How to Be Single ((2016))



New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, and what Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love


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Halsey lost her pregnancy and still went on stage to perform. She was in pain both emotionally and physically yet she went on stage to not disappoint her fans. Yet there are people out there who are using this new fact they’ve learned about her to hurt her even more. What is wrong with some of you, you may not like her music or her as a whole, that doesn’t mean that you can just tear her down piece by piece. How do you think it’d feel if someone tore you down like that, think about that first because she deserves none of this hate, nobody ever deserves it.

When You’re Mad

Anon request: Jensen x Reader (She’s an actress) Where they are co-workers and friends with benefits. Takes place in season one were they boys were younger. Jensen loves to mess with the reader because he loves how cute she looks when she gets mad. They casually fuck in his trailer.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Words: 1.k

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Warnings: Just fluff guys, what’s new.

A/N: Guys, I’ve had this request on my list of ‘to do’ for such a long time. Thank @waywardlullabies who practically made me write this lol It’s not 10k but it’s something wifey. It’s also my entry for @one-shots-supernatural spn hiatus challenge. The prompt is, “I was being sarcastic.” Hope y’all like and feedback is always very appreciated it ♥

Disclaimer: No hate on Danneel.


“Action!” Bob shouted.

“Dean, you need to go!” You yelled at Jensen.

Jensen shaked his head, gratefully faking being hurt. He didn’t move, his body stayed in the middle of your front door. You inhaled, thinking on the worst thing that would happen to get your eyes filled with water.

“I can’t.” Jensen sobbed.

“Why not?” You sighed, faking a decent amount of frustration.

“Because,” Jensen got closer to you, flirting with his young green eyes. “You’re my hot mama.”

Of course you would have be able to resist the hysterical laugh building up your throat. If you were an alien or a human without sense of humor. The loudest snort came out seconds before a hysterical laughter came through. Your body bend over, stomach starting to hurt. This was the ten time Jensen was able to make you crack out of character. It’s certainly not the last one of today.

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anonymous asked:

Aaa congratulations on 1000!!! You're super lovely I'm glad so many ppl think so too!! As for prompts: would you consider a single dad au for any of the cp boys? Or tater/jack friendship stuff?

Look, anon, I understand if this is more than you bargained for, but I had been talking to Rhysiana about doing a Zimbits single dads AU anyway, and so you get this 14k monstrosity, that has been unbetad because I am lazy. And yes, it links back to AO3 because I’m pretty sure Tumblr would break if I copy pasted that whole thing here. 

I hope you enjoy.

Bitty looks from his absolutely tiny son to the ice rink and back. The other kids are already in their pads and helmets and skates, sliding around on the ice with a confidence and conviction he is pretty sure his six year old does not share.

“You’re sure you want to play hockey?” Bitty asks.

Tommy nods, but doesn’t actually speak, preferring instead to press his face against Bitty’s thigh. Bitty sighs and pets his hair before they sit down on a bench together. Bitty helps him lace his skates and strap on his helmet properly before scooting him out towards the ice. Tommy can skate, he knows that much. Both his parents were figure skaters though, so Bitty’s not sure why Tommy decided that he wants to play hockey.

He watches as Tommy skates by himself in a patch of the rink. It seems like the rest of the kids are just warming up too, getting their ice legs. Two girls are racing each other on the far end of the rink, one with black hair, one with flame red, and they’re both twice Tommy’s size, easy.

“Which one’s yours?”

Bitty turns to see two frighteningly handsome men watching the kids skate. They’re both well dressed and holding hands, Starbucks cups in their disconnected hands. They’re both way too tall, and Bitty has to resist the urge to flinch. But he’s a grown ass adult with an honest to god child and he has to set a good example.

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This is my first time submitting here (I have been too afraid to try for 2 years already oops) so let’s get started.

Fenna/17/pan? (I prefer girls tho)/ Dutch/ tol (174 cm or 5'9?)/ very non-judgemental

I try to look intimidating but I’m really awkward af.

Looking for fun people to talk to 😊
I don’t mind long distance at all.

Tumblr: fab-b00tyhunter
Kik: flensie

Hmu lovelies 😊