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clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #1 - lucas friar & riley matthews 

if it wasn’t for you, i don’t know if i would have survived in new york. // if we’re lucky and we believe that life knows what’s best for us, sometimes we land on the right someone to talk to. 



sometimes I just sit here wondering what on earth I did to deserve you guys, like you’re all such sweet and funny and kind and just really beautiful inside and out people

like you can say whatever you want about this fandom but at the end of the day I couldn’t imagine getting more lucky than I did with this fandom

what I’m trying to say (in a very sappy way haha) is THANK YOU for being you I guess, you’re amazing :) ♡♡♡♡

So I always get too emotional when something ends. 
I think this was an amazing season, with beautiful jumps, and exciting competitions. We can say this was one of the best. Congrats to Stefan because what he did is nearly impossible, and same with Team Poland. And with every single ski jumper, because we saw new hill records, new jumpers, and a whole new tournament.Everybody deserves this break what yet comes so let them enjoy the holiday, and I am really waiting for the Olympic season.

And I also want to say thank you to the ski jumping family here!
I am here on tumblr for 2 years but I find this fandom only in Januar here. You are as incredible guys as the ski jumpers. Because sport can’t exist without fans. Thank you for living the moment with me, and gifing everything, make edits, screenshots, memes and asking each other at boring nights. And also do it forth, because okey season ended but we are here:3
I also found here two nice girl thanks for ski jumping. @sjf-forever and @sarcasticlilkid

November I am waiting for you!:D

(And here is my face I know nobody is interested in it, but I felt like okey I barely know everybody in the fandom how looks like)

watching ski jumping with my family
  • parents: why are they all named Anders?
  • me: they aren't
  • parents: every single ski jumper is called Anders
  • me: no
  • parents: anders freund
  • parents: anders prevc
  • parents: anders schlierenzauer
  • me: don't
  • parents: anders freitag
  • parents: anders stoch
  • parents: anders tepeš
  • me: stop
  • parents: anders amman
  • parents: anders kasai
  • me: I don't want to talk to you anymore
Who is the 3rd couple?

“There are two couples that happen soon and then a third couple that happens because of the two couples.”

“Like life, people don’t actually understand what their feelings are until they explore them.”

Two tweets that I found very interesting from MJ. Spoilers ahead…

Farkle/ Smackle are endgame while Riarkl/ and Lucay/ were shut down. That leaves Zay as the only single character.

Ski Lodge - Ruca/ and Joshay/ rise. It may be that they are the 2 couples that happen soon. So the only ones for the 3rd couple are Zaya, Shaty , Rilaya.

Scenario 1

3rd option- Zaya- I hope the writers don’t pull a Shawngela. Plus I don’t see any romantic feelings between them. Just friendship.

2nd option- Heteros are saying its Shaty. I would think it was implied that they are dating behind the scenes and then Shawn proposes. Plus I don’t see how they can get together because of the Ruca/ and Joshay/.

1st option- Rilaya . This pairing fit the most with both MJ tweets. Riley and Maya explore their feelings for Lucas and Josh and realize that they aren’t in love with them. They get together afterwards. They are meant to be.

Scenario 2

The two couples happening soon are Shaty and Ruca/.

The third couple…

2nd Joshay-. They are in it for the long game. They are together in Ski Lodge but not officially a couple because of the age difference. The thing is that MJ’s tweet doesn’t exactly fit because Joshay/ is not gonna happen BECAUSE of Ruca/ and Shat/. Maya already has a crush on Josh and he is starting to see maturity in her. So if they get together it’s because of their own doing. Quite frankly if Joshay/ is endgame it’s just wrong. Maya deserves to be with a developed character and someone who will actually be there for more than 2 episodes per season.

Other options are Zaya and Rilaya. See above

MJ tweets gave me hope for Rilaya. Don’t fuck up.

Bonus: He intentionally ignored LGBTQ / Rilaya questions and answered one about Shory getting married. Also the “few” friendships will turn into couple tweet. Who is the main friendship on the show?;)