A David-Ruffling-His-Hair collection (Part One)

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a wild david tennant appears

Single Father Au (Request)

Another request from @rhondol (sorry if it not exactly what you wanted.)

Person A is a single father who lost his partner, Person B, a couple years ago. The best he gots is Person C, a kid who he’s decided to raise on his own.

-Person A has two jobs to pay for the house, and constantly pulls Person C around work, hiding them around the office so he doesn’t get caught with them.

-Person C is constantly playing pretend, and Person A always plays along, even if their is work to be done around the house.

-Person C is always asking where Person B is. Person A, having just as big as a imagination as Person C, explains that they’re traveling the world, draws pictures everyday, and sends them to Person A. Person A then stays up late to draw pictures for Person C.

-Person A attends all of the hobbies/sports that Person C loves, and has the stand with all the single sports moms, and ends up getting asked out a lot, but keeps the same to stay in the hands of Person B.

-Person A ends up staying late, having an emotional break down from missing Person B. Person C opens the door and stands and watches Person B, but as soon as Person B sees them, he stops crying and carries Person C back to bed, and reads a story to them to help them sleep. In the end, both Person A and C end up falling asleep in the small little bed.

-Person A constantly drops Person C at Person B’s parents house to watch them while he is on vacation for work. Person A is constantly face timing them, making sure everything is fine.

-Person C gets lice, and because Person A never had lice, he calls his parents to help him get rid of them.