single topic blog

I admire anyone who has the discipline to maintain a single topic blog, because you can see from the mess around here that I totally don’t.

red gay
-probably reads homestuck
-eats cold pizza for dinner at least twice a week
-has memorized every panic! at the disco song

orange gay
-probably the only one who finished sonic 06 with their controller intact
-has like 3 cats
-will not tolerate cold pizza

yellow gay
-probably a huge furry
-gives literally no fucks
-writes fanfiction in 1st person

green gay
-the smartest of the smart, at least in their own head, but they have the right to decide that because they are the smartest
-knows how to flip a coin on a t1-84 calculator
-connect four champion

teal gay
-incredibly short
-the only one responsible enough to drive a car
-runs a single-topic blog about mettaton

blue gay
-a precious cinnamon roll
-will do anything, even eat cold pizza, for their friends
-probably a 90s kid on the inside

violet gay
-will argue about anything
-a kinky motherfucka
-the cool kid

tag yourself i’m yellow gay

edit: did something wrong but i don’t care