Breakups involve much more than just two people parting ways,
removing themselves from a whole and returning to two individuals.

They are much more than a simple dichotomy of either driving off into the distance, valiantly excited to be single once again,
or being sad or mad to the point of lashing out, removing all evidence that there once was a relationship.

They are the in betweens, 
the sweet sadness of almosts,
the slow, dull ache of time not having healed pain yet,
the bitter confusion about what it means to part and return.

But did you ever leave? 
You can’t look for your other half because you aren’t a half. 
You never made one whole with another person.
You were always whole on your own.

So you have returned to being on your own.
So you may be here for a while.
Let it be.

—  & so it goes, 207/365 (e.f.a.)