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west wing and chill

it’s like netflix and chill but u come over and we sit quietly bc the west wing is dialogue heavy and if u speak you’ll miss Important Political Discourse and I’ll have to rewind it shh

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> Somewhere in bighit entertainment building<p/><b>Bighit:</b> So. BTS we are running out of ideas to surprise your armys. Any ideas ?<p/><b>Rap monster:</b> Make 2 versions of the album.<p/><b>Bighit:</b> Damn namjoon. We had 4 last time.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Make it pastel pink and green like never before that should trick them.<p/><b>Bighit:</b> sounds cool.<p/><b>Suga:</b> Repeat every single song in wings and add 4 more. That should satisfy them.<p/><b>Bighit:</b> Extra salary for you.<p/><b>J-Hope:</b> Have 2 MVs.<p/><b>Bighit:<b> Shyt. if you ever stop dancing and rapping join the production team.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Drop the teaser out of nowhere.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> that's so unoriginal. Drop 2 teasers on consecutive days.<p/><b>Bighit:</b> damn jimin. You're smart.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Make not today teaser last 3 secs.<p/><b>Bighit:</b> you didn't graduate for nothing.<p/><b></b> Edited ver. ^^ <p/><b></b> -J.L<p/></p><p/></p>

I have not read a single book in the Wings of Fire series. Heck I havent even bothered to look at the actual covers of the books yet. My only jumping off point is hearing an acquaintance describe said series as “Warrior Cats, but with dragons”.

Using the wisdom of pictureless descriptions and vague information on the internet, I have managed to draw what I think several of the dragon species in the series would/should look like.

Gency/Emergenji Week - Day 4: MISSION (Operation: Rekindle)

“If you want a real first kiss, you will come back to me after the battle, alive and well.”

“My job is rather dangerous, Angela. I’m afraid I might need healing.

“That can be arranged.”

The very last thing I did before running off to the airport this morning: sew and pin this black vulture (Coragyps atratus) wing for the museum. This vulture was roadkill, and unfortunately we could only salvage the head and a single wing.

It should still end up being an excellent educational piece, though, especially for students taking Ornithology. Did you know that most raptors take 3 or more years to reach their full adult plumage? You can actually age many species down to the year just by looking at a single wing!

I believe this black vulture would have been a third cycle (fourth year as of 1/1/17) bird. If you look closely at the secondaries, there’s a mix of feathers from the 2016 and 2015 molts. More obvious is the last tertial– that broken and frayed brown feather sticking out on the far right side of the wing. Most birds will replace the tertials annually, but this one looks like it’s been retained since the bird’s 2014 molt!

Why not just replace all your feathers every year? Molting is energetically costly, and young birds still learning the ropes of independent life have a higher chance of survival if they only replace the few feathers they need most.

Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman were so in love? It was sort of disgustingly cute? Like she had barely ever played music before… she played piano as a kid. And he was like “I want you to join my band” and when she was like??? But I don’t music? He taught her and then credited EVEY SINGLE WINGS SONG to Both of them and they traveled the world together with Wings and their kids and like? They argued a little but in general they always look so genuinely happy to be together in every photo together and the longest they ever spent apart were those 9 days Paul was in jail for smuggling weed into Japan (lmfao) from the day they got married to the day Linda died?? Honestly their love is so wonderful and pure and I’m rlly overtired and emotional about this I’m sorry

Being Single on Valentine's Day

When You See All the Lovey-Dovey Couples:

And How You Respond When They’re Obnoxiously Lovey-Dovey:

And They Get Sad Because You Just Swore At Them Very Heavily:

But There’s A Possibility That Your Harsh Attitude Is Just Covering For The Intense Loneliness:

And Really All You Want Is Someone To Ask You This:

You Know What Disney Taught You About Dating:

And Although In You’re Mind You Think This Is The Problem:

But The Problem Is The World Is Saying You’re This When You’re Single:

When In Reality You’re This:

And Those People Who Are So Nauseously “In Love”:


So Here’s What You Gotta Do:



So While You Wait:

Then It Takes Too Long:

And When It Finally Arrives:

But If You Realize You’ve Just Been Eating Your Feelings:

You Know What You Should Do Next?

Then This Will Happen:

And Then You Realize:

You Have Single Friends:

You Can Do This:

Although This May Be True Of You:

And That’s Great!

But If That’s Not You, Invite Your Single Friends Over!

Have a S.A.D. Party (Singles Awareness Day)!

Watch The Total Opposite of a Romance Movie (Action or Horror):

So Before You Were Thinking This:

And This:

And You Had This:

So For All Those People Saying You Should Be Dating Someone:

And Even If They Think You’re Weird:

So Will You Feel Bad About Being Single On Valentine’s Day?

Because You Are Amazing:

And You Should Have Raised Self-Esteem:

And Don’t Need To Be Defined By A Holiday Based On Whether You’re Seeing Someone Romantically Or Not:

So Have a Happy Singles APPRECIATION Day!

That got a lot more inspirational then I thought it would. I was going more for snarky when this thing started.

More Headcanons Yayy!

Told you I had nothing better to do. Honestly I spend way to much time thinking about this show.

Angels’ Wings pt. 1


As the oldest of the archangels, he has a single pair of wings. His wings are large, probably the largest of any angels. They’re white, pure white, what you think of when you think angels, nothing too extraordinary. They have the faintest golden glow at the tips of the feathers. Sleek and powerful.


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Before being cast out, he had two sets of long, blinding wings that seem to be made of pure light (Light Bearer). During his fall, two of his wings, the ones on the right side, were horribly damaged. They were burned down too the bone as he used those wings to protect himself as he fell. They’re now black and skeletal on that side, the feathers that do remain are charred to the bones. The ones on the left are slightly singed, but for the most part in tact. They still emit their own light, but it’s no longer pulsing in waves of white and gold, but has taken on a dim red glow (Which appears slightly pink)


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The third of the four brothers, he has three sets of wings. They’re stunning gold, more coppery near the base but get progressively lighter and brighter as they move out, becoming a more molten gold in the center and white gold at the tips. They’re more extravagant than any of the others, more flashy, showy. His wings are still very much whole and well kept because he is more of a messenger then a fighter, which has served him well in keeping them safe. They’re  grand and majestic, giving him a feeling of regaliality and power. 


The youngest of the four, he has four sets of sleek, streamlined wings, reminiscent of the style and shape of wings of the angels to come after him. Practical for a soldier. They’re deep gray in color, like storm clouds and pulse with ice blue electricity.


Wings of a complete and absolute ebony, an unusual color. This plays with the idea that God has a special interest in him, creating him with unique wings unlike any other angel. They’re slightly larger than the average and not quite as sleek. Full and beautiful, but their color and size makes them imposing. They seemed to be constantly shrouded in thick shadows that hangs around them like black fog. When the light hits them just right, they glint electric blue for a moment.