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What is bad with traxfm ?

It’s not Traxfm, per se, it’s that Louis has literally been visiting small radio stations across the UK for the past three days instead of going to big radio stations and the US to promote the single. All the radio stations he has been visiting, with a few exceptions, are small and in places where Louis is already known. I get that going to local radio station goes with the ‘laddy lad close to his roots’’- obnoxious -  image they are going with now, but it’s embarassing how small some of these radio stations are. Louis is famous. He is in one of the biggest band on earth. He can’t spend three days and counting travelling around the UK to promote Back To You in places where is already known. Who listens to Traxfm? People from Doncaster. That’s it.

It’s so frustrating how badly done this promo is. If they wanted to organise a tour around UK radio stations, they should have done so during the weekend so that Louis could have gone to the US and do at least one live performance to boost the sales during the first week. Instead, nothing happened on Saturday and Sunday - there were no interviews and little social media activity. That’s unbelievable. It’s now Wednesday and Back To You is charting at number 16. 

Everything in this promo season so far has been done in such a terrible way that it can’t not be on purpose. I mean. where the hell are the interviews with Bebe? She’s in the UK, too! And yet, nothing.

There is so much more to say, but I’ll stop now before this gets too long. I’m just shaking my head in disbelief. 


(official) sm station single lullaby music video — onew x rocoberry

it has been announced that, starting on may 15th, instiz will be excluding monkey3, olleh and soribada from being counted on the instiz ichart. these are regarded as the three least popular digital streaming sites in south korea. the only digital charts that will have their realtime rankings counted on the chart from that point onward will be: bugs, genie, melon, mnet and naver. there will also be a new score advantage that will be calculated from rankings on naver.

for those not familiar with what the instiz ichart is or how it works: it is a realtime accumulation of the digital rankings from all active streaming sites in south korea. points are distributed between the rankings that a song has on every chart and added up to place them on the overall combined chart - in realtime, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. format. it is the chart where all kill’s are confirmed / determined. this will, possibly, make it easier for artists to achieve all kill’s. (source)


sm entertainment has dropped a teaser for the second season of their weekly digital single project, station, which will begin next month! while the teaser looks back on releases from season one of the project it also briefly mentions sm the ballad and sm the performance, which jonghyun, minho and taemin were involved in, respectively.