single strobe



Having subjects as fun to work with as Kurt Russell and Chris Pratt makes your job a whole lot easier. The interaction …and just plan fun!… was evident in almost every frame of this quick portrait shoot. The lighting was very simple: A #Dynalite M1000 with a single strobe head in a Buff 60-inch Parabolic Light Modifier. The cameras were Nikon D5’s with a 24-70mm and 70-200mm zooms.

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Kind of a Halloween request: Rakuzan team in an haunted house, please (I'm thinking that Mayuzumi would much more affraid the ghosts than the contrary xD)

Based off the true story of my own experience in a haunted house. Bet you can’t guess who I am in the story, lol

Standing in front of the doorway, peering into the unforgiving darkness that was the next room, five boys stood in a huddle, contemplating who would be the first to walk through the threshold. On the other side of the door frame, a single strobe light was flashing at random intervals, illuminating the room with a whitish glow every few seconds. It gave everyone just enough time to see the deteriorated state of the next room, none of them liking what they saw, though some of them unwilling to admit it. The eerie screams and background noise of the haunted house only put them further on the edge, none of them willing to take the first step.

“S-So, who’s going in first?” Hayama peeked into the room from his position behind Akashi, eyes widening as he saw the severed arm laying on the floor in the strobe’s brief lighting. “Reo-nee?”

“Who? Me? No way!” Mibuchi flat out refused, shaking his head fervently in response. He was in the middle of the Rakuzan lineup and, in his opinion, was in the safest position when it came to walking through this haunted nightmare; there would be no way he would give up his spot now. “Just get Nebuya to go first. He’d probably scare whoever is in there himself, anyway.”

Said basketball player looked back at his teammate, eyes darting back and forth between Mibuchi and the doorway. For a second he was distracted by the audio track of the haunted house skipping a beat, leaving an eerily quiet moment between them before it started back up again. Glancing into the room, he could barely make out the shape of a few traffic cones blocking off the only other exit he could see. Did that mean that room had no way out? Or was there another doorway in a corner of the room he couldn’t see from this angle? He didn’t want to be the first to find out.

“No thanks…” Nebuya said, not sounding so boastful about his leading position anymore.

“If none of you will go, why don’t we just have Mayuzumi go?” Hayama suggested.

“W-What? Me? Why?” Looking at his teammates, Mayuzumi could almost see the pleading in their eyes. He glanced at their ‘fearless’ commander, Akashi, noticing the expression in his eyes—was there a hint of fear he saw?—and he let out of a heavy sigh. “This is the last time I’m going first,” he mumbled, though he knew it was a lie.

Making his way past his teammates, Mayuzumi took the first step into the next room, followed closely by the rest of his team. As if sensing their presence, the atmosphere seemed to change. Suddenly the strobe light had stopped flashing, settling for a dim glow that barely illuminated the path ahead. Like Nebuya, Mayuzumi noticed the cones ahead blocking off the far exit, but he also happened to notice the other exit just across from it. Taking a few more hesitant steps toward the next doorway, he was relieved when nobody popped out from any of the dark corners.

“I think this room his empty,” he whispered, a mix of relief and annoyance in his voice—hadn’t they paid to be scared?

As if he had spoken too soon, a sudden his resounded through the room followed by a low snarl. The boys froze, searching for the source of the noise.

“Guys, was that hole in the wall always there?”

Pointing a shaking finger, Hayama directed their gazes to a large cutout in the close wall. It was large, large enough to fit a body in if they were short enough, and went rather deep. None of the boys could see the other end of it.

Suddenly, and without warning, a figure darted out from the hole, bloodied hands and feet crawling toward them at a pace none of them could comprehend. Screams of terror echoed through the room, but nobody could tell whether the screams they were hearing belonged to themselves or the boys next to them.

“I was wrong! There’s somebody here!” Mayuzumi practically screeched, running for the exit without turning back to see if his teammates were following.

Each of them stumbled toward the doorway Mayuzumi had ran through, entering further into the hellish haunted house. Behind them, the actor was chuckling as they crawled back into the hole before the next group could come.