But also whenever someone says Shiro’s favoritism of Keith is blatant and unfair like:

He only picked Keith as 2IC after he demonstrated an ability to actually pilot the fucking Black Lion.

That’s not favoritism.  That’s being realistic.  Keith can do it.  For whatever fan theories we have about that moment, Keith did the thing.  After that is when Shiro says that Keith should take over, because he literally just demonstrated his ability to do so.

Then he took a private moment on a mission that Keith needed to be taking anyway due to his lion’s capabilities to have a talk with him about it since they hadn’t discussed it since, and get an update on the situation.

Like, literally none of that is Favoritism.

So, like???  Where is this ‘unfair and blatant’ treatment to everyone else?  

To Nanamin,

Happy Birthday,
And congratulation on your graduation.

I have been in Nogizaka46 for 5 years and a half, which means I have been standing by Nanamin’s side for 5 years and a half already.

- video cut -

From now on, please lead on the coolest life in your unique, Nanamin’s way.If there is anything we can do for you, please contact us.
No matter where you are, we will come running to you.

Thank you for your hard work these past 5 years.
I will always, always love you.

Shiraishi Mai

Video of Maiyan’s letter as translated by @kisumaiyan in his post:

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obiyuki ice skating. thank you

Shirayuki doesn’t believe in bad days.

That isn’t to say she doesn’t believe in bad things. She knows intimately the way that life can throw an unrelenting series of bumps and curves, enough to make it feel like you’ve lost control and the only way out is to turn into the spin. She’s lived that.

She knows what its like to want to sink into the bed, to want to pull the covers up over her ears and block the world out until tomorrow, or next week, or – forever. You can’t pick when those days will be, when life will come after you with teeth bared. But getting up is a choice. Moving forward is a choice.

She doesn’t believe in bad days, because its her choice what holds her down.

But today is really giving her a run for her money

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Truthful tuesday, part 1 (my truth)

- Truth #1- I’m knee deep in music. Good solid music, the kind of stuff that should be coming out of your speakers on a friday night, on a Sunday morning, and when you put your sunglasses on monday morning and face the week.

I have a lot to say. Like a lot to say. I even have starts. A few stanzas here, good hooks there.

But I’m stuck at beginning. Like I need a poetic stick of dynamite to blow this dam open.


- Truth #2: There’s a john mayer song called “Assassin”, with the chorus;

“I was a killer, was the best they’d ever seen
I’d steal your heart before you ever felt a thing
I’m an assassin and I had a job to do
Little did I know that girl was an assassin too.”

And I have a tumblr who I follow who totally embodies this. She kills me dead. I even look at her pics, and it she just destroys me. Which is not my M.O. And she may or may not know, which is funny to me, as I’m a not that guy. I dont do crushes. I take things in hand and give it a go.

Who has, in this case, gotten dinghy, and I shouldn’t.

Good grief.

Just remember- if you feel like you are complete shit, somewhere someone whose life you have touched thinks you are pretty much the best thing ever. Maybe you don’t know that person, but living another day might give you a shot to find out who they are, and if you find them to be your best thing ever. Even if you search in vain, you’re still searching and you might find something you lost in the first place-yourself.

Truth #3- This might have helped. Or maybe I just need to go to the bathroom. We will see… at 11.Wait……..I’m not Chuck Berry.

Lol, I’m kidding. Thanks for listening. Thanks for sharing. And just thanks.