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[결경] 여러분 뭐하고 계세요~? 저는 오늘 촬영하고 왔어요~~^^ 이렇게 매일매일 팬분들과 만날 수 있어서 너무너무 행복해요😘 앞으로도 계속 함께 해주실거죠??^^ 여러분 사랑해요❤️아앙>3

[KYULKYUNG] Everyone what are you doing~? Today I went to go shoot~~^^ To be able to see the fans like this every single day makes me so happy 😘 You’ll continue being with us in the future right??^^ Everyone, I love you ❤️ aang >3

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people say “if you don’t lower your standards, you’re gonna end up spending your whole life alone!” like being a healthy, happy, financially independent single adult is actually worse than being stuck in an abusive and/or emotionally unfulfilling relationship with someone who isn’t willing/able to meet your needs. like no offense, but I think I’m gonna choose to be happy rather than throwing myself into a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. 

I hope you don’t accept anything less than what you deserve. Run away from average love. Run like all hell. You deserve someone who will make your blood stir and cause your heart dance. You deserve to be deliriously happy. It’s ok to be patient. It’s ok to wait for that. You’re waiting for the best, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.
—  Unknown
Be my girlfriend because:

-I’ll buy/make you food
-Staying in and watching a movie is always an option
-I will surprise you with flowers for no reason other than I love you
-Cuddles, all the time
-We can be nerds and geek out over stupid things together
-I’ll (try to) harmonize with you while singing in the car
-Sad? We can make out. Happy? We can make out.
-I’ll rub your butt
-We can treat dogs like our babies
-I’ll protect you from anything scary
-I’ll never ask for anything except a genuine smile
-We can take naps together, any time of day

  • viktor: i live on the edge.
  • viktor: haha get it because i spend my time skating in skates which are edgy
  • yuuri: viktor if you make a skating pun one more time i'm divorcing you

just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re undesirable.

Philip and Lukas sitting under the tree and holding hands and playing with each other’s fingers and smiling and laughing with each other and kissing each other saved my entire soul, it cleansed me, it rebuilt me as a better person, not a word of an exaggeration