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Never blame your fans

I know many of you artists - whether you draw, write, or compose - are frustrated that your original work, especially your dream projects, aren’t getting the responses you were hoping for.

I feel the same way.

But some of you express your frustrations completely destructively and blame the world for not giving you the spotlight.

When you do that, you’re blaming your problems for existing rather than adjusting and compromising to solve them. You’re making excuses for your mistakes. You’re demanding the world to change but you are not willing to change with it.

This is the perfect mindset to NEVER succeed in anything, ever.

You need to accept some basic truths of art before you can go any further:

  • Your art should teach you as much as or more than it teaches others: If you claim your art opens horizons and widens minds, yours should be the first priority. You cannot speak without listening. You are not a righteous prophet enlightening the heathens with the true word. You are one humble person and your art is one humble person’s story.
  • There are no new stories, but there are always new storytellers. That amazing idea you have that nobody’s ever thought of before? Someone has. But nobody has told the story your way, or drawn the character your way, or sung the song your way. Art is not about being new. It is about being you.
  • Popular art is all about the beholder. All these shows and games with so much fan art? They got to that level because they command a personal investment from and serve the viewer - they have worlds their fans want to be part of, and your canon will be swept aside along the way. You the artist are not a god or a wise sage. You are a guide and a footman. To be an artist is to be humanity’s servant, not its lord - and there’s no shame in that.
  • Most of your fans are not artists or art critics. While there will be a good number of them in your fanbase, the vast majority are not going to be super-open-minded creative thinkers who value every single opinion, outlook, and story just because it’s done technically well. They will be ordinary people with ordinary, selfish interests, and they will care about your content more than your talent. You have to balance what you want to draw with what everyone wants to see.

But the most important part of being an artist or really a person at all is to understand this:

Nobody owes you success.

Nobody is under any obligation to pay anything you produce a second glance or support or promote it in any way.

Nobody is spiting or robbing you by not giving you a like or a reblog or a follow.

Every single gesture of appreciation you receive from someone is a courtesy - a gift that you earn, not a right you’re entitled to.

It is not the job of your audience to love your work. It is your job to make it lovable. And just because you are working really hard does not mean you are working in the right direction.

I know that thousands upon thousands of artists put hours or months or years into a project and feel like they get nothing in return. Sometimes it is not how hard you’re working but what you’re working for that is the problem. 

Sometimes you need to slow down and think, “Do I have to have this just so? What would the kind of person interested in my work be looking for, and where can I address it? Am I maybe taking myself and my work a little too seriously?” 

And a lot of artists don’t realize that as an amateur, you are the sole proprietor - you are your art. Whether people like you determines whether they like your art.

And that’s why when you blame everybody else and post ungrateful, catty garbage like this:

… you don’t subsequently become the next Toby Fox.

The simple fact is that people will pay you attention if they think your offering + your hassle are worth their attention.

You need to create a world that someone other than you will have fun in and you need to be a good host to everyone who visits

You need a world that will welcome your fans with open arms.

You need to build a world people can live & play in.

And you and your world need to appreciate your fans just for showing up.

Because this is exactly what the big fish do.

because they spread your work around to more people without shanking you on credit and who gets the likes

because they make your work show up sooner & more often on searches and are simply a nice gesture

because they take time out and pay good money to listen to your story and make you from a pauper into a prince

because if you appreciate no one, no one will appreciate you, nor should they

you’ll look good (in between my sheets)

prompt: person A and person B meet at a bar, each nursing a broken heart after a recent breakup. bonus for a selfie and smut. 

word count: 3,654 (*aaron burr voice* sweet jesus)

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

warnings: smut, daveed “i can charm the skirts off a nun” diggs, “okay so we’re doing this” reader. 

a/n: when i die, delete this so daveed never finds this sin. 

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raise your hand if you have spider-powers, a history of erratic behavior and a deeply disturbing backstory involving trust issues. also: a knife.

  • sarah shahi as jessica drew in the spider woman movie of my dreams that marvel is too trash to ever make

Imagine being Percival Graves s/o and captured along with him before the events of Fantastic Beasts.

Warning: This contains descriptions of torture and bodily harm. If you are sensitive to such content, please do not read this.

• You became an Auror in MACUSA after moving to New York upon your graduation from Hogwarts. It doesn’t take long for you to meet, and fall (exasperatedly) in love with Percival Graves.

• Obviously, he found himself in love with you and your dry British humour. He sometimes wondered why he still loved you even as you fire sarcastic quip after quip at him, especially whenever you’re feeling particularly sassy.

• You were assigned to the group of Aurors, led by Percival, to head to Europe and track Grindelwald down. He wasn’t happy about you joining him in the forefront of danger, but (very) grudgingly accepted that you were more than capable of defending yourself.

• Alas, the tip off your group received about the Dark wizard’s whereabouts was a trap set up by Grindelwald & his followers. The other Aurors were quickly overpowered in the ambush, leaving you & Percival fighting back to back. Despite both your prowess in combat, Grindelwald managed to defeat the both of you.

• You awoke in a dark cell, and your first reaction was to seek out your lover’s calloused hand. He pulled you securely into his arms, as if shielding you from Grindelwald and his followers.

• The first few days were horrible. You weren’t allowed any food, and were only given small amounts of water twice a day; just enough to make sure you wouldn’t die of thirst. Percival insisted on giving you his portion of sustenance, but you forced the stubborn man to consume what little water you were each given. You swore that if he kept being so bullheaded, he would be sleeping on the couch forever.

• By the time the first week was over, you were both exhausted and weakened, physically and mentally. Grindelwald, the cunning man, had everything planned perfectly. Because what came next horrified you, and for the first time since you became an Auror, you understood what being helpless meant.

• At first, Grindelwald was all charming and seductive, coaxing Graves to turn on MACUSA and everything he stood for. When Percival’s only response was to spit at the maniac, Grindelwald started breaking each of Percival’s fingers. Next was his arms, then his ribs. It would be his legs soon, Grindelwald promise. Piece by piece, he broke the man you loved right before your eyes.

• Still Percival held steadfast against his torment. You knew him, he would rather die than betray the very ideals & beliefs he defended every single day, values that made him the man you loved dearly. But all those meant nothing to Grindelwald. He was blinded by his quest for the supremacy of wizardkind and he would stop at nothing to see his goals realised.

• Of course, you weren’t spared the torture. The fact that you were female was of no importance to Grindelwald, except he didn’t resort to physically breaking your bones. No, you were treated to the agonizing effects of the Cruciatus Curse. You were certain you screamed till there was blood in your throat, and every time the torture stopped -to give you both a “break”-, you would crawl over to your dear, sweet Percival who lay haplessly, you would cradle his head in your lap and you would sing hoarsely to him and sometimes, you would both weep at how broken the two of you were.

• Grindelwald was running out of time and Percival still hadn’t yielded. If he couldn’t have Percival as his puppet, he would become Percival Graves and gain direct access to the heart of wizarding America. With that in mind, he began what was perhaps the worst part of your capture; he invaded both your and Percival’s minds.

• You didn’t know if Grindelwald was clumsy at Legilimency or if he simply didn’t care, but having him force himself into your mind was the most excruciating experience ever. Both you and Percival were trained Occlumens, but the mental and physical exhaustion left your mental barriers weak, and Grindelwald tore through them until you were screaming and screaming and oh Merlin make him stop!

• Eventually, Grindelwald had all he needed, and when he Transfigured himself to impersonate Percival, you retched at how wrong his cold, cruel smile looked on your Percival’s face. It terrified you just how perfectly he seemed to mimick Percival, and your heart sank with the realisation that no one may ever come to your rescue, not with Grindelwald’s perfect disguise.

• When help finally came, months -or was it years later?-, your fellow Aurors were horrified at the state you were in. Both you and Percival had lost significant weight, and while you had done your best to set whatever bones so they could heal correctly, they could see some of Percival’s limbs sticking out in awkward angles, and he had difficulty breathing, barely conscious. You, on the other hand, thought you had gone mad and started laughing hysterically at what you thought were hallucinations of your colleagues standing flabbergasted at the door of your prison cell. It wasn’t until Seraphina Picquery, an old friend to both you and Percival, had let out a strangled sob as she, very uncharacteristically, rushed to hug you, did you start heaving and crying all over her ornate robes, because finally, finally you were both safe.

• You wake up to the clinically white surroundings of a medical ward, and blinking several times, you turn your head to see Percival in the bed next to you, pale and weak and small, but alive. Someone slipped into the quiet room, and you recognised the somber, somewhat frightened face of Tina Goldstein, who proceeds to tell you, in hushed tones as if she’s terrified of shattering whatever illusion of peace that delicately blankets the room, about everything that transpired during your captivity.

• You learn of an extraordinary young man named Newt Scamander and his extraordinary suitcase, which according to Tina, is home to many fantastical beasts. You learn of how Grindelwald, as Graves, had lied about why you never returned from Europe, that you had personally asked for an extended period of leave to visit your ailing mother and that he had approved of your request. You learn of the boy with the sad eyes who was exploited by everyone in his life, including Grindelwald and how his repressed magic and hurt and frustration and resulted in an Obscurus. Most importantly, you learn of Grindelwald’s capture and even though you know that he would no doubt escape one day, at last, you could sleep easy knowing that you and Percival were safe and free from him, for now.

• A soft groan sounds from next to you, and with Tina’s help, you managed to wobble to Percival’s bed side and clutch his bandaged hand in yours. You don’t notice Tina quietly leaving the room with bright eyes and a smile, because your world narrows down to that dear, loved face of your Percival and he is all you see. You press a kiss onto his scarred knuckles and his eyelids flutter open. He offers you an almost inaudible “hello darling, and you smile through your tears and gently kiss him and all was well.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I would love to find a God fearing man who loves me. I'm a tall, older woman in my mid 50's and men don't seem to be attracted to tall women. Is there any hope for me.  

7 Thoughts On Singleness: Is Something Wrong With Me?

Anonymous asked:

I’m 27 years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve only dated once but that didn’t go so well. I’ve prayed and I’ve prayed and I’ve asked God for my significant other but honestly sometimes I feel as if God doesn’t hear me. Which then causes my heart turmoil especially when I see other girls getting married and dating all the time. It just makes me feel like there is something wrong with me or I maybe I’m unworthy of someone else. I just really need some peace in this area or my life.

Hey dear sister, I know this is an especially painful season for you right now, but please allow me the grace to share a few thoughts with you.

1) Singleness is not a season of waiting.

I’ve said this before, but: You’re not waiting for a man.  A man is not the focal point of anything.  Jesus is the focal point of everything.

A Western culture indoctrinated in romanticism would lead us to believe that “singles” are simply biding their time, waiting for some significant other to save us from the throes of loneliness.  And I know that the latest pop song or chick flick or young adult novel has awakened some weird feelings in you, and it would even be nice to have someone.

But relationships are hard work, celibacy is hard work, and life is hard work.  There’s really no such thing as waiting for a spouse: your life has launched into being, and there’s work to do.  If God is your priority, then a man who comes along who can even catch up to you would be dang lucky to have you.

2) Singleness doesn’t define your value, ever.

What exactly is “singleness”?  I wish we would stop defining things by the absence of something else.  Being single doesn’t mean you’re somehow “incomplete” until someone else completes you.  Let’s pause to consider that even the idea of singleness is false at its best, and oppression at its worst.

In the first century, Apostle Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 7 specifically to address single people.  To paraphrase, he said, “If you want to get married, good.  If you want to stay single, good, and it could be better.” To you, this might sound ordinary.  But at the time, it was a loaded bombshell. This was actually an entirely revolutionary view of sexuality that had been previously unheard of.

During Paul’s life, the Emperor of the Roman Empire was actually charging a fee for the unmarried because it was considered bad for the economy and the family (never mind that Caesar was already bad for both).  Being married with a family was considered the gold status of society, and a single person could only have been a widow or prostitute; there was no middle ground.

So Paul comes along, and moved by the Spirit of God, completely wrecked the whole idea of family and marriage and singles.  He legitimized singleness as an absolutely acceptable life-choice, but more than that, said it can often be better for carrying out God’s mission on earth (1 Cor. 7:29-35).  Paul himself was single, which itself would’ve been quite a scandal.

3) Please don’t allow singleness to rush you into being not-single.

Take as long as it takes.  In the same passage (1 Cor. 7), Paul is urging us to not rush into relationships.  Not only is rushing this unwise because we could shortcut God’s growth in our lives, but we could end up getting into a string of bad relationships or making other poor judgment calls when we’re clouded by the impatience to be with someone. Again, relationships are hard work.  Pursuing anything goes beyond our idealistic hologram picture into a gritty, sweaty, pulsing reality that requires our everything.

God might or might not send someone to you tomorrow: but so long as you’re pursuing God, you might hardly notice.  That’s a good thing.  Find Christ, you find yourself, and maybe you’ll find someone else.

4) Your season of un-attached life, or the “gift of singleness,” is a unique season like no other.

There is a very particular way that God works through us when we’re not married or attached somehow, and it’s downright impossible for God to do those things any other way.  I’m not trying to diminish one status or the other, but there are pros and cons to both which cannot overlap.  I’m about to be married soon, but my married friend tells me the other day, “Use your remaining time wisely.  Have a lot of solitude.  Take long drives.  Read as much as you can.  Once you’re married, that’s it.  It’s good, but so is your time right now.”

5) It might simply be that others are intimidated by you.

It could just be that your godliness is thinning out the dating pool. That’s a good thing, too.

When I was single and I went after the lady who is my fiance now, I have to tell you that I was totally intimidated by her.  She was godly, she was a strong career woman, and she didn’t flirt back easily.  Compared to her, I was a scrub, and I knew I couldn’t really pursue her unless I got it together.  It could be very possible that other men see you as super-awesome, and as with most men, we’re just trying to get confident enough to make a move.

6) It’s okay for ladies to give a hint.

Do you see a dude you like? Ask him out for coffee.
Do you really, really want to meet someone?
It’s okay to be in situations where you meet people.
Are you kind of shy or new to the whole thing?
It’s okay to ask a friend for help. It’s okay to pray together.

7) Before relational intimacy with others, we first need relational intimacy with God.

My friend, again: I know this is a very tough time.  Anything I’ve stated here is not a magic formula or silver bullet that will suddenly wash away the nights alone.  I don’t mean to minimize anything you’re feeling, because I do believe most of us are called to be married, and singleness can be a tough time.

So I want to encourage you to continue to seek after God and trust Him.  That’s probably the predicable pastor-ish thing to say, yet no one can give you the validation, affirmation, and approval that God gives you.  If we squeeze that from a spouse, we will crush them and crush ourselves. Before we can rightly estimate people in our lives, we must first hold an accurate picture of God and who He is, so that our foundation would be deepened to the very bottom of our roots.

But more than simply seeing God as a vehicle to fill us, He is also the center of all things, the one who in Himself is worthy of all our affection.  He is the pure beauty we’ve been seeking in all our relational ties; He is the only love who knows us exactly as we are, the very depth of our ugliness, yet He continues to pursue us and press in.  I know that you know this.  Sometimes it feels like a pithy consolation prize, like “Yes I know God is God, but I want a date.“  I just know that the more I press into Jesus, the more I understand that he became ugly so we might become beautiful, he was single his whole life and calls us his bride, he stayed on a cross to absorb all the ways we have failed: such a costly love puts all others in their place.  My situation might hurt me or maim me, and life is never easy, but we have one who stands with us always, who gives me a value and dignity apart from whatever I’m going through or have done, and in this, I am never truly alone.  Each day, even with my tiny frail faith, this is enough. Trust Him, bask in Him, know His glory. You are absolutely loved by Him, as if you were the only one that ever was.

“You are significant without a significant other.”

– Shauna Niequist


Day Fifty-Six

-It begins. Black Friday. Until today, I had thought stories of shoppers sprinting through the aisles were myths. I now know better, and I am terrified. Luckily, I found my register to be stocked with stickers, so at least I have been given this small beacon of hope.

-I witnessed Hipster Sasquatch lumber into the store, not to be seen again.

-A young girl, no older than eight, purchased five teddy bears much larger than she herself. She was entirely incapable of carrying even one of them, but, much to my inspiration, this fact did not stop her from trying.

-A mother told her young son that he could pick one pack of gum. After a moment’s contemplation, he picked the single largest value pack of gum we had, triple the cost of any other pack. This was still acceptable under his mother’s rules, and in my eyes, that makes him the single most thrifty Black Friday shopper I encountered tonight.

-I overheard a guest at a nearby register say, “I just killed a girl.” I do not know how serious they were or what the context was, but I am grateful to be working the registers and not the floor tonight.

-Several guests came into the store solely to buy a bottle of soda. I do not understand why they would take such a risk or sit through such a wait, but I admire their bravery and was happy to ring them up.

-Multiple groups of women traipsed through the store in matching homemade Black Friday shirts. These people embrace the chaos of the night far too eagerly. I feel they would thoroughly enjoy a purge-like event, but only so as to raid department stores, and I respect that.

-While there were, as expected, several guests who were unhappy with how their night was progressing, twice as many asked how I was doing, genuinely interested, and expressed their concern and gratitude towards me working tonight, apologizing on behalf of those with less respect. While these were just small gestures, they meant the world to me and made my shift bearable. 

-One of the biggest sellers of the night was a four foot tall Michelangelo statue. This was Michelangelo the teenage mutant ninja turtle, not Michelangelo the acclaimed Renaissance artist, but it was just as terrifying as if it had been the latter.

-I walked through the store on my break. Shelves had been ransacked. Displays had been picked dry. Sleepless and soulless faces passed me, scavenging for the last sales of the night. I did not expect this level of barren apocalyptic wasteland until Trump was at least inaugurated, yet I found it all around me.

-I was accused of hurting a woman with a powerful static shock, despite not coming within three feet of her at any point. I believe this to be my superhero origin and I look forward to becoming a much less cool and much more white Virgil Hawkins. 

-A woman informed me that she would only buy an item she had brought up if it rang up at $5. It turned out to be $4.26. She made me put it back. I do not understand the logic, but I admire someone so firm in their beliefs.

-Coworkers who regularly bring everyone candy during long shifts are the best kind of coworkers. 

-In hopes of making it through my shift and the drive home alive, I downed an energy drink. Unfortunately, I forgot that energy drinks tend to make me believe I am even funnier than I usually think. I would now like to apologize to the guests who found this out tonight.

-I am reminded of how grateful I am that I work at Target, as even in the midst of the conservative south, I am surrounded with people who are as upset about Trump and Pence existing as a concept as I am, and this leads to many a great conversation.

-A man was offended to find that the Red Bull he was about to buy was sugar-free. He replaced it with a full-sugar one, telling his father that he was trying to die and that was not going to do the job, and branding himself the most relatable guest of the night.

-I am thankful for those who attempted to lift my spirits throughout my shift, but I would specifically like to single out the big daddy of dad jokes who tried very, very hard. Displaying a case of selective dyslexia, the man read out the card reader’s instruction of “do not remove card” as “don’t move,” and proceeded to pose and freeze in place for a solid thirty seconds. This man committed to an extent I would not have expected from him and he will never be forgotten. 

Overcoming Distractions

Nehemiah 6:15-16

As we saw yesterday, distractions have potential to get us off track. Gossip. Criticism. Financial pressure. Poor health. Conflict. Desires. Praise from others. Any of these can cause us to turn away from God’s perfect plan. But Scripture gives us a role model to emulate (Neh. 4:1-23, Neh. 5:1-19, Neh. 6:1-16). Nehemiah shows us the value of:

Single-mindedness. Nehemiah feared the Lord and conscientiously applied himself to His work. He didn’t have a divided mind. By setting our attention solely on God’s plan, our minds will stay fixed, regardless of the difficulties.

Obedience. The Lord wants to show us His favor; His blessing is always upon us when we are obedient to Him. This knowledge should bring us confidence in hard times, just as it did for Nehemiah.

Accountability. The king wanted progress reports on what Nehemiah was accomplishing. One day we will stand before Jesus, our King, and give an account for how we used our resources and gifts (1 Corinthians 3:12-15).

Consistency in our prayer life. When the Israelites were ridiculed, they were helpless to stop their opponents’ taunts. So Nehemiah prayed, and the people received strength to continue. As the plotting worsened, Nehemiah and his fellow workers cried out to God, who not only provided His people with discernment but also frustrated the enemies’ plans.

Nehemiah completed the ambitious project in just 52 days. When we follow his example, God can accomplish great things in and through us. Which of the above points from Nehemiah’s life can help you overcome whatever is distracting you?

Good For You pt.4

a/n: i’ve been procrastinating. anyway here’s part 4 of a series no one asked for (and was originally meant to be more sin less plot but turned out more plot and less shitty sin bc im trash) unedited i have to go sleep


Summary: He needed you as some sort of stability, you needed him as some form of rebellion.

Word Count: 2.5k+

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Warning(s): none besides usual shitty writing

“Who would’ve thought?”

You jumped and immediately leaned back up away from the mirror, running your hands through the ends of your hair, trying to play nonchalant despite being caught red-handed.

“Here.” Hope smiled, reaching inside her bag for something before extending her hand to give it to you.

You blinked at the tube in her hand, still red in the face and not knowing how to react.

“You’re as red as your goddamn fuckin’ hickeys, take it.” She laughed out loud, shaking her hands for emphasis. You hesitantly reached out to grab the tube, finding out that it was concealer.

“T-Thanks.” You nodded lightly, examining the tube.

“You got yourself a boyfriend?” she asked, crossing her arms.

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I Have Created The Ultimate Lifeform.

So, Zephiel, King of Bern, the one and only GBA-era terror. Very good unit with lots of potential. His stat total is one of the highest in the game, 168, tied with Hector and Effie. However, stat total is not indicative of a unit’s quality. Draug, for example, with 169, is one of the worst units in the game. It’s the way these stats are placed, as well as his unique weapon and the skills he can pack into battle, that make him terrifying

At 5* and level 40, as you can see, he’s packing a WALLOP. 55 HP (the single highest HP value in the game), 51 Attack (35 base + 16 from Eckesachs, shown as 52 up there because of the Attack +1 Sacred Seal) and 38 Defense make him a powerhouse. At 24 Resistance, he can actually survive attempts at his life by spellcasters, because his huge HP and Wary Fighter guarantee that he WILL survive any battle, even against Blue Casters. The only thing in the game that can ORKO him is an Attack+ nature Reinhardt (short of Specials or Swordbreaker custom units, as per usual).

His normal kit is decent at best, but lacking: He has the excellent Wary Fighter and the amazing Eckesachs, but otherwise, I had to spend some time remodeling him:

  • Gone is the awful Life And Death and it has been replaced with Death Strike. Life And Death is good for characters like Nino or Linde, glass cannons that have to deal as much damage as possible with each punch. For a wall like Zephiel, it’s terrible. Zephiel doesn’t benefit and in fact suffers from the skill, as it reduces his vital defenses to increase Attack (sure) and Speed (???). The KING OF BERN needs no Speed and needs the defensive stats. With Death Strike, you can benefit of a similar attack bonus during your turns, which you will have because nothing can kill Zephiel except an Attack+ Reinhardt. Don’t invest in Life And Death for him. Distant Counter is also extremely good for him, if you have an extra Hector you are willing to sacrifice, and it will indeed make him insanely good.
  • Wary Fighter has to stay. It’s super easy to keep Zephiel above 50% HP so he never gets doubled. It is an essential skill for him. Do not give him something else or I will cut you.
  • Threaten Atk is good for his free C Slot. Anything that hits Zephiel aside from the one exception listed above will not be able to kill him, which means this WILL always apply in any given encounter, which Zephiel and your other three units will always be able to take advantage of. By reducing their Attack and having a Dancer or Healer around, you positively make it even harder for Zephiel to be killed, giving you an edge against even a lot of physical Blue units. It synergizes well with…
  • Eckesachs, his personal weapon. Do NOT replace Eckesachs. 16 Might and its special ability make it immensely good. Eckesachs has a Threaten Def effect that reduces Def -4 at the start of every turn. By reducing their Attack and Def with these two skills, you effectively cripple any unit in a 2 square range from you. Your other units will be able to take advantage of this very easily, and you can turn around battles easily with this set up.
  • Finally, Bonfire. His Reprisal is not too good, for you ideally don’t want him hurt below 50% HP, and as thus you will just get a minor bonus from it at all times if playing Zephiel smart. With Bonfire, you will be dealing 19 extra damage every two or so battle, in addition to his already immense damage (and take into account Death Strike and Eckesach’s Threaten Def too!). Ignis is also good, but I think it’s better to have a special attack every 3 attacks instead of every 4, since his damage is immense enough as it is.

I haven’t gotten him a Support skill yet, but I think something like Swap or Pivot are just perfect for him, for the sake of mobility. Zephiel, Robin, Takumi, and a Dancer or Healer combo are unstoppable, so be sure to come up with many exciting strategies with the King of Bern.


Issued in January by Tuvalu, was the new Women of Star Trek collection, featuring prominent female characters from all the prime timeline series. Like other recent releases, this series comes in the form of two miniature sheets, one featuring six stamps, and the other a single higher value stamp.

The six stamp sheet stars Doctor Beverly Crusher of TNG, Nyota Uhura of TOS, Captain Kathryn Janeway of Voyager, Hoshi Sato of Enterprise, and two characters from DS9, Kira Nerys, and Jadzia Dax.

Seperate from the rest is a second Voyager character, Seven of Nine.

Saying “high capacity” to describe a magazine bothers me so much. 30 rounds is standard for an ar15, 7 is standard for a 1911,how can you set one single value that is high capacity for every firearm?


The reason why I love Achilles is that he has so much balance to him. This is a man who is poised on the knife’s edge, volatile and proud, but also dedicated and honorable, loving and kind, and so desperate that it tastes like bloody iron in your mouth. He came from a mother who only cared about his accomplishments, a distant father constantly wary of his son. A young boy of 16 thrown into a war he didn’t understand or care about. A boy who grew into a man surrounded by blood, who lost his innocence the first night on Trojan ground, who was in charge of 2500 men and bucked under the tight grip of his obstinate commander, who stood up for what he believed was right, who championed single combat and valued xénia above almost all else.

A boy who staked his entire life, all the years he had to live, all the children and family and long decades with Patroclus, on this one war, this one soap-bubble fragile chance to shine like a god. This boy who, to the end, was unsure about his choice, who was ready to return home with Patroclus and his men, to live in obscurity and fade away rather than live another day of blood. This boy who had decades to come to terms with the fact that he would die, that Patroclus would live on without him, that he would never see the other side of thirty, only to have it ripped away from him as Agamemnon stole the physical embodiment of his achievement, of his honor, of all the work he had put in, everything he had given up. To have it ripped away from him again as Patroclus died first, blindsiding him completely.
This man who grieved and loved so strongly that his rage decimated the Trojan ranks, that he choked rivers with blood because the world had to hurt as much as he did, who fought gods and won, who had to be killed by the Gods because his hurt was so strong it could rip apart Fate itself. This man who wasn’t afraid of kings or gods, who spoke out the will of the people, who cared for his prizes and matched wits with Odysseus. This shining golden mortal who teetered over the edge of more than one precipice and forcibly pulled himself back from it. This man who took his revenge on his enemy and it wasn’t enough, was never enough, because Hector could only die once and that was nothing compared to the hollowed out ripping Achilles felt inside him at Patroclus’ death, at the fear Patroclus must have felt, trapped in Achilles’ armor, at the pain and the blood and the terror, and he dragged Hector around and around and around and it still wasn’t enough. This hollowed out man filled with pain who still listened to a father when Agamemnon would not. This man who went out and fought Amazons after, but hoped to die. Who fought warlords after, but hoped to die. This mechanical broken god’s puppet who had to be killed by Apollo because, even shattered, he was invincible. This man whose last wish was that his bones be mixed with those of the man he avenged, the man he loved more than life itself, more than his godhood or his immortality, Patroclus, who removed all rational thought from his head.
This man who made a bargain with Fate and shocked the very skies themselves with how he upheld it. This man who traded his years for immortality and who has still lived through stories to this day.

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What's the deal with the labor theory of value? I know what it is in broad strokes, but I'm not sure what to think of it. Lots of non-Marxist econ types claim it's been empirically disproved, lots of Marxist sorts swear by it, and I've had a lot of trouble finding resources that can explain this whole mess to me in a comprehensible way from either perspective. Can you point me to something that might help?

well, id start with saying that there is no single labor theory of value. there have been several, and marx’s formulation is very different than those that came before him, and for that reason, i actually try to avoid calling it a LTV (and in fact, he never refers to it as such either). part of that has to do with the fact that even if we ignore the idea of labor inputs being value determinants, as many (even followers of marx) have done, what he says about value as a social relation still holds and is very important. there is utility in the logical structure of what he’s saying even if we somehow proved the quantitative value stuff wrong. 

that being said, and this is something i brought up a few times recently, there are some economists (in particular, anwar shaikh) who have gone out of their way to show the empirical validity of marxs theory of value, so the fact that non-marxists claim its been disproven has less to do with the actual debate and more to do with pushing an ideological agenda. 

as for an explanation of marx’s value theory, i am of the opinion that the best place to get it is from marx himself, but i understand there are difficulties there. the usual complaint being that marx is too hard, although i actually believe the opposite to be true. he’s much too clear and breaks things down into a million more pieces than we often feel are necessary, which drags things out and makes us feel like we’re missing something as he repeats himself for the 50th time. regardless, following him, especially through the first few chapters, is often “arduous” (to use his word). 

anyway heres a basic rundown of marx’s argument:

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