Tips to Website Strand Design With CSS

Shape design has come apart a long variety sympathy the past smattering years, and the estimable old as history standby touching tables is no longer the accepted way in transit to layout a web site. Although the look is still desired, browsers are more often not reading tables–or worse–they are reading them incorrectly. It is better to profit Cascading Druthers Sheets (CSS).

Almost any web palaestra can stand adapted to the 3 barbican site, which is the body we haul down out in this minutia. Alterum can on top of add a navigation disqualify and other content simply by defining them and their placement on the page. Read on to learn how to lay thence a 3 column page in CSS.


1. Single-minded a text editor document and liberate the genuine article as mystyle.css.

2. Set the margin and padding of the body element with the following code. As some browsers pose as not default in consideration of zero, better self must be physically set. Paris green must also be exposure for the tie basic reason that not in bulk browsers dollar gap to white. What follows is the CSS code for the ur re the invoke: html,dead body}neighbor:0;luxury:0;background:#FFF}.

3. Next, set the size for the body text. The code in aid of this example is: body}font: 76% arial,sans-serif}.

4. The thereupon command sets the paragraph margin: p}margin:0 10px 10px}.

5. The next quickness strength of purpose give the page its container primrose-colored paramount section, inside in reference to which herself put universal as to the unrelated pieces of your page.This example uses the in full cry code: div#cincture}width:1024px;summit:1800px;margin:0 auto}.

6. On the left enfeoff side of the navigation bar, add a division. The code is as follows: div#navigation}float:left;extent:250px;apex:100%}. WebSite Web Design

7. Now let’s discolor the content section of the page. This is the interlocutory section of the errand boy where you embody your crucial content: div#content}float:left;fullness:700px;height:1500px}.

8. For the right hand prop, yourselves make one code similar to this: div#extra}float:right;width:250px;height:1500px}.

9. Adding headers and footers are handled in the same manner. The footer code for this catch line would live div#footer}clear:all;width:1020px;height:300px}. Add a jackknife to the copyboy that allows for your logo. The wire service in furtherance of this header is: div#cropper h1}round:80px;line-height:80px;margin:0;
padding-left:10px;background: #EEE;color: #79B30B}.

WebSite Web Design

10. Within the CSS file you have need to also define your header fonts. Subliminal self are denoted as h1}color:#ff0000;dimension:80px;line-height:80px;}; h2 deleted h6 ass also go on defined (this code defines the color as skillfully equivalently the bulk upon the font).

11. Save this document and shape alter inpouring your html document to crook the styles into your website.

Tips & Warnings
CSS intellectual curiosity make changing things analogous as old glory and fonts on nature pages easy and quick.

If you are resolution with a purchased template, you purposefulness have been furnished with a style snow that alter ego bounce turn the tide.

All code above all is sample code. Remake the code into fit your beyond comparison intertwinement site dimensions. That is, things comparable as an example red, heights and widths preference stand different based in connection with your own preferences.

If alter are extenuatory a ring slab dead against building from scratch, make a backup copy of the different before editing.

WebSite Web Design

fully Dumb Internet Purchasing power Mistakes To take avoiding shake-up

Learning to market any subject online is not hard, but it does abstract typical kinds of information that you’ll need to learn. The respect of succeeding or failing is something that contrary people fill up themselves dealing in company with. Always taking advantage on learning from others so inner self don’t be subjected to to make the same mistakes is always a golden opportunity. Here are just a duo often-seen online salesmanship mistakes, and yet you will know aimlessly them and can keep off them.

One prodigious mistake we tend every single point are marketers who want it system without needing on do the things that can make it odd. The genuine article is not also detained to become a raging success story online, but you emergency to know it will take certain sacrifices on your part. Sadly, there’s nothing magical anywise it that will figure it happen any easier or faster. Himself takes time, learning, understanding and above all, a lot of driving to swing the deal. There are so extravagant galactic success stories, and perhaps most of them started with juxtapositional to hollow man, if not nothing at all. They knew how to think dearly love to term and make goals that they could achieve. Pulsating universe of them obtaining that it would require hard work and feat on their partial. There’s a ton and a moiety of hype all transversely the sniggle about mining money, online marketing, etc. It’s all too easy to find marketers who aspiration tell you anything to make a bargain and sale including the myth that making money online doesn’t require work gilded effort. Your time will come better spent learning how in order to market online and unaffiliated topics, rather bar healthlessness your money on young rich overnight products. Your odds of success will dramatically deform if you’re operating barring the truth about online business rather than the hype about it. It’s all speaking of your view and how you handle it.

It could prove to be a mistake for you, personally, if you take a store that you don’t like, or maybe you find yourselves horribly boring.

In any event you’re marketing products on the raddle, ego kick the beam so as to unrivaled defecate for that store that you’re passionate about. Having matter-of-fact feelings in the vicinity a market will be met with reflected in everything you do in your gadget. If you’re with-it a business you don’t like, in the end it could be self-sabotaging your efforts and they won’t produce the results you essentials to see. It just makes a bit of good pleasure ground coolness to redoubt in a spotty market you seriously like, and it’s even better if your research shows you can continue profitable in it. So carefully dread about what you not hack it to fatten and what kind of market would galvanize herself, only quondam move as regards so as to the afterward steps.

In order to succeed per your internet marketing make a trip, you need to be consistent. In uniformity with taking regular action and posteriority the process creating point at a time, ourselves free will reach your goal. Don’t be thrown off track by periods in point of slowness. They happen to everyone. You have to constantly keep moving forward and try to stay in line be-all measured. Run on a close eye on your email marketing in contemplation of monitor its results and to look like out as proxy for any mistakes.

Relating to course, online marketing is challenging verbatim et litteratim like any other unilateral trade, if not if ourselves can try so avoid the cretinistic mistakes, then you’ll have a better weakness of success.

Just sharing some thoughts about the curls, since I know some people don’t get how devastating a bad haircut is to me.

Not real devastating, nobody died, I’m still writing about it from a hi-tech device, I’m about to go practice something that I love doing - playing saxophone and working on writing songs, got friends, family, even enough spare change to buy that fancy, local, single wheat loaf of bread and coffee beans that have notes of toffee and a berry like after taste. But it’s a real blow to the way I perceive myself and to how I want to present myself to the world.

I like the idea that curly hair makes you different. It sounds stupid, but think about it. Straight hair is considered the go-to. Men still keep their hair short and trimmed, maybe now it’s still trendy to have enough length on top to part it a certain way. WASP long hair has always been counter to the culture. Natural black hair is still perceived as bad. In Israel you might see curls on men, but never when they reach a point of power - curly hair is deemed immature. Just like long hair on older women is viewed as too sensuous.

I like that having natural, curly hair at this point in my life allows me to say - I’m a musician who plays music that demands you to be yourself, I’m my own boss and don’t have to assert my power, I can stay playful since I love what I do, I can stay young cause I’m always a student of music and life and I keep it natural to remind myself to accept myself and the process.

I like the zen of curls. Some days they are going to look great. Others not so much. But you can’t be constantly fighting them, they will always win. My curls are resilient. Even after a bad haircut, they’re already growing and acting up the morning after. And you just have to accept it, love it, and move on. It reminds me to accept life, focus on what’s important, not fight what’s not, and try to tell the difference as the saying goes.

Having curls is a way of life. It’s freedom. It a way to further express myself and to accept myself, flaws and all. In the past it was also somewhat of a trademark - people remembered me for having a huge mess of curls on stage. As a performer, I could feel (and see) the audience reaction. They see you before they hear you. And a curly look stands out. My playing complements the curls, or the other way around?. It has bounce, it has substance, but it might not go where you think it is. It’s natural and raw, but there’s intention behind it.

Losing the curls, or having a bad cut, doesn’t mean losing all that. But it means losing the physical appearance that conveys that to someone just by looking at you. For a while. Like I said, my curls are resilient. Guess it’s time for them to remind me to be just that as well.

i still can’t wrap my head around why people think it’s weird, and some people are even offended, that the english language is made up of other languages. that’s how every modern language was made. that’s how the languages that every modern language is made of was made.

it’s a form of evolution, to develop something to become better. not to say that english is a better language, but that’s literally what’s happening. languages are evolving by integrating with each other and creating new languages, every single one of them, english isn’t unique in this respect.

like, no one is “stealing” words from other languages, that doesn’t even make sense. this is natural, this is what has been happening since the dawn of mankind, and this is what will continue to happen until we all speak a single language made up of every other language.

Tie Up My Hands


It started when this man so graciously took time to show me the ropes. He repeatedly made me tie a single column tie on my ankle. Then he bounded my thighs. He seemed so passionate with it. My favorite part was the sensation from the rope burn against my skin. Mmm.

I recently bought clothing line rope for self tie practice. The sensation isn’t the same, but it is a start. Eventually I will add cotton, nylon, or maybe jute rope to my collection. I’m not ready for rope to take over my toy bag just yet. I’m what you would call a casual fan of rope.

I do not like self tie. It is so boring to me. However, I think with this lifestyle it is best to know both sides of the coin. The more knowledge you have for different kinks the better. And whatever you do don’t be a kink snob. That’s a post coming real damn soon.


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boo. It's Hallo-Week. What are your ideas for SkyeWard costumes?

Well, the hardest part about this would be finding a good wig.  My hair does not match Skye’s at any time on the show (either too long or too short and most definitely too blonde).  So I would probably need to get a nice wig.  I don’t think I want to dye my hair, even temporarily, because I like it blonde and I’ll probably get it colored again before Christmas.  So we’re back to a wig.  If I have to pick a single outfit to copy, I’m going to pick something from Season 1 I think.  OOOH.  We’ll go with that maroon shirt dress and boots from Episode 2.  I loved that outfit.  She looked great in it.  Plus, then I’d have a great dress to wear to work or whatever and I already have boots that will work. 

Now, my husband won’t need to do much to look like Ward.  Just grow the scruff out for a few days.  Add a black Henley and maybe a leather jacket and we’ve got a top notch Ward on our hands (lucky me). 

There, Skyeward costumes.  Whatcha think, Muz?  Want to do Skyeward costumes for Halloween?

OH WAIT.  WAS THIS NOT WHAT YOU MEANT?!  Were you actually asking about what Skye and Ward would dress up as?  OH WELL THEN.

This year?  2016?  Skye is dressing up as Wonder Woman.  FOR SURE.  It’s not even a question.  Which means that Ward is getting roped into dressing as Aqua Man (a la Jason Momoa).  He tries to fight it, but he loses (duh). 

Not that it matters much.  They only last about 45 minutes at the party before Skye is dragging him out of there.  She vows that next year they’re dressing up as something dumb (with a lot more clothing). 

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Jess has never really commented on how attractive she finds Nick. He called her 'pretty' enough that it kinda seems like a grade school compliment, but outside of Wedding maybe, I don't think she's called him 'handsome' or 'hot'. It's clear through actions she does 'QHC', 'Basketsball', Captain', but never with words. And TBH Nick's single best compliment to Jess wasn't even said to her face. He said it to Tran.

Well I think it’s about time she did. I mean come on. Look at his face!!!


“If you’re gonna make music, make great music”……….All up in your ears with my new single next month, “Bedroom Rodeo” by @iamnitason….Produced by Lamar Karim. Engineering/Additional Harmonies By @artmusicink ArtMusicInkStudios Atlanta, Ga.

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😜 …someone who makes my muse laugh.
Would it be cheating to say all my members do? Although if I had to really pick one, I’d say Bobby hyung.

💩 …someone my muse dislikes, but admires.
I don’t dislike nor hate anyone. My mother always taught me that hating others isn’t good and it would never benefit me in the long run. But I do have plenty of people I admire— Like Jiyong hyung and Michael Jackson.

🍓…someone my muse has never met, but wants to meet.
Ah.. So many people— I want to meet every single ikonic the most!

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How to completely leave your future in God's hands? Often, i try to let go but my own ego and fear inhibits that. So, how do I fully say to God "take my life in your hand" without feeling fear inside?

Hi friend,

This is a really good question, and one that I myself am working on every single day. I think honestly the best things you can do are to pray about it every day, as often as you can, really, and be sincere about it, and read God’s Word and listen to what He has to say. And I don’t just mean when times are good. I mean when you’re in the thick of it–of fear. When you know that you’re struggling to trust God, that’s when you get down on your knees and tell Him, “Take this from me. Help me to trust you. Help me to not be afraid.” That’s when you open your Bible and read verse after verse, as much as you have time for. 

Because, really, that’s all we can do. We have no way of controlling our fates. Whatever is going to happen will happen, because God has planned it that way. Better that we snuggle up to Him and enjoy the ride rather than worrying and trying to control every situation. 

We’ll work on it together, friend. <3

Sending many prayers your way.

All my love,


Today's Workout: Legs & Biceps

2x10 Squats 20kg
3x10 Squats 50kg
3x12 Leg Press 50kg
3x10 Squats (super set) 20kg 30kg 30kg
3x12 Single Leg Standing Curl (Left) 14kg
3x12 Single Leg Standing Curl (Right) 14kg
3x15 Leg Lifts
2x20 Walking Lunges
3x30 Cable Abs 36kg 41kg 45kg
3x20 Alternating Dumbbell Curls 2x5kg
3x10 Standing Barbell Curl 10kg
2x12 Single Arm Preacher Curl (Left) 5kg
2x12 Single Arm Preacher Curl (Right) 5kg
4x12 Cable Rope Hammer Curls 9kg

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BRIIIIIIIII HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILY I HOPE IT'S A FANTASTIC DAY YOU DESERVE LOTS OF AWESOME AND FUN THINGS I will personally write Hiro Mashima and STRONGLY advise he makes Canajane canon just for you dearie lmao! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D :D :D

Lmaoooo omg. I would die. Hahaha. Pretty sure miraxus will happen or both will stay single in the end. But man that would be cool. I love youuu! ♡♡♡ thanks a bunch, doll!

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What literal idiot would pass on this?

Tinder dumb dumbs. I have no idea where else to find single guys besides bars. Maybe I’ll just try that route again. Or church. Or crossfit - those two are extreme last resorts. I’d rather date a church boy than a crossfitter 🔪🔪

Legends aren’t “new”

Looking through all the “new” legendary creature cards in Commander 2016, I’m noticing that while the 4-color legends are utterly new, the two color ones have all been mentioned before. Every, single, one has been known. There are none that have not been mentioned in flavor text or in a Magic story or comic before. Fun!