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  • count olaf: unhygienic, can't act, is a moldy crouton
  • also count olaf: dated kit snicket, dr. orwell, esmé squalor, possibly ??? jacquelyn, has more game than anyone in the entire series combined


Dean Winchester came back just when you thought you had let him go for good. He left over a year ago, telling you he had family business to take care of. You knew what Dean’s family business was like. It meant that he might never make it back to you. What Dean did for a living wasn’t normal and definitely wasn’t safe. 

Saving People. Hunting Things. The Family Fucking Business. 

Now, here he was a little over a year later, begging you to come with him. 

“Y/N, I need you. You can’t go,” Dean swallowed, staring you down. “Not now.”

You stared back at him, running your hand over your face in frustration. You couldn’t believe after everything that you were even letting him talk to you. He had no right to ask you to stay. 

Not now. 

But here you were, listening, because you loved the damn son of a bitch and that would never change, and you fucking knew it. 

“Please?” he begged as he took a tentative step toward you his hand reaching out for yours. 

You stepped away out of reach.

“I’’ll do anything,  sweetheart,” he continued, his eyes full of sorrow and regret. 

You swallowed the knot of emotion that was building in your throat. You wanted to believe him. Your bones ached with need wanting to accept the words that were coming from his mouth, but his actions had spoke volumes. 

“You left,” you managed, blinking slowly, meeting his gaze. “You left. I begged you to let me come with you. I begged you to let me help find your dad, and you walked away.”

Dean pursed his lips as he furrowed his brow. “ I didn’t think…”

“Damn right you didn’t think, Winchester,” you half yelled, shoving him in the chest with conviction.  “I’d do anything for you. I’d go anywhere with you. I’d give my damn life for you, you idiot. I love you, Dean.” 

Dean’s eyes widened with hope at your words. 

“You love me?” Dean asked, his voice full of hope. 

“And you sure as hell don’t deserve it after telling me that you couldn’t take me with you,” you added, closing the gap between you and grabbing his shirt. “Dean I knew everything. I could have helped,” you choked, your fist clenching his shirt tightly. “I hunted with you and your dad. I could have helped.” Your voice was cut off by the emotion that had been building deep in your chest, pressing in on you, suffocating you. 

“I know,” he whispered, his hand reaching up to caress your face hesitantly. “I know that now,” he said, looking away from you as he tried to blink away the tears that were building in his eyes. “I should have known it then. I’m so sorry.”

His face was inching towards you. Everything inside you was screaming for you to walk away. To run as fast you could in the other fucking direction. Do to him what he did to you, but your body had other plans. 

You met his lips half way, all the emotion of the last year and half bursting out of you in a single kiss. You wrapped your arms around Dean’s shoulder and held him desperately to you, shaking uncontrollably with all of the feelings and emotions you had been so afraid to feel and express. 

“I’m sorry,” Dean pulled away and breathed before kissing you again. “I need you,” he managed between breaths, his lips capturing yours again hungrily once he had uttered the words. “I love you,” he whispered against your lips. 

Your eyes flew to his. 

“Take me with you.”

It wasn’t a question, and this time Dean didn’t hesitate. 

“To the ends of the earth, Y/N. I’ll always protect you. I’m never letting you go again,” he murmured before his lips attached desperately to yours once more. 

“You’re gonna have to prove it, Winchester,” you managed, your voice thick with emotion. 

“I’ll spend the rest of my life doing just that, princess,” he whispered, pushing your hair out of your face and kissing your temple tenderly. 

This time you were going with Dean Winchester. His baby brother needed saving, and you were going to be there every step of the way, like you had so wanted to be there when John disappeared. You would prove to Dean that he never should have left you in the first place. 

I Slapped Your Ass in Greeting

John Laurens x Reader, ft. Alexander Hamilton

Modern AU

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1984

Warnings: Mild swearing, social anxiety, butt slapping mentions of alcohol, and violence

Request: (Anon) :I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting AU please!

A/N: At first I didn’t think I’d be able to do this one, but I totally fell in love with it and it all game together. I love this one so much. As for the anon, that brought up our faults in our schedules, I’m really sorry. We are really going to try and stick to the schedule this week, unlike last week which was awful. Enjoy!

“Excuse me, excuse me.” you whispered as you tried to navigate the crowd. Your friends had abandoned you and you were left in a terrifying crowd of punks. You were sure that they were all nice once you got to know them, but they were intimidating from the outside, and you could barely speak because you were choked up with fear.

You shifted with the long line to the concert. You popped in your earbuds and tried to calm down and listen to some music. You texted your friends, begging for them to come back or at least take you home.

They were your ride, and as of now, you would have to find a way home. You frowned when you glanced down at your battery. It was already below 50%. You envisioned yourself in the worst possible scenario, getting thrown into the mosh pit, suffocating from beer, smoke, body heat, and of course social anxiety.

At the thought of this, you turned up the music a little louder, trying to drown out your thoughts. It was getting dark and the concert was about to begin. You had no idea what you were going to do. You considered hiding and crying in a restroom for majority of the concert and hope your phone had enough battery to call someone to pick you up.

“Hey, sexy!” you felt a swift slap across your butt.

Your face instantly turned red. Every part of your body turned red hot. Anxiety coursing through your veins.  Your heart pounded in your chest. Your stomach dropped.

“Ohmygod!” you turned around to see a man, completely red staring at his hand and back at you. “Ohmygod. I am so sorry. I thought you were-I-I.”

You stared at disbelief at the man. He was short and had curly dark hair, that poofed under his red baseball cap. The cap was torn and frayed on the edges with a bit of sweat around the bill. His freckles were like stars compared to his red tomato face.

“I am so so so so sorry! I thought you were my friend and I-”

“Your girlfriend?” you blurted out.

“What? No. My boy-I mean my best friend. Alex. Alexander Hamilton? He’s about yeah high,” he waved the air just below his neck, “full of angst, anger, long dark hair but smooth. Kinda like mine but straight.”

You laughed.

“What? Excuse me?”

You blushed. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to…” you looked down and tried to avoid his eyes.

“What’s so funny?” he asked in a joking tone.

“Nothing, it’s just… you started out saying boyfriend, then you said he was straight and you said you have curly hair-which I mean you do, it’s beautiful-but then it was like the implied joke that you know you aren’t straight and ohmygod I’ll shut up. I’m sorry.” you were rambling and your words jumbled into one, long, run on sentence.

You expected him to yell or defend himself.

He replied with a grin and laughed. He extended his hand. “I’m John. John Laurens. You can call me, J, J La, Laurens, Johnny, Jonathan, frankly you can call me whatever you like.” he chuckled. You took his hand and shook it tentatively.

“I think I’ll just stick with John…J La.” you laughed.

He smirked. “So forgive me, let’s forget about my friend for one moment. But, you seem like a fish out of water here.”

You laughed and nodded. You and John walking to keep up with the moving line. “Yeah, I came with some friends but they ditched me. Also, they were my ride. So, I’m kind of just stuck here. This night has been pretty awful so far.”

“Well, that’s nothing a few beers, dancing, and good music can’t fix.” he smiled.

“Shouldn’t you find your friend, Alex, or something?”

“Nah, he’s fine. Probably lecturing some poor old punk about classic rock and such. He actually kind of likes heavy metal, but I dragged him here with me.” John pointed to his shirt, pointing at the Aerosmith logo. “I love classic rock. But yeah, he’s probably fine. You wouldn’t mind sticking with me would you? I just..I just don’t want you to get lost or overwhelmed because your friends were such assholes-oh,” John blushed, “sorry, that wasn’t my place.”

You shake your head. “You weren’t wrong.” you sighed. “But, I guess I’ll have to take you up on that offer, considering that I well have no one else except me, myself and I.”

John smirked back at you. “You wouldn’t mind if I held your hand then?” he blushed. “Ya, know…so that we don’t get separated or anything…”

“No, not at all.” you threw your hand into his. A warm feeling washed over your body. It wasn’t anxiety anymore. You couldn’t explain it.

You and John continued to talk, he talked a lot of about Alex, and then asked about you. You let him pull you a few rows behind the mosh pit. You started to scream at each other, because the band was doing soundchecks and the crowd was chanting and cheering.

“So, you work at a pizzeria?” you asked.

“Yeah, I actually own it. Just on a college campus not far from here. Originally, I was just an apprentice at the old place, but the old man moved and gave it to me. She’s my little baby. Kind of like Alex.” he laughed. “I swear we aren’t a thing. He’s just my odd wing-man/best friend.”

“Suuuure.” you laughed.

“New York City!!!” one of the frontman singers screamed into the microphone. His hair was long overgrown and thinning fast with old age. He must have been touring for at least half a decade now and was closer to a hundred. The man who was a classic rock legend of his era, was almost a century. But he still had the sound pipes of an angsty thirty year old.

You and John quickly got pushed into the mosh pit.

“John!” you screamed as you lost his hand in yours.

You found yourself in the middle of screaming, sweating, violent, and drunk psycho fans. One elbowed you in the face telling you to ‘shove it’ along with many non-family friendly words. You winced at the throbbing in your nose. You were slowly pushed into the depths of the pit, around everyone’s stomping feet. Someone stepped on your hand.

“John!” you screamed.

You heard a distant shout at the bottom of the feet. Every time you tried to stand up, you got pushed under like trying to resurface the ocean with a wave crashing over your head. Except, instead of white rimmed waves, cigarette ashes and beer fell over your head.

The next moment was filmed with absolute sailor profanity. A fight broke out around you. More so than before. And in the middle of it was a short, freckled-faced, curly haired man. You watched, with tears running down your face, blood running from your nose, as John took a broad looking guy, covered in tattoos.

John hit him with an uppercut punch, and finalized it with a punch to the gut. Anyone who stepped in his pathway ended up with a broken nose and intense bruises. You watched the anguish on his face, sweat dripping down his temples, cap being pushed around. When everything was too loud and panicking to bear, your vision went black.

Strong arms hooked themselves beneath your arms, secured you and pulled you back. The arms dropped from yours, to under your back and legs.

When you could see again, the lights and blaring of the concert was a haze.

“You’re okay!” John cried.

Another man, equally short squatted over you. His hair was dark and slicked into a messy bun, with a scrappy beard.

“Here, take this.” the nameless man said, placing a cold ice pack to your face. John ran to grab a paper towel and helped stop the nosebleed.

“John.” you cried softly, shaking your head. Your tears turned to laughter. “You are dead. You are going to get your ass kicked. You messed with some pretty scary dudes.” you laughed.

The nameless man grinned and slugged John in the arm. He said, “I’m Alex, by the way.”

You and John burst out laughing. You reached for his hand, struggling to calm the tremors in your body. He reached back for yours and met your eyes with a soft smile. He had a few scratches and bruises on his face. A single tear fell. He wrapped an arm around you and held you tight.

“I’m so glad that you are okay.” he cried. He shook his head and sniffed.

“Awww, you’re like a little baby, with snot running down your face.” Alex laughed at John.

John laughed and tried to ignore him. “You know, if you aren’t too traumatized, we could go back to the concert-” he paused when he saw the look of discomfort in your eyes, “-or I was thinking more sensibly, we could go eat an old diner or grab a drink and dance there with no possible chance of a Lion King stampede.” he joked, in a light manner.

Alex shook his head at him. “Too soon man.”

“It’s fine.” you laughed.

“No! I’m taking about Mufasa! It’ll never be okay! He tried to save his son, and he died!” Alex sobbed.

You cocked your head at John, a sly smile on your face. “Is he okay? Is he joking?”

John shrugged. “No one knows.”

John stood up and helped you up. He pulled you into him, an arm around you, the other hand in yours. “Shall we go get a drink then?” he smiled.

“Yeah! Five tequila shots, on John!” Alex snatched the car keys from John’s pocket and started running towards the parking lot.

“I was thinking more like just the two of us.” John laughed.

Alex stopped and looked at John, awful concerned. “Don’t you think that’s quite rude?” he gestured to you.

“I meant (Y/N) and I.” John frowned.

“Well, you need a third wheel for stability right? Buy me five shots and I’ll hang out by the jukebox. You guys won’t even notice me.”

John laughed and looked to you. You shrugged. “I call shotgun!” John shouted. He let go of you and make a quick jump forward.

“No!” Alex screamed. “I don’t want to drive!” Alex booked it to the parking lot.

“Why’d you do that?” you asked. John hadn’t took off running.

“So that I could do this.”

John yanked you forward and kissed you. He had a sharp intense grip on you and kissed you fiercely. Until he softened and melted into the kiss. His grasp softened to nothing and his hand slipped to your hair. To your chin. He brushed his hands down slowly and gently. John’s lips hurt a little bit against yours because of the bruises, but you kissed him back.

“Guys!” Alex came running back, out of breath. “What is taking you so long-oh, GROUP HUG!”

Before you and John could break apart, Alex threw his arms around the both of you.

“Why does he do this?” you laughed, uncomfortably, pressed up against John.

“To ruin the moment.” John laughed. “But, that’s nothing a swift punch can’t fix.” John broke from you, just a moment, to clock Alex in the shoulder, enough to stagger him but not to hurt him. John grabbed you and again and kissed you.

“I like this.” you said in between a kiss.

“I like this too.” John smiled. “I like you more.”

Time slipped by in John’s arms. Your head throbbed with an enormous headache, but it turned to a dull ache when you kissed John. You both ignored Alex’s protests as you kissed more intensely than before. The kiss was filled you with everything and simultaneously nothing.

Because, nothing seemed to matter in John’s arms.

Heathens- [smutandahalf]

A Scruffy Hoes Production

Author: smutandahalf

Rating: NSFW 18+

Words: 3599

Warning: This is darker than what I usually write. It doesn’t have any triggers but I just wanted you guys to know it’s different from my usual stuff.

A/N: Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat? That’s for you to decide..

Originally posted by genjjishimada

     There is something very wrong with Stiles Stilinski, something strange and dark. I glance over at him, sitting at his desk with his head pressed into his hands and his eyes clenched closed. I turn slightly looking around curious if anyone else has seemed to pick up on it. Something is wrong and not a single other person seems to notice, a cold trickle slides down my spine and I quirk my head at him curiously. How strange that he seems so invisible to them. Brushed to the side by his best friend who seems to jump in terror of his own shadow, invisible to the girl who has been clinging to his arms for weeks who has always seemed to be balancing precariously on the line between wild child and wild animal, and overlooked by his father who seems to be too focused on figuring out what is going on in this god forsaken town. Yes, something is very wrong with Stiles Stilinski, and yet no one seems to notice but me.

          The bell rings, and he’s out of his desk and through the door faster than I can blink. I shift my weight from one foot to the other as I gather my things, moving slowly as I deliberate on what I should do next. With a certain level of blind curiosity I decide that from this day on if no one else is going to notice him then I’ll be sure that I do. The unseen can always see the invisible.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can you do a one-shot where naruto complains to sasuke on walking in on sasusaku making out which leads to sarada overhearing and asking both of them where babies come from leaving them both embarrassed to even answer??

I don’t think Naruto would hold back when it comes to embarrassing Sasuke, so I hope you enjoy ;D thank you for requesting!

“I’m only saying it so no one else sees it!”

“Dobe, I told you to stop,” Sasuke’s voice warned, but Naruto’s grin deepened. 

The red in Sasuke’s cheeks darkened the longer Naruto looked at his friend, and when Sasuke finally broke their line of sight, he began to enjoy the silence in the room. It was a mistake for inviting him over, especially with Sakura gone for the night.

“Just be more aware of where you’re lip locking,” Naruto muttered from under his breath.

Sasuke felt a wave of fury and a desire to knock the shit out of the dobe, but when a familiar voice chimed in, the Uchiha caught his temper and fanned it out.

“Papa? What does that mean?”

His daughter. 

Sasuke Uchiha’s precious daughter, standing firmly in the door way with her red framed glasses encasing curious eyes. He felt his throat constrict while his heart rate increased. All nerve in his body vanished while he stood over top of a grinning Naruto.

“What’re you talking about?” Sasuke opted for playing stupid. He straightened his posture and walked to his daughter. 

Sarada was seven now, the same age as Naruto’s own son. Her curiosity always got the best of her, and when a new term was bestowed upon her, she was always inquisitive.

“Lip locking,” she recalled perfectly.

Sasuke wrapped his single arm around around her back, lifting her to his eye level. He could feel his patience slipping.

Fucking dobe.

“Where did you hear that from?” Sasuke persisted. He knew that if he could work his way around this, both him and Naruto would be home free.

“Uncle Naruto said it!” Sarada insisted as her lower lip pouted out while fire flashed behind solid, black eyes. She looked like Sakura when she pouted, and for that, Sasuke couldn’t help but adore the fire in her eyes.

She wriggled slightly in his arm when Naruto’s voice chimed in, and it took everything in Sasuke not to throw curses at his best friend, insisting that the blonde quit talking and shut the hell up.

“Your parents were kissing, Sarada,” Naruto sat up, his hands squishing both of his cheeks in as he continued talking. “I caught them in the act, and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Lip locking leads to babies!”

The shock that went across not only Sarada’s face, but Sasuke’s as well, encouraged Naruto to continue. Sasuke placed his daughter on the floor again, causing her to run and settle her little arms lightly against Naruto’s knee. Her eyes held wonder, determined to learn more on the matter of ‘lip locking.’

Sasuke felt his nostrils flare while his darker eye dissolved to red. He could feel his calm composure fade, replaced with annoyance and a temper greater than Sakura’s herself.

How dare that dobe inform Sarada of this?

“Okay, that’s enough. Lip locking does not lead to babies, Sarada,” Sasuke intervened as he took his spot on the sofa. Sarada didn’t budge from Naruto’s knee, and the blonde’s smile faded, his sapphire blue eyes giving away that he was thinking of how to stoke the fire.

“Then how are they made, teme?”

Sasuke’s single hand found the bridge of his nose, pinching down tightly and rubbing the sensitive skin while his eyes squeezed shut.

This wasn’t happening. Sakura would kill him if she found out about this.

“It only happens when a boy stabs a girl with his kunai.”


He couldn’t believe those words actually fell from his lips, and when his eyes looked to Naruto, the blonde’s face was twisting into such a hysterical feature, that Sasuke felt his eyes narrow.

Sarada, on the other hand, had her mouth gaping open while she balanced her weight on Naruto’s leg. She was absolutely speechless, her eyes wide with fascination.

“So that means you stabbed mama with your kunai?!”

Naruto’s laughter filled the room in an instance. The loud chuckling and watery eye blonde infuriated Sasuke, but instead of ripping the dobe from his place on the couch, and hauling his ass outside for an ass beating, he looked back to his daughter and sighed.


“Did you hurt her?” Sarada continued.

“Tch, no! I’m sure Sakura hurt your dad though,” Naruto laughed out. 

“All right, party is over. Naruto, go home. Sarada, it’s time for bed,” Sasuke picked his daughter up once more before nudging Naruto’s leg with his foot - rather roughly in fact. 


“Now,” Sasuke ordered, his eyes narrowed and lips pulling into a firm line. Naruto did as told, said his good byes to both Sarada and Sasuke, and left them alone.

Sarada’s beautiful, innocent eyes found Sasuke’s and when he placed a gentle kiss to her cheek, she smiled.

“Good night, papa.”


Sasuke found himself submerged in one of his weapons books while Sakura scurried around the kitchen. He could tell she was in a hurry, not only because of her quick pace, but with how clumsy she was being.

And it didn’t help that Sarada was underfoot most of the time. 

Their faint conversation was background noise to Sasuke as he turned the page, involving himself in new information on kunai knives.

“I know where babies come from, mama!” Sarada’s high pitched voice kicked in.

Sasuke felt his stomach turn, flip and roll while his body heat dropped instantly. Sakura’s voice only added to his sickening stomach, but when her eyes found their way to his, he lifted his book up higher, covering his single eye.

“Oh, yeah?” Sakura’s voice was now hoarse, dry and low.

“Yeah! When a boy stabs a girl with his kunai, they have babies! I’ll make sure to stay away from boys and kunai!”

Their daughter’s high pitched voice echoed through their quiet home now. It was a perish song, high and loud. Sasuke swallowed heavily before lowering his book slightly. 

He could already see Sakura’s emerald green eyes on him, filled with livid, molten anger.

“That’s great, baby girl. Who told you that?” Sakura inquired.

“Papa did!”

And just like their daughter, Sakura’s mouth was gaping open. Sasuke knew he was dead. He knew before that conversation even started, in fact, that he was dead when he told Sarada just how babies were made.

And although it was a lie, he wouldn’t go down alone.

“Naruto started it.”

The Raven Boys Reread Things

- Gansey’s a frappuchino drinking nerd I bet he can’t even handle real coffee

- Adam has a secret warning knock for monmouth. Its such a #clubhouse honestly these boys

- For some reason there are copies of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition all over the place?? I honestly can’t imagine who they belong to????? who would buy them???

- What the heck ever happened to Ashley? She was prepped to be a major character with all her knowledge about Glendower and connection to Declan and then she just vanishes completely?? Is she actually Piper, just pretending to be Ashley and picking up hot young men?

- Ronan collects his speeding tickets. What a dork. 

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Song Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: Yes,  Hiiiii! Just wondering, can you please make a songfic about ReaderxPeterPan? The song is “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me.” Thanks! And I love your works, btw!

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay

Warnings: Swearing | Short | Sexual Themes 

Note: I based this off of how one of my friends’ act. She’s literally the definition of this song. 

Summary: What is he going to do with you?

I pick all my skirts to be a little too sexy

Pan watched as she trotted around the camp, her hips swaying from side to side, her chin high in the air as her baseball bat rested on her shoulder. He knew this outfit was new, he made it for her. But, it was for his eyes only. And here she was…her ass practically out for every lost boy to see. 

This made his blood boil, as cat calls and whistles filled the air every guy she passed. Her smirk was prominent, she knew what she was doing to him, and she loved it. Once a few more comments were tossed around, that was the final straw.  Getting up from the little meeting he was having was Felix, he practically charged at her. Grabbing her by the arm, he drags her back to his tent. You know, just to show her exactly what her little game did to him. And to let everyone know: Off. Limits. 

Just like all of my thoughts they always get a bit naughty

It was dinner time when Y/n decided to play her little game once again. Sitting on one of the logs together, she took the opportunity to lean in close and whisper things into his ear. 

“You wanna hear a secret?” 

Raising a curious eyebrow, he swallows the food he had in his mouth. Not even turning his head, he nods slightly to let her know she could speak. Leaning in yet again, she could barely keep the grin off her face, soft snickers escaping her mouth. Noticing this, Pan’s jaw clenches, as well as his hands. What was she up to? 

“I’m not wearing any panties~” 

Even though he already swallowed, he felt like he choked on his food. Coughing multiple times, and trying to not draw attention to the two, he glares in her direction. With a mischievous glint in her eyes that he’s grown to love so much, he couldn’t stay mad for long. Especially with this new information. What man in their right mind could possibly stay mad after being told that?  Go ahead. I’ll wait. 

When I’m out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy

“Why are you always hanging out by this damned water? How many times have I told you, the mermaids are dangerous!” 

“Fuck off.” 

Now Pan had been told a lot of things, been called stuff, cursed at, you name it. But, for his own lover to not even bat an eye and say that? He was caught completely off guard. He didn’t know if she was on her period, or didn’t eat, or whatever. But, it didn’t matter. Who the hell did she think she was? 

“Excuse me?” 

“I said: Fuck off. God, you’re always on my ass. These are my girls, they’re not going to hurt me. Maybe, if you would get some more girls on this God forsaken island, I wouldn’t have to be associate with these sea demons. But, no. There’s no girls allowed, all except for me, of course. I wonder why that is?” 

“Because I love you.” He crosses his arms, surprising himself that he hadn’t ripped her head off yet. But, to be honest, he liked the bitchy side to her. Secretly. That statement seemed to being her out of her mood, as her eyes softened slightly and a slight ‘aw’ falling from her lips. 

“That’s so sweet, baby~” She replies, skipping over to him and hugging him tightly. The mermaids just hiss in their direction, while Pan just glares at them, practically growling. 

“Why the hell are you like this? It’s literally been a day with this nonsense. You’re bipolar, I swear, love.” 

She chuckles slightly, snuggling into her lover. “Oh, Peter. That’s who I am, and who I will always be. You want me to change, getchu another bitch.” Shaking his head, he wraps a single arm around her waist, directing her back to the camp.

“Never in a million years.”

Can’t change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me


As I head towards the shopping mall near my school, I saw that had set up a special valentine’s day corner!

While I assume it’s hard for a guy to enter, Nozaki gleefully rushes in. He seemed to have bought every single chocolate with cute wrappings available.

Right behind chasing after him was Wakamatsu carrying the goods. He really is a good friend to bring along, huh.




Koukou chikaku no shoppingu mooru ni yottara

Barentain no tokusetsu koonaa ga dekitetaze!

Otoko wa hairinikui naa to omottetara, nozaki ga kiki to shite haitte itteta.

Kawaii rappingu no choco wo katappashi kara kattekurashii.

Sono ushiro wo, kago wo motta wakamatsu ga oikaketeta.

Aitsu maji de tsukiai ii na.


Sick day

Pairing: Lin x Reader FLUFF 
Warnings: A cold? Shower (not sexual), unedited and I am sick so probably some errors sorry

Word count: 1787

A/N: Surprise! Ya girl is super sick so here is a self indulgent sickness themed fanfic. Reader is sick and Lin wants to take care of them but stubborn reader doesn’t want him to. But, being a precious cinnamon roll, Lin takes care of reader anyways. I know there are like 1000 sickness themed Lin fics but here’s another one because we all want Lin to take care of us when we’re sick, right?

Please message me with requests!

“[Y/N],” you hear Lin’s voice in your ear, slowly opening your eyes to reveal him crouched down next to you, “are you okay?” he asks, his voice full of worry.
You stretch your legs out, feeling the side of the couch, looking down, you notice the red-checkered blanket Lin had draped over your body, “Yeah,” you say through a raspy voice, “I’m fine.” You move to get up, but he places a hand on your shoulder, keeping your head on the pillow.

“[Y/N], you feel warm. Hot, actually. You’re always hot, but you’re absolutely burning up.” He says, pressing a hand to your forehead. “Yep. You have a fever.” He said conclusively, placing another blanket over your body.

“Lin,” you whined, freeing your arms from the blanket. “I’m fine. I just took a nap. It doesn’t mean I’-“ you let out a series of rough coughs, “I’m fine.”

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your problematic favs on christmas:

NAT: the drunk af aunt who spills gov secrets and her drink but still looks classy af

VISION: awkward uncle who stands under the mistletoe in an ugly christmas sweater mumbling about symbolic foliage and its origins, wants to kiss Mysterious fam friend

TONY: wasted cousin from out of town who invited himself, spikes the eggnog with asgards strongest booze and trips over his own feet as he slurs and butchers Oh Holy Night

PEPPER: Wasted cousins wine drunk gf, rearranges vegetable platters to be symmetrical, smells good, only eats organic food

CLINT: second cousin twice removed, sneaks bites from the food before it’s time to eat, disappears into the woods for half a day with nothing but a bow and three arrows

WANDA: mysterious fam friend who carries a knife and tarot cards, speaks in metaphor, lives on spicy food

PIETRO: Mysterious fam friends twin, volunteers to do the shopping, finishes within less than 10min, uses a whole roll of tape to wrap a single present, buys expensive gifts, flirts with Hyped up espresso girl, won the olympics //track// for 3yrs in a row before quitting

BRUCE: acts like a 86 year old grandpa, comes in from out of town just to rage over the thermostat being touched and silently observe everyone, hogs the tv remote

THOR: super spiritual hot guy from out of town, invited by a cousin, unnatural height, broke a cup just by holding it, talks about the universe while downing alcohol like it’s water, never seems to get drunk

JANE: tries to explain physics to a group of children, it ends with them throwing shoes into the fireplace bc “she says it could be a portal” “i said no such thing”

DARCY: makes out with the santa impersonator, hyped up on espresso, talks too fast, friend of Physics (see: jane)

BUCKY: the hot grandpa who still looks 23, appears homicidal in fam pictures, sneaks off with his childhood pal during prayers, has kissed him under the mistletoe 6x and honestly he’s just rubbing it in the single relatives faces now, never married, may or may not have killed a man in 1943, dresses like he’s going to a funeral, listens to johnny cash

STEVE: hot grandpa’s pal, also looks creepily young, tells you to Watch your fucking language, claims he could kill a man with nothing more than a garbage can lid, prob isn’t lying, wears suspenders, still goes to the gym, owns a working record player

LOKI: that one snooty relative everyone avoids, makes babies cry by smiling at them, tells the kids santa isn’t real, insults hot spiritual man in another language, cops are called to break it up

SHARON: repackages store bought pies, pretends theyre homemade, watches It’s A Wonderful Life every year, dresses like she’s going to an office meeting, brings a gun to christmas dinner, small but deadly, leaves early with Gov secrets aunt

SAM: answers everything sarcastically, ex military, irons his clothes, swears a lot, argues about how to properly cook a turkey before taking over altogether, smells like soap and the outdoors, tells Wasted cousin to back the fuck off, leaves mid dinner bc he thought he saw a very rare bird, brings his pal riley who is also his secret bf but everyone knows

RHODEY: neighbor who tells the same stories every year but changes minor details, has too much spiked eggnog and knocks over the tree, butchers christmas songs with Wasted cousin, bonds with Ex Military Sarcastic relative over the future of aviation, no one knows his real name

SCOTT: fresh out of prison, spends the entire time oogling Hot grandpa’s pal, makes you look at a seemingly endless stream of pictures of his daughter, hates baskin robbins, has an ant farm, overly physically affectionate

WADE: tries to kiss his sisters boyfriend under the mistletoe, wears crocs with socks, brings a bag of chimichanga’s that he refuses to share, his plus one is his blind elderly roommate, blasts rap music at one in the morning, has a witty retort on the ready, shamelessly wears a lewd christmas sweater, winks at your mom, seductively eats candy canes while maintaining eye contact

PETER: 16yo nephew who collects comic books, designated amateur photographer, watches star wars religiously, climbs things he shouldn’t, thinks the 90’s are vintage, actually a danger noodle

((if you have a request lmk and I’ll make one for that character. this was fun))

Random Headcanons of the Week #1

Hello, everyone! 
Since we are greeted by weird and random ideas in our minds at least once a week, we decided to actually put those into headcanons and share them with you every Sunday! 
Please don’t take these too seriously, though.

There is also a small bonus at the end which is totally not a short Reader x McCree scenario. Definitely not. 


The members of Overwatch (before the fall) are on a mission in the Swiss Alps when a terrible blizzard suddenly hits them, forcing the crew to take shelter in an abandoned, dusty hut with no electricity or warm water. Will they manage to survive the night? Who will go out and enjoy the snow despite the circumstances and who is most likely to die of hypothermia?

Find out after the commercial break - just kidding, here you go!

  • Mei is definitely the one to enjoy the situation the most. She has absolutely no problem with those frosty temperatures and you will probably find her outside playing with Snowball. Yes, in the middle of the snowstorm. She’s been in cryostasis for ages; did you really think this would bother her? Also, expect her to sleep in a tank top and shorts that night, covered in a thin blanket; it’ll be more than enough.
    The soul of Satan inside of her keeps her warm and cozy.
  • Angela is pretty cool (haha) about it too. You’ll find her sitting in an old armchair, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, and an old book in the other one. 
  • Jack, Ana, and Reinhardt took a closer look through the house and soon found a barely functioning cooking plate that didn’t need any electricity and some coffee (that may have been expired already). They are most likely playing cards now, drinking the coffee while it’s still remotely hot and sharing some fun stories.
  • Gabriel is nowhere to be seen; no one notices his absence until weird noises can be heard from the bedroom. Turns out he’s frantically searching through the closets, wrapping every single blanket he can find around his body. He’s now a burrito made out of seven blankets, a shivering burrito that keeps cursing in Spanish under its breath. 
  • Torbjörn is just fine; he’s cuddling with his comfortably warm turret.
  • Winston and Pharah are outside with Mei; thanks to their suits keeping most of the cold outside, they can actually enjoy the snow. Plus, Winston uses a prototype of his shield to protect them from the frosty snowflakes and the sharp wind. 
  • Tracer is suffering quite a lot due to her thin uniform. She blinks around the hut trying to keep her body temperature in a reasonable range.
  • Meanwhile, Genji is spending his time meditating on the roof. It’s beautifully quiet outside except for the sounds of joy that Snowball is producing. He’s a cyborg ninja, he can’t get cold though Angela warned him not to stay outside for too long since the technology in and around his body might take damage.
  • McCree is the one suffering the most. The poor cowboy grew up in the American Southwest; cold temperatures are something he’s never really experienced before. He’s sitting on the sofa in the middle of the living room, rejecting everybody who wants to help him. No, he does not want a blanket, he’s not cold. No, a hot-water bag won’t be necessary either, he’s completely fine.
  • He’s not fine. He’s actually so far from fine. This man is just too stubborn to admit that he’s freezing his ass off even though it’s quite obvious from his constant shivering and his blue lips. To answer the question above, Jesse McCree is most likely to die from hypothermia.

You as Jesse’s s/o are also part of this mission. Having grown up in Siberia, you can’t help but tease your boyfriend about the way he deals with the cold. 

“There are exactly two blankets left, Jesse. Are you sure, are you a hundred percent sure, that you don’t want one?”

You stood in front of McCree with a skeptic look on your face. He was a complete mess: his body was shivering, his teeth kept chattering, his lips and fingers slowly started turning blue. But the day that Jesse McCree would admit that he was cold was yet to come. Therefore it didn’t exactly surprise you when his only response was a grumpy, not very convincing ‘yes’.
You turned around with a long sigh, throwing the blankets over to Gabriel who lunged at them like a ravenous animal. At least that man didn’t bother hiding his problems with the frosty temperatures outside and inside. You couldn’t bear the sight of McCree acting so stubborn and prideful. There would be absolutely no problem with him admitting to his freezing state, everyone was struggling in some way. Well, some more than others. Mei and you, you two were just fine. Speaking of which, you had offered before to spend time with her outside.

“Hey Jesse, I’m gonna go outside and help the others with their little snowman family, will you be okay without-?”
“I’m coming with you”, he interrupted you, determination evident on his face. A violent laugh escaped your lips at his desperate attempt to appear unfazed by the weather. He couldn’t be serious. He’d die out there within the first five minutes, but hey, why not give it a try?

“Alright, come on”, you mumbled with a sly grin on your face, turning to reach for his right hand to help him up from the sofa. As your fingers touched his, your hand shot back in surprise.
“Geez, your hand is so cold! And I thought your other arm was made out of metal”. He had started getting up, but now let himself plop back onto his seat with a pout.
“Aw, Jesse, you know I’m just messing with you! But it’s your own fault if you’re just too damn stubborn to admit that you’re freezing your sweet butt off.”
“I already told you, I am not cold. Not at all!” He didn’t dare to look into your eyes; his face was turned away with a blush. Well, at least his cheeks were still able to produce heat.

“I see. Then I’m gonna check if I can help Gabriel warm up. He sure could use a hug, don’t you think?” With an innocent smile on your lips, you turned away and moved towards the leader of Blackwatch. No, you tried doing that, as a freezing hand suddenly caught your wrist.
“Wait!” You sent your boyfriend an awaiting glance.
“Maybe, just maybe, I am indeed a little cold. And could use a hug more than Reyes…”, he mumbled, his voice barely above a whisper.
“You sure?”

With a defeated sigh, he gave you a nod. You instantly took a blanket from Gabriel (who cursed at you in Spanish), wrapped it around Jesse and yourself, and cuddled against his side.
“See? That wasn’t so difficult now, was it?”, you teased him, he just snorted disapprovingly. However, his features quickly turned cheeky.

“Well sweet pea, there are actually plenty of other ways we could preserve the body heat…” he whispered into your ear before leaning in for a kiss. You were fast enough to shove him away.
“Jesse McCree, we are not alone. There’s like ten other people here. No. Just no!”
He pouted and leaned back into the comfortable backrest.
“Seems like the cuddling’ll have to do. But if I freeze to death, that’s your fault.”
“I think I can actually live with that.” 

Meet Cute - Epilogue

Author: SaffreeLove

Words: 1800+

Warnings: swearing, there will always be swearing

A/N: Here is the epilogue, my lovelies. I want to say thank you to everyone that liked and reblogged or sent me a note telling me how much they enjoyed this story. It really means a lot to me. 

Meet Cute Masterlist

The first week consisted of being with each other during any and all free time. It was how a typical visit would go. Time was precious to you and so you’d spend it all completely absorbed with the other.

Two weeks after you got home, you were waiting for Seb to arrive from the airport. He always had a car service drive him from the airport to prevent issues with fans or paps.

Once you parted ways at the end of the con, the texting began. You had had a conversation on Sunday night about the difficulties of long-distance relationships. However, at Seb’s insistence, money for travel was not an issue. You, thankfully, had a great job that was flexible and gave great vacation time. Agreeing that communication was going to be key, you both were ready to do what it would take to keep this new relationship healthy and growing.

Texting was absolutely your main form of communication. It helped keep up a constant flow of conversation, especially for the times when your daily breaks would fall during his filming. Neither of you had to wait around for the other to be free to ‘talk’, you just texted it out. This wasn’t to say that you didn’t take full advantage of the both of you having iphones and ipads. Facetime became a near nightly occurrence, and something you looked forward to every day. Sometimes the best ones were when you set up your ipad in it’s stand on your kitchen island and made dinner. Neither of you really talking about anything specific, just being together and doing mundane, everyday things together via technology.

After about six months had gone by and you and Seb were still going strong. You had managed to meet up every couple of weeks, on average. The one time it stretched to a month was hard, but you had discovered just how good at phone and video sex you both could be. There may also have been a few toy purchases that helped you get through that long month.

The ‘I love you’ moment happened during the third visit. Seb had been filming in Atlanta and you flew down over a holiday weekend, taking a day on to either side giving you almost five full days with each other. He had that holiday Monday off and you both got a blissful opportunity to sleep in with each other. Around 10 am, you slowly started to wake up. Realizing that the slight pressure you felt on your waist was Seb’s arm curled over you caused the biggest grin to cover your face, and you still hadn’t even opened your eyes. You drifted for a few more minutes, just savoring the moment. The sudden soft snore and shifting from behind you was all the warning you got before his arm tightened and pulled you in close. You knew that he wasn’t fully awake, but there was definitely a part of him that was up and raring to go. The slight grinding, groping, and soft moaning certainly woke your body up the rest of the way. You couldn’t help but send your own little hip swivel back into him. His body stilled for a second, then he gave a slight, happy sounding growl. Dipping his head to your neck, he spoke against your skin.

“Mmmm, Jules. Damn baby, I thought I was dreaming again. You have no idea how happy I am to be wrong.” Hearing his low, gravelly voice so close to your ear was doing a number on your already aroused body. “I love waking up with you. I love feeling your body heat on mine. Love hearing your little snores.” He had been moving his kisses down your neck and out to your shoulder.

You gasped in mock outrage as you rolled to your back to look at him, “Sebastian Stan! I do not snore!”

He smirked, “Wanna bet? I took a video cause it was so fucking cute, I just couldn’t help myself.” Now that he had you on your back, he was free to continue with his kissing journey, punctuated with his words. “As I was saying, I love your little snores. Love your passion for life. Love your honesty. Love how you love your friends and family.” By now, you were struggling between paying serious attention to the words coming out of his mouth and the sensations caused by his mouth. By your count, he’d just used the L word eight times. “Jules,” you turned your head just slightly to look at him. “I love you.”

Time stopped for a minute or so for you. This man, who you had started of crushing on, just confessed his love for you. This man, who constantly amazed you with his generosity and his pure heart. This man, who made your body react in ways no one ever had. He loved you. Which was good, since you were already head over heels for him.

“Again. Say it again, please,” you said with a small smile and a slight sigh.

Crawling over you to nestle his body between your legs, he raised his face back to yours. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Each declaration was noted with a kiss of increasing heat.

“Mmmmm, that’s good, so good to hear. Especially since I love you as well.” You pulled his face back down to yours for another kiss. This one didn’t end.

Around month nine, your boss sent you to the New York City office for a project for three weeks. You were fucking ecstatic. Three weeks in New York AND Seb was on a break between filming? What the fuck? It was the best thing ever. You immediately texted Sebastian.

The first week consisted of being with each other during any and all free time. It was how a typical visit would go. Time was precious to you and so you’d spend it all completely absorbed with the other.

The second week was dotted with stupid fights. Both of you were trying to ignore your need for quiet, alone time and feeling guilty about not wanting to spend every single second wrapped up with each other.

The third week you had found your balance between time together, time alone, and the best one, time alone together. This was you actually living together. The exciting stuff and the boring stuff. Planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and even taking the trash out (that was Seb’s job). Two days before your flight home sent you both back into the week one mentality. You had passed some invisible test about whether or not this relationship could survive you living in the same city. Not only that, but you both had found out that you could even live together. To then have to pack your stuff up and go home was heartbreaking.

Two weeks after you got home, you were waiting for Seb to arrive from the airport. He always had a car service drive him from the airport to prevent issues with fans or paps.

Hearing the doorbell had you sprinting out of your home office, down the hall, and yanking open the door.

Standing there, grinning like a damn fool, was the most gorgeous man you’d ever seen. You launched yourself at him. He deftly caught you, wrapped your legs around his waist and walked through the door, dropping his bag just inside. Once the door clicked shut, he had you up against the wall with his mouth all over you. His hands slid into your leggings and squeezed your butt pulling a desperate moan from your lips. You rocked hard into him causing him to groan. He pulled you away from the wall intent on getting you to a bed as soon as fucking possible. Unfortunately, after two steps he stumbled and the two of you would have gone down in a blaze of hormones if he hadn’t grabbed onto the nearby door frame.

“What the hell?” he grumbled out, once he’d gotten his balance and set you down. Looking around, he saw the main room had boxes of varying sizes spread out all over the room. Turning, he could see the boxes in your office as well. Turning back to you, “Jules? What’s going on?”

“So, my boss called me into her office last week. Everyone was really impressed with my work while I was in the New York office, and sort of, well, offered me a promotion to head up my department in New York.

Seb’s jaw hung open. Whispering, he asked, “Jules, are you moving to New York?”

“Well, I said yes and I signed on the dotted line, so yeah, I am.” You had already been a touch nervous about the move and telling Seb, and now you couldn’t quite identify the look on his face. Was he happy and excited or had shit possibly just gotten too real?

His arms wove around your waist and as he pulled you close, you could see that Seb’s eyes were almost shining. “Are you planning to live with me?” His words could have been taken in a negative way had you not heard the love in his voice and seen the adoration in his eyes.

“I was hoping to,” you said quietly, still slightly wary.

“Ah ha ha ha!” he shouted as he spun you around, burying his face in your neck. “Do I get to help you pack? When are you moving? Have you lined up a truck service? Holy shit, baby. I can’t believe you’re moving to me.”

Your face broke out in a smile. “Hey, what are these?” Seb asked wiping a few of your tears away.

“I was a little worried that you might not actually be excited. This is bigger than me just coming to stay for a few weeks.”

Picking you back up, he said, “It is bigger,” kiss, “and better,” nibble, “and amazing,” kiss, “and fantastic,” suck, “and wonderful,” grind, “and I think I might just need to demonstrate exactly how happy I am to you, right now.”

So, that’s it for this fic. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this initial foray into Saff’s brain. Here’s all my shit, if you don’t already know, masterlist. Also, since Tumblr know how to be a royal pain in the ass, here’s my Ao3.

Side note: there are four text message images above. If you cannot see one or more, please let me know.

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You’re Not Alone | G.D. + E.D.

A.N. - Possible trigger warning. This is a topic very prevalent both in our society right now, and in my life right now. If you ever need someone to talk to about something like this, I am here. You are not alone.

Requested By: Anon


These past few weeks… They hadn’t been good. You were slipping back into old habits, and it scared you. You hadn’t mentioned anything to Grayson yet. Or Ethan. You were scared of the reaction you might get.

You’d been careful to cover the cuts. You’d cleaned them, and bandaged them, but they still hurt a lot sometimes, especially at night. They were fairly recent, too, so it’s not like there’d been much opportunity for Gray to see them, whether it be in the shower or somewhere else, but you were still cautious. So when Grayson found them that night, you had no idea what to do. You were wearing one of his sweatshirts, and some leggings. It was late, and you guys had been starting to fall asleep. He moved your arm slightly as he moved, at the same time that he accidentally rolled onto your thigh. You couldn’t stop yourself from letting out a whispered stream of profanities with several ouch’s mixed in. Grayson was immediately concerned, and decided he needed to examine your body for injuries. You could barely look at him as he rolled up the sleeves first. Almost immediately he let out a small gasp, and seemed to curl in on himself. He returned back to your arm, however, and continued his examination with tears falling heavily. He found more, on your other arm, and thighs. He said nothing once he was done. Just seemed to grow incredibly small. He was crying louder by then. You could do nothing but lie there silently, and drown in tears of your own. You weren’t sure what time you fell asleep, but you fell asleep to the sound of Grayson Dolan sobbing.


You woke up alone in the morning. You noticed several things, however, as you stepped out of bed. Your leggings were gone. Your sleeves were rolled up. He’d meticulously cleaned every single cut, then wrapped them all. All of this had taken place overnight, and you couldn’t comprehend how you’d slept through all of it.

As you walked into the kitchen, you saw him. He was standing at the stove, wearing nothing but sweatpants, making breakfast. You walked up behind him, and wrapped your arms around his waist. There was a quick series of movements, and then he’d picked you up and was holding you with one arm. The other was holding a spatula. He still said nothing, and neither did you. You slowly leaned forward, and kissed him lightly, once on the cheek, and once on the neck. You felt a great deal of tension leave his body at this moment. There was still silence.

Moments later, the front door opened, and Ethan entered. You and E were very close, but you dreaded having to tell him what was going on. “Hey guys.” He said. “Everything okay? It’s kinda quiet in here..”

Grayson set you down so he could finish up cooking. Ethan had sat down at the table. You turned around to say hi to him, and his eyes almost immediately zeroed in on your many bandages. “Oh my gosh, Y/N what happened?” He asked. You stared down at the ground. “I um… I uh, cut myself.” you murmured. His face changed in an instant, and in less than a second, he had engulfed you in a hug.

“Why?” He asked, at the exact same time as Gray, who was somehow right behind you guys.

“Um, I don’t know. I guess I’ve just been really anxious lately, for some reason, and stressed, and depressed, and before I could say anything it was too late, and I started slipping back into bad habits, and I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry I-” You were unable to continue due to the fact that you were practically choking on your tears.

“No.” Grayson said. There were tears leaking down his cheeks again. “Don’t be sorry. Okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I wasn’t here for you. You can always talk to me about this stuff.”

Ethan was nodding. “Me too. As you know, we’ve struggled with some stuff too Y/N. We understand, and we want to help. We want nothing more than to see you happy.”

Grayson cut in again. “We love you so much, so fucking much Y/N. And I’m so sorry you’ve been battling this alone. Because the truth is, You’re Not Alone. You’re Never Alone.”

My Body, My Rules {SimonxReaderxNegan}

Word Count: 3.5k ( I enjoyed myself too much XD)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: This is for a request by a Nonnie~ Anonymous said: Possessive sexy Negan please!!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Summary: Negan gets jealous over the woman who has taken an interest for Simon and not him. He’s used to getting what he wants, are his charms failing him?

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Journey To The Past (Chapter 1)

Magnus has spent his whole life in an orphanage. He has no memories of his childhood, and no clues to what happened to his family other than a single necklace wrapped around his neck, and three little words - ‘Together In Paris’. On leaving the orphanage, it will take a leap of courage to go and chase down his dreams - and a little help from a kitchen boy turned forger called Alec.

aka Anastasia AU

“Magnus! Today’s the day,” the young voice urged again, bouncing on the bed, shaking his chest. Magnus laughed a little, swatting at the young girl bouncing up and down, stilling her hands.

“Yes, Madzie. I know,” he assured her, shaking his nightmare from his mind as he sat up in the bed. It wasn’t a new nightmare. In fact, he’d been dreaming of something similar for as long as he could remember. A palace, the ballroom, a party, his family…. and then losing them in the riots. He had wondered about it, before. Wondered if his family had worked in the palace, what had happened to him, where they’d gone.

But he’d been found just after the riots and the revolution. Maybe that was where it came from. His subconscious reconstructing the night he’d lost everything. After all, he must have had a family before that, right? Someone who loved him, someone who would take care of him and hold him and….

The dream was too much. It all hurt too much.

It hadn’t been awful growing up in the orphanage. He’d been looked after, but there was little affection and love in a place like this. Some of the other children had been adopted, but as Magnus had gotten older, his chances of that happening had dwindled away to nothing. He’d been in this old house for his whole life.

And today, he was leaving.

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anonymous asked:

Can we talk about harry taking care of you when you're really sick? Calling and texting to check up on you, catering to your every need, petting your hair to comfort you, running you a nice bath but then making you take a shower because "you were sitting in your own germs, love" and throwing blankets in the dryer to make them warm, making sure you take medicine, etc etc aka my death. Also let's not forget about u babying him when he's sick

Oh, gosh.

He’d make you stay home from work because of how unwell you were, taking your temperature with the back of his hand and then the actual thermometer once he realizes your forehead is nearly burning. He has to go to meetings that can’t be done over the phone, and he feels awful about it because he wants to stay home with you to make sure you’re okay.

Before he leaves, he sets you up in bed with extra blankets and your favorite hoodie of his to snuggle up in. He gets you a glass of cold water, some orange juice, and a cup of tea, along with tissues and cold medicine on your bedside table. He makes sure you had your phone, the remote control, and the book you’re currently reading within arms reach.

“Call me if you need anything, my love,” he says, kissing the top of your head. “I’ll stop by the shops and get some yummy soup for ye’ before I come home, ‘kay?”

He texts you throughout the day, making sure you’re still alive and have everything you need. He would tell you to run a hot shower for yourself to clear your sinuses and relieve your aches and pains a bit, and you instantly feel better after listening to his advice. He tells you that you can wear anything in his closet - even his Gucci suits - if it means you’ll feel better. That makes you laugh, and you tell him that you’ll be fine, just as long as he comes home with some chicken noodle soup from your favorite deli.

He arrives with much more than necessary - bottles of juice (carbonated and flat), tissues (even though you’d had plenty), cough drops in two different flavors, more medicine, two containers of your soup just in case you want more, saltine crackers to ease your stomach, a book of word searches, and the expensive sorbetto he knows you love. You’re tired, and sick, and feeling a bit worse for wear, so the single pink rose wrapped in plastic he’s bought for you brings tears to your eyes as you smell it.

“Oi!” he screeches, plopping down on the mattress next to you. “No tears! Didn’t mean t’make ye’ cry with my romantic gesture.” He pets your hair back - a bit unruly from allowing it to air-dry out of the shower - and kisses your forehead. “Let’s have a cuddle, yeah? Maybe put on 10 Things I Hate About You? That’ll make ye’ feel better.”

An Unexpected Declaration

Peter Pevensie x Reader

A/N: I hope that you all enjoy this! Have a lovely day everyone.


There were quite a few ways that you had imagined your weekend traveling to Calormen with Peter might go. Peter might’ve asked you to accompany him on a stroll through the town after the Calormen embassies signed the treaty, giving you time to confess how you felt about him or maybe he would even surprise you by telling you that he had feelings for you. The possibilities were endless since his siblings were staying at Cair Paravel to prepare for the annual winter festival.

Having your carriage robbed and your horses taken, leaving you and Peter on foot in the middle of the forest in December was definitely not something that you had imagined.

You and Peter had been wandering around the woods for about a few hours now, or so you thought, it was getting a little difficult to tell the passing of time.

“Don’t worry Y/N, we hadn’t been traveling for too long and we aren’t very far from a main road so someone should come by and find us. Besides, the Calormen King will send word to Susan when we don’t arrive on time.

“Peter” You said “It’s been snowing for hours and there’s no sign of it letting up. It seems unlikely that anyone would be traveling in this weather. “We knew we were cutting it close as it is.”

“I know it seems bleak but we can’t give up hope. Someone will find us soon enough.” He said confidently. You admired that about him. How his faith that everything would turn out alright was so strong, even in the face of such harsh odds.

But even that didn’t last forever. As night began creeping over the snow covered land, Peter began to worry that the two of you wouldn’t in fact be rescued as quickly as he’d hoped. The first stars began to shine when he spoke again.

“Y/N, I think that we should try to find shelter. If we stay out here all night we’ll freeze.” You simply nodded and stood up from the tree stump that you had been resting at, your face and hands cold to the touch.

“Alright.” You agreed, shivering “Where do you suggest we go?”

“I’ve been on hunting expeditions with Edmund and Philip numerous times in these woods. And while we’ve never been this far away from the palace, we have always been able to find caves that litter this area so we should be able to find something not too far away. It won’t be very comfortable but it will shelter us from the weather.” He told you.

“Well” You shrugged “Anything that gets us out of this cold is fine by me.” He smiled at you and offered his arm. You took it gladly, praying to Aslan that he didn’t see the red of your cheeks or that he merely assumed that it was from the cold. After all, you thought to yourself, he is the high king so it’s natural for him to be chivalrous to a lady, it means nothing other than he is a kind and gracious king.

After a little while of searching the forest for suitable shelter, you noticed what looked to be a small hole in the ground surrounded by a few large stones.

“What’s that?” You exclaimed “Is that a cave?” You asked, pointing at what you saw. Peter quickly led you both over to it and brushed away the snow.
“Yes, it is!” He laughed “Good eye Y/N, I don’t think I would have seen that through all the snow.” You merely smiled at him as he lowered himself down into it. Suddenly he turned around and held his arms out towards you. “Well come on then?”

“Sorry?” You asked him, confused as what he was asking you to do.

“Well I can’t imagine that it would be very easy getting down here in a dress like that!” He grinned up at you. You smiled, now that he mentioned it, you really weren’t dressed for the weather or the occasion.

“Alright,” You told him playfully “Just be ready.” You jumped down as carefully as you could, not wanting to hurt him in the process. He caught you easily and gently set you down on the cave floor.

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” He asked you.

“No, I suppose not.” You retorted “And thank you.”

“Not a problem at all.” He replied. You then took a look at your surroundings. It was much tighter in here than you had thought it would be.

“Well.” You stated “We should probably get some sleep then. We have a long day ahead of us.”

“That’s just what I was thinking.” Peter yawned, making you laugh. You laid down on the stone floor and did your best to make yourself comfortable, while Peter did the same across from you. “Goodnight Y/N.” He said softly.
“Goodnight Peter.”

When you awoke you were shivering too hard to even think. It had gotten much colder in here, to the point where you couldn’t feel your feet or your hands. You began to rub them together, trying not to wake Peter with your chattering teeth. Despite your efforts however, he began to stir.

“Y/N? Are you shivering?” He asked you.

“A little” You replied through your teeth “But I’ll be fine, go back to sleep.” He slid over to where you were lying and put his hand on your cheek.

“Y/N you’re freezing!” He scolded “We have to get you warmed up, it’s dangerous to get this cold out here.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled your shivering frame into his arms. You had to admit, it was warmer when he held you like that. Then he began to lay back down.

“Um, Peter what are you doing?” You asked cautiously

“We both need to rest and I need to warm you up. Just try to sleep, we’re gonna be ok just let me keep you warm.” He spoke softly “And while this might not be the best timing, I feel that it would be dishonorable of me it I didn’t tell you of my feelings for you before holding you like this.” He fretted “I understand that these feelings aren’t mutual” He continued “But I just have to tell you-” You cut him off by pressing your cold lips against his. For a moment he was surprised, but he quickly kissed you back. It wasn’t a long kiss but it told Peter all that you felt for him without having to say a single word. Silently he wrapped his arms around you tighter and kissed you softly on the forehead as the two of you drifted back to sleep.

Come What May - The Finale

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. So why did she feel like she was making the biggest mistake of her life? Roman Reigns/OC/Tama Tonga


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P.S. This chapter contains dark, disturbing themes.


If Living Is Without You

Three months later…

Making his way down the hallway of their latest hotel, Tama dropped the many pieces of luggage he was juggling with a big huff and checked the key card, smiling with relief when he realized he was standing right in front of the corresponding door. He then opened the door and turned around. “After you, cutie,” he said with a cheeky grin.

Ashley returned his smile, and stepped through the door into the foyer. Tama followed her, dragging the first set of luggage – hers – in with him. He set the suitcases down and went back out to fetch the rest. Ashley kicked off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. Tama was saying something to her as he unpacked, but she was not hearing a single word. She wrapped her bony arms around her knees, her eyes glazing over as she withdrew into herself once again.

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