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someone showed a sharingan one in discord and i was like ‘itachi would use that’

        – SHORP. yes ?? ? ? & now imagine all akatsuki members w/ their own customized fidget spinners

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holy moly!! your AU ideas are 👌👌👌👀 gosh geez!? I'm excited to see what other spectacular ideas you have!! 💫

Thank you! Every time I listen to music I play a scenario in my head based on the vibe of the song and sometimes random stuff like Alien!AU’s or FallenAngel!AU’s happen….. about the second one tho….. I might or might not be working on a story on Wattpad now 😎

Character Profile


Full Name: Jessamine Calidon

Nickname(s): Jess, Jessa, Bitch

Age: 24

Birthday: September 21st

Race: Hyur


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Relationship Status: Faithfully single

Religion:  Nymeia the Spinner

Occupation: Monk

Language(s) Spoken: Common

physical appearance

Face Claim: Beren Saat

Hair Color:.Honey Brown (very light because she spends a lot of time in the sun)

Eye Color:.Blue

Height: 5’7”

Build: Lean and rather chiseled.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Tattoo in between her shoulderblades


Positive Traits: When her trust is earned, she’s very loyal, Compassionate, Good listener, Quick wit

Negative Traits: Spiteful, distrusts easily, outspoken, can be rude, is a jerk, vengeful, has a tendency to focus on the past rather than on the future

Goals/Desires: Kill Harik, save Iriseli, Wants to move on with her life (after she kills Harik), Wants to find a permanent home (not Ul’dah)

Fears: Failing to kill Harik, Failing Iriseli, getting stuck in Ul’dah

Hobbies: Lute playing, tequila connoisseur, hiking, dancing,


Father: Vincente Calidon

Mother: Mariah Calidon (deceased)

Sibling(s): Iriseli, Pamina, Baelios, Ranalin,

Child(ren): None

Other Family:.Step-mother

Pet(s): None

Financial Status: Usually does okay, sometimes struggles because she’s secretly a bleeding heart

other information

Criminal Record: Pickpocketing, extortion, blackmail, disrupting the peace, resisting arrest

Drink: Yes

Smoke: Never

Drugs: Fuck no.