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Edgy Oscar trying to impress Ruby?

I… I Tried  ;w;
This took me way longer than expected lol

So my brother and I realized that you can divide just about any Jrpg protag into one of two groups which we decided to call Sora and Riku

Riku: The reserved, “cool” guy. Usually this is accomplished by the character being either quiet, brooding, an asshole or some combination of those things. Whether or not they actually are cool is irrelevant Ie wannabes count

Sora: The outgoing, happy-go-lucky. The always smiling do goer who never lets anything get them down. Makes friends super easily and may or may not be a goofball. 

I mean granted Sora and Riku aren’t the epitome of these archetypes but damn if they aren’t good examples. 


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Hi! My names Maija (my-uh, Maya, Maia.. etc.)
I’m just really really gay, and I’m looking to branch out to some other LGBTQ people.
I love art, music, acting, and all sorts of stuff.
I’m spiritual, an Aquarius, INFP, and I’m pretty nice.
Honestly just want a girlfriend to make YouTube videos with and to spoil. Distance doesn’t matter cause I will hop on that plane for you. AGAIN- hate small talk. I really want deep conversations. Ok, come on over and chat!

I can be really femme, but some days I love to be androgynous. 👌🏻

Come on over and chat 💭💕
Living in Minnesota currently.