In The Man with the Twisted Lip ep, Holmes and Watson spend the night in the St. Clair’s house. Holmes already knew that he was gonna do that and had in his bag the necessary things for it, but didn’t count with Watson accompanying him


the nightshirt Watson wears to sleep is actually Holmes’s and that’s why Holmes stays in his suit all night?????!!!!!!!

I use to think being single sucked and that I needed someone… I’ve done a lot of thinking and Ive come to the conclusion that I’m single for a reason because I will make the right person really happy someday and to just ride the waves and enjoy life right now… I hope I have the privilege of stumbling upon my future wife somewhere in a cute book store or coffee shop or even at a dive bar someday… till then wherever she is I hope she’s smiling thinking about what it would be like to be with someone like me.



Imagine Gazelle having Sasha and Wade having kodi and are single for whatever reasons and Gazelle moves to Wade’s town to be the music teacher at Kodi’s school and they meet at a PTA and she gushes how Kodi is such a natural born singer but Wade can’t focus because this teacher is the MOST GORGEOUS THING HE’S EVER SEEN!

Someone do something with this AU because I can’t!

it’s funny when straight girls think you have an automatic crush on them because you’re gay like no Cindy you’re single for a reason


I don’t know what”s gonna happen in season 2, nor does Yakov


“And you know what? Lindsay and I… We made an extra life.”

No, I totally didn’t cry over this announcement, and no I totally haven’t been obsessing over it, unable to stop thinking about how Michael must be scared of losing their baby and how absolutely excited and in love he is with his child already and how Lindsay is so happy and how they are going to be the cutest parents to ever parent and how happy I am to watch them grow over the years.

That would be ridiculous.


endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “