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Here Andy attempts the glassy but brilliant “not to be taken away” 6c at Stanage Plantation in the Peak district. Unfortunately I’ve never been to this amazing crag, however this is not through a lack of trying. In fact, I spent one summer evening after I had finished work seemingly doing laps of the Peaks in search of this mysterious place, but unfortunately after my phone had run out of battery; my car had almost overheated; and I had come close to killing myself on some super sketchy single track roads in the dark; I decided to give up and head to the pub to meet up with the rest of the guys. Fortunately for them they hadn’t been so unlucky and had managed to tick off a decent number of climbs. I wasn’t bitter. I promise… Will Murphy

The Descent
  • The Descent
  • Bastille
  • Send Them Off! - Single

Decided to “clean up” the audio for The Descent a bit, to tide us over until Bastille releases it on a re-release or a b-sides collection in the future (if ever). Original audio came from:

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By the time she left school, she’d already written songs like `Kiss With A Fist’, and knew she wanted to make music but not how to go about it. So after a year working behind a bar she went to art school, making tents under the desk to sleep off her hangovers while trying to convince her tutors she was an installation.

It wasn’t until she wrote the haunting `Between Two Lungs’ that it all came together. Instead of percussion, Florence pounded the studio walls with her hands. She built the melody on the piano even though it’s not an instrument she knows how to play, and recorded the backing vocals first, before writing the top line. It’s bonkers and totally unconventional, but of course it is also glorious - a strange but yearning song about losing yourself in love. “I’d found my voice, and I just felt euphoric,” she recalls. “It’s been a real process of me learning that the way I wanted to do it was actually the right way.

—  How coming up with Between Two Lungs cemented Flo’s sound

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• Squidward Dabbing
• If __ wears pants, would it wear it like this or this?
• Bernie or Hillary? Be informed. Compare them on issues that matter.
• He needs some milk
• Beyoncé - Formation
• Damn Daniel back at it again with the white vans.
• Leonardo DiCaprio actually won an Oscar.
• Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer.
• Miitomo
• Marge Krumping
• R.I.P Prince
• Beyoncé’s condom dress
• O shit waddup
• Jacob Satorius - Sweatshirt
• Dog filter
• BTS’s vacation disaster
• Laughing Emoji Sack
• Spongegar
•Who I followed - What I expected - What I got
• Gaydar
• cutforkookie
• Running Man
• R.I.P Christina Grimmie
• PrayForOrlando
• Water Bottle Flip Challenge
• Sportacus Dabbing
• Finding Dory
• When you hitting it from the back and she turns around and moans…
• Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 6
• UK separating from the EU
• *inhales* boi
• y tho
• I can be your angle or your devil
• SpongeBob memes
• Just right meme
• Google+’s Follower Purge - June
• #PrayForMadinah
• Stop it. Get some help.
• How do __ shower? Same as you __. First we get nice and wet. And then we __.
• #dicksoutforharambe
• Triggered Memes
• Zuri Memes
• North Korea Pull Up
• End of the World July 29
• Taylor Swift Exposed
• Marina Joyce publicity stunt
• #RIP Harambe
• #thecliqueisgoingtojailparty
• #gloupchallenge
• Freddie Benson Theory
• Rick Harrison
• Looking left, looking right, looking up, looking down.
• Shook
• Hit or Miss
• Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram
• Longest Yeah Boy Ever
• McChicken
• Utopia’s higher expectations
• Hotling Bling
• YouTube is YouTube Kids
• #ripheadphoneusers
• 2016 Rio Olympics
• Mystic Messenger
• iPhone 7
• Gavin Memes
• Huh challenge
• This user is __
• owo what’s this?
• Obama is being hella fucking chill
• #debatenight
• yo pass the aux cord memes
• Samsung blowing up
• Carl Azuz
• killer clowns
• contain your faggotry
• John Cena “Are you sure about that?”
• Nazare Tedesco meme
• red sweater guy
• exotic butters
• revival of FNaF
• R.I.P Tanaka Kazunari
• spell icup nigga
• Haikyuu!! Season Three
• Yuri on Ice!!
• Google+Notification Purge - October 18th
• Zac Efron Meme
• kahoot memes
• fitness gram pacer test
• beep beep memes
• Woah we’re halfway there meme
• Hugh Mungus
• check your kid’s candy
• halloween was on a monday?!?!
• juju on that beat
• steal her man
• **freezes frame** you’re probably wondering how I got here
• mannequin challenge
• drake meme
• obama, hillary and trump memes
• trump 2017 president of america
• marker flip challenge
• America is over party
• Andy is coming
• trump is a cheeto
• human bill cipher
• __ loves revolution
• **reads smudge writing and slurs person’s name**
• staff’s reaction to trump
• Joe and Obama
• R.I.P Vine
• Shadman’s drawing of Keemstar’s daughter
• Sal Vulcano meme
• Baron Trump
• Straight outta Compton
• conducting a ritual to summon this person
• It’s ya boy, skinny penis
• dark kermit memes
• EXO’s comeback
• Pokemon Sun and Moon
• __ : __
• Google+ roasts Himdere
• LazyTown
• R.I.P Starco
• kachow
• How the fuck did that team win?
• Jay turnt up
• The sandals
• blurry perfect and cleaning glasses
• I got greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, hog, dog, you name it!
• bon appetite memes
• this baby smiling meme
• man punches a kangaroo to save his dog
• but every time something happens it gets faster
• 100 layers of something
• Bungou Stray Dogs
• finna
• watchmojo
• Papa Cone v Google+
• we are number one
• corn drill challenge
• slime
• orbez
• bookbag drop challenge
• #earrape
• Ken Bone
• succ
• sonic
• Gabe the dog
• suicide squad
• Kanye w/ Trump
• Steal his/her look meme
• Steevaaannn
• my horse prince
• videos of people squishing things
• tinaddie
• wikileaks
• fake news
• chewbaca mom
• sara is missing
• thelegend27
• Minor thing happens and YouTuber exaggerates


some lines in agust d tracks converted in emojis ©
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Slowdive - Star Roving


#mypubliclandsroadtrip Bikes Under Big Skies at Beck Lake Mountain Biking Area!

Check out the eight miles of new mountain biking trail at the Beck Lake Mountain Biking Area in Cody, Wyoming. Enjoy climbing and downhill, including jumps and banked turns. The trail was built for beginners to advanced riders so everyone can enjoy sweet single track mountain biking. Trails are located on BLM-managed public land and City of Cody property. Park County Pedalers, the local mountain biking club, was integral in working with the BLM and city to establish this riding area. Great trails = great riding and fun for all!

Photos by Nancy Patterson, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM Wyoming

Check out all roadtrip stop in our @esri storymap journal: