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30, 48, 94! ^^

30. whats your favorite candle scent? : most things with vanilla!

48. who is your role model? : probably my hamster. that dude gives 100% every single day.

94. favorite lyrics right now : hmm “she said, k lamar, you kind of dumb to be a poet" lol

The remote island where Tinder has a sneaky new use

Tinder in a big city often feels like a bottomless pit of unfamiliar faces, making it prime swiping territory for singles. But what happens when the majority of profiles you see are familiar faces? 

In the Shetland Islands, which has a population of around 23,000, people who aren’t in the market for a date join Tinder just to be nosy and see what everyone else is doing. 

In the Shetland Islands — an archipelago 300 miles to the north of Scotland — swiping on Tinder feels much like scrolling through your Facebook feed. You’ll see familiar face upon familiar face, be they friends, family members, colleagues, ex-partners, and neighbours. 

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Marjolein Robertson — who’s lived on her family’s croft in Shetland her whole life — says that Tinder is pretty popular on the islands, but she’s fairly certain no one’s using it right.

An aerial view of the Shetland islands, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Image: Getty Images/DeAgostini

Many Shetlanders — even those in committed relationships — join Tinder just to be nosy and find out who’s looking for love. Much like your curtain-twitching neighbours snooping on you as you return home from a date. 

“Like most other Shetlanders, I got Tinder to see who else is on Tinder,” says Robertson. “I don’t think we’re using it right." 

She says that Tinder in Shetland "makes no sense” because you’re likely to know half the people — sometimes more — you swipe through. She says if you decide to swipe right on someone you know, it’ll be perceived as “pretty serious” from the get-go. “Because you probably already know them really well and are going to their sister’s wedding that weekend,” she adds. 

“Many folks in relationships, even married, are all on Tinder. I’m talking both halves of the couple,” says Robertson. “They’re not there to swing, they’re there to see who else is there. It’s just a lot of people hanging around looking at other people.”

Simon, a Shetlander on Tinder who prefers to just use his first name, also says that being on Tinder in Shetland doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking for a date. “In London, if a friend says ‘I saw your BF on Tinder’ it means he’s cheating,” Simon said over a Tinder chat.

A view of the Shetland Islands, outlined in red.

Image: google maps

“But here, it can mean anything. It’s such a small community that cheating is harder. We all know each other, all recognise each other’s cars,” Simon adds. 

He said that it can be “kind of boring” in Shetland, so Tinder is a good way to see if there are any new additions to the community. 

“With so few people, Tinder is an amazing way to quickly find out who is new to the island.” In fact, Simon says that if he doesn’t know someone who’s popped up on his Tinder, then they must be new to the island. 

And, when people are new to the island, Tinder becomes one giant swipe party. “There was a brief period when there was a large construction going on in Shetland and there was an influx of about 2,000 workers on the plant. Maybe more. Tinder exploded. Many new men,” says Robertson. 

An Atlantic puffin in Hermaness National Nature Reserve, Unst, Shetland Islands.

Image: Getty Images

Adam, who’s only ever matched with seven people on Tinder, says that the community on Shetland can be nosy when it comes to other people’s affairs. He says they’re probably on Tinder “just to get something to talk about.”

Robertson says that dating online in Shetland is “weird” given that you already know everyone. But, broadening one’s search perimeters isn’t really an option, as travelling to Scotland is costly and time-consuming. “Madness. 28 hours return trip on a boat or £200+ pound on a flight. That’s immediately grounds for a proposal,” says Robertson. 

Matt Holmes, a friend of Robertson, met his girlfriend on Tinder three months ago. But, it wasn’t exactly easy. He says he knew most of the people on Tinder, either personally or through mutual friends. But, once he’d established that they weren’t interested in him romantically, it was strange seeing them around the island. 

The Shetland Islands are best known for Shetland Ponies, which originate from the archipelago.

Image: Getty Images

He says that because of the close-knit community in Shetland, it would be impossible to use Tinder for casual sex. “I think with the way news travels around here then if you used Tinder for a few hookups people would start talking or something,” says Holmes.

Singletons frustrated with the limited pool of new faces should take heart: meeting a partner on Tinder DOES happen. (Rarely.) 

Shetland swipers are hitting up Tinder for sexy and non-sexy reasons. It’s prime territory for nosy neighbours to snoop on singles. But, much like a social network, Tinder is useful in signalling new additions to the community. When swiping right doesn’t lead to a hookup or date, it may bring a new friend instead. 

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Aerial Ace? :)

Aerial Ace: Favorite Flying types(s)

This is always the hardest/strangest one when I think about it. Did you know that after 8 Generations of Pokemon, there is one single Flying type, and only one Pokemon with Flying as it’s first in dual typing? Tornadus and Noivern respectively.
So generally speaking I tend to think of this as “Favorite bird Pokemon”

Talonflame is my favorite bird (although it should really be under Fire type)
Pidgeot is my OG bird and I actually love Pidgeot a lot
I have actually never used a Braviary, but I really like it’s design and I plan to catch and use one since I am playing White right now.
Noivern does seem cool, but I have never used one.

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lmfao "those dms were photoshopped" even if they were, that doesn't account for one girls entire firsthand account that she made a video about AND elijahs friend who he was defending in the first place. ever single different source can't be lying about this.

there’s always someone who embellishes a story just to get attention, but there’s absolutely no way multiple girls who don’t know each other could make up similar stories about what Dom did to them. just because you don’t agree with what someone’s saying doesn’t make them wrong. there may be fake screenshots going around but the ones elijah tweeted are real, and so are the gc ones.

A few times now i’ve come up with AUs involving my OCs and i throw in @purplepolarbear‘s OCs in the AUs too c:
Half the time the AUs are ‘What if’ scenarios - basically normal U but with scenarios gone the other way that effects the storyline big time
Other times then it’s a completely new U, same characters but a lot of them will have different lives, storylines, backgrounds etc.and the actual world around them is completely different or new too 
I’ve come up with 2 or 3 AUs so far, aaaaand here’s the 1st one c:
Took a while to name but i eventually got there 
I haven’t got a complete storyline for it yet … It’s very video game inspired and for some reason watching a heck load of Corridor Digital videos helped with this idea too xP Basically it’s our world but set far in the future - due to an uncontrollable and deceiving president the world turns against itself and every single piece of land on this planet has turned into a war land - fallen buildings, rubble, dust, sand, blood splatters, the occasional dead body and spare weapons - and due to the lose of control with global warming everything is pretty much dry and dusty. Everyone’s fighting against eachother (people on the president’s side vs. other people), running away and hiding is the number 1 thing to do in order to survive. Parents, in order to save their children no matter what age, have to dress them and kit them out as soldiers and just send them out into the world so they can hopefully survive. Some people are out to fight, some people are out hiding and jumping on vehicles hoping they won’t bump into someone from the other side. There are a few ‘Safe Zones’ though, and my story, or Joey’s (main character) story, is based around a Safe Zone he eventually finds after years of being out trying to find his brother. 
The story is based around Joey because he’s the only ‘soldier’ that is out there in this world trying to survive but at the same time not wanting to hurt or kill anyone. He is not like other soldiers. He wants to make a difference and prove to the world that fighting is not the answer.
Sorry for the speech there x’DDD If you read all that shite, thank you so much with all my heart <3 Tempted to write out like a Plot Outline or Plot Brief some day later on here on Tumblr just in case i forget a few details or something when i come back to this whenever … Hope you enjoyed c’:

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Trust me I know how lonely it can get, I'm a single newly mother. Women stay far away from me because I have a kid and it sucks so bad honestly. But the only way to live is keeping your head held high and smile no matter how bad it gets. One can not fully love someone until they're not "lonely" because you'll never know if you want someone out of love or lonileness? Find things that make you happy, draw pretty pictures. Pet your animals, and remember the sun shines for you babygirl. 😙

You’re literally such a wonderful person ❤️ you’re doing great in life!