your brow and spun around directly into a forearm smash from Nikki. You stumble around the ring a bit with your face in hand. Still dizzy, you walk straight into Nikki and she is quick to lift you up.

“Will she be able to pull off the Rack Attack for the number one contenders’ spot?” Mauro yelled.

“Come on, Y/N! Wouldn’t want to lose that opportunity for the title, now would we?” Dean called from ringside.

You barely managed to fight out of it and land on your feet. Nikki stood in the middle of the ring, frustrated. You grit your teeth and try your best to ignore the rest of the unintelligible yelling coming from Dean. You charge towards the middle of the ring, spearing Nikki. You lift your arm up and the crowd goes wild. In addition, Dean took off his leather jacket and swung it around. You looked over and rolled your eyes at him. You were about to go for the pin until…

“Let’s go, Y/N! Make daddy proud!” Dean yelled.

You knew you shouldn’t have, but you turned around anyway. Dean laughed.

“Sorry, am I distracting you?” he asked.

You shot Dean a dirty look hoping he got the message.

“Awh, you look cute even when you’re mad!” he teased.

You were about to open your mouth to respond until Nikki rolled you up for the pin.

“1… 2…” the referee counted.

You managed to kick out just in time. Nikki looked furious, and so were you.

“Will someone get that lunatic out of here!?” JBL yelled, “He’s interfering in a very important match!!”

That’s it, now you were riled up. The adrenaline kicked in and you sprung up to your feet. You pointed at Dean.

“How’s this for ya, Ambrose?” you yelled.

You backed up into the ropes, gaining momentum once more and gave Nikki a devastating clothesline, similar to the signature move Dean would always preform during matches. Dean admittedly looked a little surprised. You continued the assault with a Dirty Deeds to Nikki right in the middle of the ring. You went for the pin, still not breaking eye contact with Dean.

“1… 2… 3!” the referee shouted.

The referee lifted your arm.

“Your new number one contender for the Smackdown Live Womens Championship, Y/N!” cheered Mauro.

The crowd was filled with joy and began to chant your name. You were still catching your breath when Dean slipped into the ring. He casually walked over to you. You showed no expression when he gave you a big dimply smile. God, those dimples. You lifted your arm into the air one last time and the crowd roared. Dean didn’t take his eyes off you as he stood inches away. You eyed the lunatic and gave your lip a subtle bite.

“This isn’t over, Ambrose” you mumbled.

He was still looking at you as you slipped out of the ring. You sat on the ringside and before hopping off, you turned around one last time. Dean shot you a wink and waved to you. You chuckled. You made your way up the ramp, stopping once you got to the very top. You took one last moment to let out a deep breath and smile before continuing.

Rainy Day Cuddles || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: in which Peter Parker finds that spending a stormy day alone with his crush may not be such a bad day.}

me to me: stop writing so much about Peter. You’re annoying everyone in the tags.

also me to me: stfu ho, why don’t you make me stop?

warnings: none

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story! Reblogs are fine**


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| Jeon JungKook | Beauty and the Beast! AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Genre: Romance/ angst.
Warnings: none.
Word count: 3k
A/N: This is shamefully late and unbelievably long. I didn’t follow the exact story line so it’s safe to say that it’s my modified version of the fairytale.

Little did he know, little did she see. Black ivory and no chance to flee, what a daunting task it came to be. The corners of his mouth twisted in a mischievous grin, looking upon their little sleepy heads. Kissing goodbyes and wiping farewell tears.

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Corrective exercises are only helpful if you’re actually performing them properly 😉 The single leg RDL is commonly used to improve hip and ankle stability, but it’s worthless if you’re doing sloppy reps. Here are two common flaws I see, and tips on how to correct them.

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he was the art

@beggingforfics​ or hannah or bby depending on the time of day gave me this prompt (well this picture) so here is the story of delia and harry. 

i’m posting this to make her feel guilty. just a psa.

Delia happened upon him in the middle of the art shop, her basket heavy from paints that her roommate insisted she pick up because it was perfect for the project he was assigned. She hoped she was reading his handwriting correctly, grabbing the right numbers and the correct brushes, but he had a doctor’s handwriting and all of it merged together into a bunch of random words that made no sense to her. 

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Let’s get fit! 1/3

What a way to start the day.. Cacao Oatmeal 😋😋 (my obsession with cacao is getting too real 🍫) Daaaamn it was good! All I needed was some figs to make this 💯💯
I’m trying to start my essay today but my mind was unclear so I decided to hit the gym for a quick session to perk me up and get me energised 💪🏽

Circuit x 4
Bosu ball v-sit 15
Bosu ball single leg cross toe touch 10
Around the world 10
Leg raise w/scissor kick 10

20min Elliptical

Zach Werenski #2 - Working Out

Anon asked: Hey! Could you write another zach werenski one? Where you two workout out together(and you pretty much kick his ass;) than have a cute pizza date or lazy day? You can change if you want!! Thanks:)) your writing is amazing!

Yes anon here you go! I love the idea of the reader kicking the professional athlete’s ass. I’m not sure why but that is always fun to write. I hope you enjoy this story!

Even though Zach had an off day he didn’t treat it as one. Sure he would sleep in a little later and would splurge slightly by eating Honey Nut Cheerios instead of Multigrain Cheerios but he still had a relative routine. The only thing that really changed was what he did in the afternoon. On game days it was taking a nap and on off days it was binge watch television he missed because of games or trying a new recipe in an attempt to learn how to cook.

If you spent the night before an off day you would try your best to join him at the gym if you didn’t have your own work to catch up on. Fortunately for you, you were ahead on work and when his alarm went off and he went to eat breakfast you joined him. You personally liked the days when you worked out together because it meant you got to use the Blue Jackets’ training facility. On days when a game or practice wasn’t scheduled the players were allowed to use the facility on their own. That technically meant they could bring anyone that they included on their friends and family list. With it being a professional athletics facility they always had the newest equipment and you were always excited to try it out.

You finished your breakfast before Zach and left to go change while he took what you deemed his “sweet, sweet time.” You were tying up your sneaker laces when he walked in and you went to wait by the front door. When he was finally ready to go you felt like you were going to jump out of your skin with all the excess energy you had. He rolled his eyes fondly and you two took the elevator down to the parking garage where he was parked. Soon enough you were driving down to Nationwide Arena. He pulled his ID out to show the guard who waved him in before he could get it fully out of his wallet. Of course they would know who he was. He parked in the player spots near the underground entrance and you forced yourself to not run to the door.

There were no other cars in the lot so you hoped that meant you two would get the facility to yourselves. It wasn’t that you minded when his teammates were there, in fact they are a great motivator but it was nice to have time with just your boyfriend. The gym is empty when you two walk in and you wasted no time in hooking your phone up to the speakers. The playlist was filled with the best mix of pump it up songs that you could find and you spent more time on it than you were willing to admit.

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